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Every day, we see software crackers, software pirated, and software thieves.
Wouldn’t it be great if you could use a licensing manager to keep your software safe from unlawful use?

Elite Licenser assists in managing to license for WordPress themes, plugins, Joomla or any other CMS, PHP application,.net program, Java or Android application, and so on.

Elite Licenser is a WordPress software license manager that safeguards software and applications against unauthorized use.

Introducing Elite Licenser.

Elite Licenser In Detail

Elite Licenser is a software license management tool that helps prevent unauthorized use of software and applications.

Licenses for WordPress Themes, Plugins, Joomla, and any other CMS, PHP application,.NET program, Java, or Android app may be managed.

Meet All Expectations for Graphic Design

Elite Licenser is a tool that assists web developers, bloggers, and programmers protect their work against unauthorized use.

By securing applications, you can raise the income of your product by up to 70%.

Elite Licenser makes it easier to update plugins and themes while also improving client satisfaction.

Importantly, you can track license activation, allowing you to understand your client base better and make more informed decisions.

Here are some of Elite Licenser important features.

  • Software licenses can be created and managed in a variety of ways.
  • Keep track of how your license is being used, including the websites and the frequency with which it is being used.
  • Integration with third-parties is now possible (Envato, WooCommerce, FastSpring)
  • Web developers, bloggers, and anybody else wishing to improve site and software security while reducing unwanted access are the best candidates.

Let’s proceed with Elite Licenser features now.

Key Features of the Elite Licenser

Elite Licenser allows you to manage all of your software licenses, ensuring that your products are protected from unauthorized use.

Let’s take a look at some of Elite Licenser’s features.

Using Elite Licenser

  • Create a sample code for a WordPress plugin or theme.
  • When a product is purchased, create a license automatically.
  • Auto host ban feature.
  • Track the license usages. (website, no. of times)
  • Create and send the license manually/automatically.
  • Help your customers to update themes/plugins/apps from their Dashboard panel.
  • 3rd party Integration enabled: WooCommerce, Envato, Paddle, FastSpring, Easy Digital
  • Download.
  • Track which website is using the license.
  • Export license keys & clients list as CSV or PDF
  • Maintain support and license expiration time.
  • Simply drag n drop. No coding is required.
  • License activation Report

What Are the Advantages of Using Elite Licenser?

Elite Licenser can assist you with your digital software items in a variety of ways.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • You can increase the amount of money you make through software.
  • Keep track of the status of your licensing keys.
  • Make the best decision for your company’s future.
  • It is expected to raise revenue by up to 70%.
  • Reduces hazards for both you and the user of your product
  • It will provide an opportunity to boost passive income.

For WooCommerce

Elite Licenser makes it simple to manage WooCommerce products by allowing you to provide licenses for WooCommerce products quickly.

It’s compatible with WooCommerce and EDD (Easy Digital Downloads).
Elite Licenser will generate a license and display it in the customer’s account automatically.

You don’t have to manually manage website licenses across domains if you have many WooCommerce websites.

The WooCommerce License Manager functionality allows Elite Licenser to manage licenses from a single location.

Pricing Plans

You can increase your software revenue by up to 70% by using Elite Licenser.

There are two pricing options for Elite Licenser:

  1. Developer License
  2. Agency License

Developer License Plan $499/lifetime:

  • For 10 Products
  • Free Update & Support
  • Can be used for a maximum of 10 Product licensing.
  • Can be installed on one website.

Get started

Agency License Plan $832/mo:

  • For Unlimited Products
  • Free Update & Support
  • Can be used for unlimited Product licensing.
  • Can be installed on one website.

Get started

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Final Thought

Elite Licenser is a software license manager plugin for WordPress that can handle any sort of product licensing. It helps with product updates, license code generation, a built-in Envato licensing verification system, complete license control, and a licensing system that can be implemented into WordPress plugins or themes without any programming knowledge.

You can accomplish it easily with the DRAG AND DROP technique. The full range of APIs provided by this licensing management will allow you to handle it with other apps as well. All of your goods’ licenses will be managed via a single app. It can be handled in any language (PHP, .Net, Java, Android, etc.). This license manager also allows you to apply to license several WordPress plugins or themes, all of which can be installed on the same WordPress site.

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