How to reset your wordpress site Repair your WordPress site in no time

WordPress is an excellent platform for website development. It’s easy to use and can handle many different types of content. But if you want to keep your site running, you must take care of it. Reset your WordPress site in as few minutes as possible! By resetting your site, you can ensure that everything is set up correctly and that no issues arise.

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How to reset your wordpress site

1. Reset your WordPress site is a process of restoring a default settings in order to use the new defaults that were established when you first set up your site.

2. This can be done through the WordPress website or by using an external application like WP Super Cache.

3. When resetting your site, it’s important to take into consideration all of the settings that have been changed and/or added since you last used them. This will include your username, password, and any other personal information that could have been stored on your site.

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How to Reset Your WordPress Site.

1 Reset your site’s settings. To reset your WordPress site, follow these simple steps:

In the WordPress Dashboard, click on the three lines in the top left corner of the screen (the blue line under “Site Settings”).

While on the Site Settings page, select “reset all site content and settings”.

Click on the Reset button to power off your WordPress site.

2. Reset your site for a new year. To reset your site for a new year, follow these simple steps:

Include a new backup of your website in case something goes wrong (you can find instructions on how to backup and restore your website here).

Upload a fresh copy of your WordPresssite to your computer or server (this is called an “upgrade”).

Click on the Regenerate button in the bottom right corner of the Site Settings page to begin restore process.

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How to Reset Your Site for a Specific Event.

1. Log into your WordPress site and click on the Reset button at the top of the page.

2. Type in your desired information and clicks on the Reset button.

3. Your site will be reset to its original condition, with all your content and data back up and ready to use.

How to Reset Your WordPress Site.

1. Log in to your WordPress site

2. Click on the “ administrators” tab

3. Scroll down and find the “ reset site data ” option

4. Under Reset Site Data, click on it

5. In the next step, you will be asked to enter your domain name and website address

6. After you have entered these information, click on the “ reset site data ” button

7. Your WordPress site will be reset and all of its data will be restored

8. You will now be able to start using your site as usual

How to reset your wordpress site

Do a complete reset of your site in seconds, not hours!

Your website is finally in tip-top shape; now, you can give it the makeover you’ve always wanted.

A collection is a handy tool for establishing a local development environment, as it allows you to compile a package of required plugins and themes for subsequent bulk-cloud-install and activation.

Those that work with WordPress will appreciate how simple it is to achieve a professional look.

How to reset your wordpress site

Use Collections to make a set of your favorite plugins

If you use WP Reset, you won’t have to worry about the hiccups of everyday life (or big whoopsie-daisies, depending on who you ask).

Create a snapshot of the site to save the current state and return to it quickly if necessary.

If you want to save time, you can have WP Reset automatically take Snapshots in response to predefined triggers.

Keep a copy of your Snapshots in the cloud with WP Reset Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Icedrive, or pCloud.

WP Reset Features

  • Lifetime access to WP Reset
  • All future Team Plan updates
  • No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Please note: This deal cannot be enhanced or reduced between license tiers
  • GDPR compliant

Reset WordPress Data.

Next, you need to reset WordPress data: 1. Log in to your account and click on the “Settings” tab . 2 . Scroll down and click on the “Data” tab . 3 . Click on the “reset data” button . 4 . Enter your oldpassword into the text field and click on the “reset” button . 5 . Click on the “save changes” button and confirm your new password by clicking on the “ok” button .

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Your Own Time Machine: Why not, do you choose to select “update plugin”? When did everything go to hell? Go back in time to the days when everything worked with a single click.
Install Favorite Plugins With 1 Click:  When resetting the site or building a new one from start, compile a collection of your favorite plugins and themes and install them.
Your Personal WP Superhero: Gather your preferred plugins and themes and install them before resetting the site or creating a new one from scratch.
More Cleaning Tools: Everybody despises it when a theme’s demo installs a mountain of useless demo data that takes an hour to remove. Any content can be erased with a single click using WP Reset.
Nuclear Reset: Do you require absolute certainty that there is nothing left? The full gamut of configuration settings, data files, including user-created databases and tables? Put the nuclear clock back to zero.
Whitelabel Option:  Would you like to know for sure that there is nothing else? All sorts of settings and files, including custom databases and tables made by users? Reset the timer on the nuclear bomb.
Automatic Snapshots: Just in case everything goes wrong, you have WP Reset to fall back on. It takes automatic snapshots of your site before any major changes are made, giving you a reliable point from which to roll back if necessary.
The Cloud: You can use a service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or pCloud, or you can use the cloud storage space managed by the WP Reset team.
Centralized Management: Your licenses, sites, collections, and snapshots may all be managed from a central location. You can manage and access all of your clients’ websites from a single dashboard.

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How to reset your wordpress site – wpreset appsumo lifetime deal

To reset WordPress security settings, firstyrus set up a new WordPress site. This will require you to create a new account and select a different password. After creating your new account, go to the “Security” tab and enter in your old password. You can also click on the “reset” button to automatically reset all of your WordPress security settings.

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How to reset your wordpress site – Final Thought

Resetting your WordPress website can help you protect your data and ensure that your site is assecure as possible. By resetting security settings, data, and WordPress settings, you can restore your site to its original condition. Resetting will also require some knowledge of the software in order to properly reset everything – if you’re not comfortable with this then you should seek help from a professional.

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