Linkjoy – Generate leads, boost ROI and drive traffic with optimized social bio links.

Linkjoy – It isn’t easy to get your fantastic material in front of the correct people. The majority of advertisements are obnoxious and disrupt your flow. You can’t reach enough people because there’s too much competition on social media.

Imagine having a single platform that enables you to run high-quality Retargeting Campaigns and Curated Pages while also providing you with all of the tools you need to start, operate, and grow your company.
Linkjoy is the newest addition to the Linkjoy family.

What exactly is Linkjoy?

Linkjoy is a social networking platform that allows you to develop mobile-first sites in order to monitor, analyze, and retarget visitors.

You’ll be able to gain 10x more out of your internet presence with Linkjoy.

Linktree, Bitly, and Rebrandly are all alternatives to Linkjoy.

Affiliates, coaches, content providers, and influencers who want increased social media traffic should use it.

By using Linkjoy links for social bio links, link retargeting, and Instagram post links, you will see a significant increase in ROI. Add Work section for bonus part with responsive.

To get the most out of your adverts, Linkjoy enables you to shorten URLs and retarget one-time visitors.

You may also include links in each Instagram post.

In addition to the capabilities listed above, Linkjoy includes a slew of more tools to assist you create leads, increase ROI, and more.

Let’s jump into the features.

  • Add links to each Instagram post, and track results from the dashboard.
  • Linktree, Bitly, and Rebrandly are all alternatives.
  • To get more out of your advertisements, shorten URLs and use scripts to retarget one-time visitors.
  • Affiliates, coaches, content providers, and influencers who want to increase social media traffic to their websites.

Linkjoy Features

Use Linkjoy to increase social media traffic to your website.
Linkjoy may help you increase your social ROI.

Here I’ve discussed the features of Linkjoy;


Instagram Biolink

You may use Linkjoy to boost your Instagram posts and convert followers into visitors.
You may even sell your things via your Instagram account. You may send your followers to certain articles, websites, videos, and other URLs by retargeting them.
Linkjoy helps you to track your Instagram ROI. You may use Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Adwords, and other tracking pixels.

Link Retargeting

You can link your ad platforms with Linkjoy to build, measure, and distribute short URLs — even ones with a custom domain.

Linkjoy lets you generate personalized traffic from any URL, and you can even boost your CTR by using a branded URL.

You’ll be able to monitor locations and track total and unique clicks using Linkjoy. You’ll also be able to figure out what kind of material your visitor enjoys.

Link In Bio

Without any coding knowledge, you can create a mobile-first micro-landing page in minutes with Linkjoy.

You may create leads and be paid with this landing page, or you can redirect followers to any URL.
You’ll be able to turn your fans and friends into paying clients.

To increase conversions on the landing page, you’ll alter the layout and include a CTA (Call to Action).
You will be able to do in-depth analyses as well.

To learn more about Linkjoy’s features, go here.

Linkjoy Pricing Plan

Use Linkjoy to get a 10x return on your online presence.

Linkjoy has three price options:

LITE, PRO, and ULTIMATE are the three levels of quality

LITE Plan $79/mo:

  • 300,000 Clicks per month & others
  • 100 Campaign Links & others
  • Instagram Bio Link
  • Link Retargeting
  • Link in Bio
  • 50,000 Retargeting Links & others
  • Branding
  • 500 Campaign Links & others
  • 3 Custom Domain & others

Get started for Free

PRO Plan $99/mo:

  • Instagram Bio Link
  • 1000 Campaign Links & others
  • 10M Clicks per month & others
  • 5000 Campaign Links & others
  • Link Retargeting
  • 300K Retargeting Links & others
  • Link in Bio
  • Branding
  • 10 Custom Domain & others

Get started

ULTIMATE Plan $79/mo:

  • Unlimited Clicks per month & others
  • Instagram Bio Link
  • Unlimited Campaign Links & others
  • Link Retargeting
  • Unlimited Retargeting Links & others
  • Link in Bio
  • Unlimited Campaign Links & others
  • Branding
  • Unlimited Custom Domain & others

Get started

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