Daftpage Lifetime Deal – Create amazing landing pages in 2022

When you need to make a landing page, you have to learn HTML and use an editor that is hard to use.

Let’s say someone tells you about an easy-to-use tool that can help you build your website in just a few minutes.

Meet with Daftpage.

Daftpage is the fastest way to make landing pages that are both fun and effective in just a few minutes. Build your website with parts called “blocks” that do different things.

  • The easiest, most fun, and most successful method to create landing pages for your business!
  • Turn any Notion page into a website.
  • Build your website with parts called “blocks” that do different things (Testimonials, Navbar, Press Logos, FAQ, etc)
  • Hundreds of websites. All the blog posts that you want. Unlimited domain names.

Daftpage Overview

Daftpage is an intelligent & easy-to-use landing page builder that lets you make effective landing pages in less than a minute. It makes it easy to create landing pages that work.

Good news for people who use Notion: It makes it easy to turn any Notion page into a website quickly and without any fuss.

I think the Daftpage  is great and very easy to use.


Here, you can make as many websites, blog posts, and custom domains as possible. Daftpage makes it easy to build, fun, and practical to create landing pages for your business, all in one place.

You can build your website with pre-made parts like the Navbar, Press, Logos, Testimonials, FAQs, etc.

All the blocks are responsive for any device, so you don’t have to worry about them not being responsive.

How to Build Notion Landing Pages adding a Custom Domain With Daftpage

When you want to add a custom domain to an existing landing page:

  1. Click the Edit button next to the Landing page URL to make changes.
  2. In the drop-down menu next to the URL, choose a domain or click “Add new domain.”
  3. Put in the URL that you want to use.

What is a Daftpage, and how does it work Daftpage ?

Daftpage is a good landing page builder that is very cute. Simple: It’s the best way to make landing pages for your business that is fun and valuable.

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Drops are a great way to make your site come to life.

It’s easy to move and place drops anywhere on your page.

To make them work with the responsive layout, attach them to blocks so that they can be forced.

With the paintbrush, you can make your website look like a real piece of art.

The Notion is a good thing to like. 🙂 As long as you have Daftpage, you can make any page in Notion into a site.

I want to write blog posts. Daftpage is also a place to write a blog.

Build your page with blocks.

Blocks are useful templates you can use to make your text stand out. They are made to be easy to use and to be able to change so that your page will always look good.

Daftpage Landing Page Building

Six things you should do to make a remarkable landing page in just a minute:

Let’s follow these steps.


☛ Compose

Daftpage lets you build your pages with pre-made blocks (Navbar, Testimonials, Here, Logos,  Pricing,  CTA,  & more.).

Every block can be used, allowing for a lot of customization and a more appealing design.

You can make your landing page look amazing by changing the features of the blocks that show up on the page.

☛ Input Content

Following the design with excellent blocks on your landing page, you can tell your story here to finish the page.

You can click on an object and enter your information quickly.

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☛ Drops

Daftpage has a lot of extra features, like Drops. Here, you will find a lot of icons for Giphy, Saly, Remix, and Font Awesome.

It’s all very unique and ready to use. It’s even easy for you to use your own stickers.

So, you don’t have to think about how to add graphics to Daftpage because it already has them.

☛ Draw

A picture of art may have been made and put on an internet site or a sales page.

Have you ever thought that you can make art on the home page?

Yes! In Daftpage, it is possible to do it.

A tool called Daftpage lets you draw any kind of art on your landing page where and how you want.


☛ Blog

Daftpage gives you a great chance to put your blogs on your landing page.

It lets you change the content of your blog like other blog editors.

If you want, you can add images, headings, formatting, and other things to your text.

☛ Publish

Then, when you’re done with your landing page’s design, content, and blogs, don’t forget to finish it. Hit the “Publish” button to share your content with everyone else!

Boom! As soon as a few minutes passed, your landing page was live.

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How is Daftpage better than other landing page builders?

People can use many different tools to make their landing pages.

They either cost a lot or are hard to learn.

But the most important thing is that they make lifeless, unpersonal websites.

A website from the 90s called GeoCities is what I miss the most. I used to be able to find unique pages that showed the personality of their creators on them.

During this time, landing pages for businesses need to be very well-structured and clear so that potential customers can see what the company is all about.

So how do you add more life to a landing page and still give people the information they need?

To add some chaos,

Then think about it. When there was no chaos, what would life have been like?

A perfect grid might have been too cold for life to thrive.

Life is this little bit of entropy in an ideal system that lets people be different.

Daftpage goal is to make websites come to life.

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Daftpage Pricing Plans

Use Daftpage to make as many websites as you want with as many blog posts for free.

It comes with two different price plans.

  1. Discovery
  2.  Premium.

Discovery Plan $0/mo:

  • Unlimited Daftpage websites
  • Unlimited blog posts
  • Hosting on Daftpage subdomain
  • Automatic HTTPS (Let’s Encrypt)
  • Include Small Ad for Daftpage

Get started for free now

Premium Plan $20/mo:

  • Everything Free Plan Features
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • Remove Daftpage branding
  • Custom code integration (Google Analytics, etc)

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Daftpage Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

It will be easy to run as many websites, blogs, and custom domains as you want from one place.

One-time purchase of $59.00
  • Lifetime access to Daftpage Premium Plan
  • Everything Premium Plan Features
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited blog posts
  • Unlimited custom domains

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Daftpage Final Thought

When you use Daftpage, you can make a landing page that’s a lot of fun.

It has a lot of resources that make it easy for you to make a fun landing page.

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