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In the ever-evolving landscape of online communities, managing and engaging with group members efficiently is paramount. This is where Group Collector, a Chrome extension equipped with a powerful dashboard, comes into play. If you’re a Facebook group administrator seeking to automate the onboarding process seamlessly, Group Collector is your go-to solution.

Overview: Group Collector Appsumo

With the help of the Chrome extension Group Collector and its dashboard, you can automate the onboarding process for new members of Facebook groups. Answers from recently joined groups are simple to gather and keep in a Google Sheet.

Without using Zapier, you can connect emails from member answers to your preferred email marketing platform. All of this may be accomplished with a single click.

Group Collector Appsumo

Features Group Collector Appsumo

  • Zapier Not Required. Group Collector Directly Integrates with Autoresponders
  • Connect Unlimited Facebook Groups
  • Save Time & Money
  • Save Group Members Data to Google Sheet
  • Generate FB Custom Audience of Approved Members
  • Approve Unlimited Group Members
  • Easy to use with Installation Docs
  • Email and Zoom Support Available
  • Works With Both New and Old Facebook
  • Auto Approve New Facebook Group Members based on different criteria without a single click
  • Lifetime software updates
  • Access to exclusive FB group
  • Create Group Funnels and Automate New Members Onboarding and Lead Collection

Manual Onboarding Challenges

A. Time-Consuming Process

Manual onboarding demands a significant investment of time, particularly for large groups. Group owners may find themselves bogged down by repetitive tasks, limiting their ability to focus on community-building activities.

B. Potential for Oversight

Human error is inevitable, and manual onboarding increases the risk of overlooking essential details. This can lead to a disjointed member experience and may even contribute to misunderstandings within the group.

C. Limited Scalability

As a Facebook group expands, the manual onboarding process becomes less scalable. What once worked for a smaller community may become impractical and inefficient for a group with hundreds or thousands of members.

Group Collector Appsumo Lifetime Deal From Appsumo only for $79

You may use Group Collector to gather responses from new Facebook Group members, including their emails, and save them in an autoresponder and Google Sheet.
Answers from Group members are not visible to you on Facebook until they are accepted.

Introducing the Must-Have Tool

A. Overview of the Tool

This groundbreaking tool is designed with Facebook group owners in mind. Its intuitive interface and robust features make it an indispensable asset for streamlining onboarding processes.

B. Key Features

  • Automated welcome messages
  • Integration with group rules and guidelines
  • Member profile customization options
  • User-friendly dashboard for easy monitoring

C. Benefits for Facebook Group Owners

Group owners can expect a range of benefits, including time savings, improved member satisfaction, and the ability to scale their groups without compromising on the quality of the onboarding experienc

What is Group Collector?

Group Collector stands out as a chrome extension designed to streamline the onboarding of new members in Facebook groups.

The core functionality revolves around automating the collection of new member answers and seamlessly storing them in a Google Sheet.

What sets Group Collector apart is its ability to add emails from member answers directly to your preferred email marketing software, eliminating the need for additional integrations like Zapier.

All of this is achieved with just a single click, making it a game-changer for administrators seeking efficiency.

The Chrome Extension

Group Collector’s accessibility through a Chrome extension is one of its best advantages. Administrators can easily incorporate this application into their group administration workflow with a brief installation procedure.

The extension’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to use even for people with limited technical knowledge.

Dashboard Functionality

The Group Collector dashboard gives the user experience an additional degree of convenience. Administrators may quickly oversee and keep an eye on the onboarding procedure while learning about the replies and data from new members.

The dashboard’s user-friendly design facilitates better user involvement, which makes it an invaluable tool for effective group management.

Automation of New Facebook Group Members Onboarding

Group Collector offers a step-by-step automation guide, which simplifies the onboarding process. To save time and effort, administrators can configure the extension to automatically gather responses from new members.

It is impossible to exaggerate the advantages of automation in onboarding, since it frees up administrators to concentrate on community development instead of tedious data entry.

Data Collection in Google Sheets

One of Group Collector’s main goals is to make data collection more efficient. Through a smooth integration with Google Sheets, the plugin guarantees effective storage and organization of the gathered data.

This feature gives administrators a consolidated area for member responses in addition to improving data management.

Email Marketing Integration

A standout feature of Group Collector is its ability to add emails from member answers directly to preferred email marketing software.

This direct integration eliminates the need for third-party services like Zapier, simplifying the process for administrators.

The seamless addition of emails enhances communication strategies and facilitates targeted outreach.

Outscraper Appsumo & Pricing Plans

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  • Free
  • Starter
  • Growth

Or, Leadrocks Appsumo Lifetime deal for $79

License Tier $119 One-time purchase

  • All features above included
  • Connect unlimited Facebook Groups
  • Approve unlimited Facebook Group members
  • Save Facebook Group members’ data to Google Sheet
  • Integrate Facebook Group Collector with autoresponders without using Zapier
  • Auto-approve new Facebook Group members based on different criteria without a single click
  • Generate Facebook custom audience of approved members
  • Create Facebook Group funnels and automate new members onboarding and lead collection
  • Lifetime software updates
  • Works with both new and old Facebook
appsumo lifetime deals

Group Collector Appsumo Lifetime Deal – From Appsumo $119

Without using Zapier, email addresses from members are also uploaded to your preferred email marketing program. Over 35 Autoresponders Are Directly Integrated with Group Collector.

The email marketing software’s automation feature can then be used to send welcome emails to new subscribers.

Additionally, you can configure the Group Collector Auto Approve & Decline Feature, which enables you to instantly approve or reject new group members based on your own criteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : Group Collector Appsumo

Does it integrate with FluentCRM?

You can easily integrate it with FluentCRM using the webhook functionality available.

What languages do you support?

Your member answers could be in any language, but your Facebook language must be English.

Can I share it with my VA?

Yes, you can ask your VA to install Group Collector Chrome Extension and log in using your License Key. It will allow them to approve members on your behalf, and everything would work as expected.

Does the product violates Facebook ToS?

Our users have already approved 250,000+ group members, and none of them have ever got any issue. Also, Facebook states that if the product is related to Facebook, and you run Facebook Ads for the product, Facebook verifies that this product is not against their TOS. Here is a screenshot of the Facebook Ads that we ran, and we did not get into any Facebook issue

How do I contact support?

Send an email to [email protected], and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Group Collector Appsumo : Final Thought

For Facebook group owners, the indispensable tool for automating the onboarding of new members turns out to be revolutionary.

Its advantages go beyond effectiveness; it creates a lively community where everyone are involved and feel appreciated.

It is recommended that group owners investigate this tool in order to improve their group administration abilities.

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