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We all believe that we must be professional developers or marketers. We wouldn’t be able to optimize the conversion rate otherwise! Incorrect!

What if you had a tool on your site that allowed you to see visitor behaviour data?

I have a tool that will easily show you how to improve your conversion rate.
Plerdy is now available!

What is Plerdy?

Plerdy is a conversion rate optimization solution that lets you track and analyze visitors into purchases using heatmaps, session recording, click tracking, and user behaviour analysis.

You increase your click-through rate and improve the design of your website based on the user’s online experience.

Plerdy is a competitor of Hotjar.

It’s ideal for SEO agencies, UX specialists, and web designers that want to use user-generated data to improve sites and increase revenue easily.

Plerdy allows you to track user behaviour using key data like clicks, traffic source, geolocation, and device.

It also allows you to leverage heatmaps and UX/SEO statistics to make informed judgments about improving the user’s online experience by optimizing your website.

So, let’s have a look at some of Plerdy’s features!

  • Key data like as clicks, traffic type, and device are used to track user behavior.
  • Alternative to: Hotjar
  • Heatmaps and UX/SEO statistics can help you make better judgments about how to improve your website.
  • Best for: SEO firms, UX experts, and web designers searching for user-generated data to improve their sites and increase revenue.

Let’s proceed with Plerdy features now.

Plerdy Features

Plerdy can help you enhance conversion rates and convert visitors into consumers with a few simple tactics.

Let’s have a peek at Plerdy’s amazing features!

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Plerdy Heatmap

Plerdy will generate heatmaps with 99 per cent accuracy based on users’ clicks, hovers, scrolling, and other interactions on your site.

You’ll get a lot of different heatmaps.

Click Heatmaps: It will show you where your visitors click and which parts of your site they choose to look at.

Hot Segments: There is a tool that will show you which parts of your website page have the best Click-through rate (CTR).

Website Scroll Map: Plerdy lets you see how far down each website page is scrolled on computers, tablets, and phones. There is a tool that will help you look at the text in blogs and on landing pages.

Hover Maps: It will allow you to see how website visitors move the mouse and which page areas they hover over most often. But hover maps don’t always give you the right answer.

Plerdy SEO Checker

Plerdy’s SEO checker application helps you keep track of any changes to a website’s SEO.

SEO Checker will automatically collect data from pages with visitors if you add SEO tracking code to your website. It’s that easy!

With SEO Checker, you will get;

  • Website technical SEO audit
  • SEO checking site health
  • Tracking SEO changes
  • Analysis of the semantics of pages
  • SEO mistakes on any device
  • Duplicate pages
  • Online SEO bug fix checking
  • Disallow URL
  • Relevance
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Filter and search for SEO errors
  • Single-page application (SPA) site

Plerdy Session Replay

The most intriguing feature is “Session Recording,” which allows you to examine a complete record of your website visitors’ activities.

Session Replay is useful for those who are concerned about their internet presence.

You will find the following features below:

  • User session replay
  • Desktop session replays
  • Session playback and controls
  • Skipped pauses
  • Advanced filters
  • Website performance
  • Real user monitoring
  • Mobile session replays
  • User segmentation
  • Note-taking
  • Confidentiality and security
  • Targeted recording

Conversion Funnel Analysis

Plerdy website funnel tool aids in the comprehension of user behaviour.
Customers’ behaviour and the steps they go through on their approach to conversion.

It also keeps track of how leads engage with various website features and pages, allowing you to visualize online activity as a marketing funnel.

What are the benefits?

  • Detect at Which Step Users Drop Off
  • Advanced URL settings
  • Understand User Actions on the Web
  • Identify Top Marketing Channels

Tracking Tools

Plerdy is a tool that lets you track particular user actions on a website. You may set up events and goals to track user interactions with forms, photos, videos, buttons, scroll bars, Ajax content, and other elements, for example.

What are the benefits?

  • Detailed User Behavior Data
  • Extensive Data
  • Synchronization with Google Analytics
  • Data Aggregation
  • Autоmatic Summation
  • Convenient Statistics
  • Macro/micro Events Tracking
  • Event Prioritization

Click here to learn more about Plerdy!

Plerdy Pricing Plans

See how you scroll maps, scroll depth, idle mice, text selection, cursor hover, and clicks look in videos with Plerdy. You can also see your mouse moves, text selection, cursor hover, and clicks! There is no picture.

There are four different pricing plans for Plerdy (All in one).

  1. Free
  2. Start
  3. Business
  4. Premium

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • 2000 page views per day
  • 3 views Heatmaps per day
  • 10 SEO audits per day
  • 1 month of storage
  • Get started for FREE forever!
  • 100 Video sessions
  • 1 Form and NPS
  • 50 Leads
  • 100 Banners click

Get Started

Start Plan $23/mo:

  • 10000 page views per day
  • 1000 Video sessions
  • 3 Form and NPS
  • Unlimited views Heatmaps per day
  • 500 Leads
  • 1000 Banners click
  • 2000 SEO audits per day
  • 3 months of storage

Get started

Business Plan $47/mo:

  • 25000 page views per day
  • Unlimited views Heatmaps per day
  • 5 Form and NPS
  • 2000 Leads
  • Unlimited Banners click
  • 2000 Video sessions
  • 5000 SEO audits per day
  • 6 months of storage

Get Started

Click here to see Business plan pricing;

Click here to see School plan pricing;

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  • 25,000 page views/day
  • 1,000 video sessions

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Final Thought:

Utilize a tool that aids in the understanding of visitor behavior and the conversion of visitors into purchasers.

Plerdy will also assist you in improving your sales and lead generation strategy.

Plerdy’s Lifetime Deal is now available. With Ease, Increase CTR!

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