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Site monitoring is a lot of work, and it takes a lot of time. You have to go through many steps to keep an eye on your websites, networks, and applications.

Imagine that you had a tool that made it easy to keep an eye on your website in one place.

Robot.alp is one of the options you can choose from when you buy a robot.

Meet with  Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Monitor live from all over the world. It will give you peace of mind to know that your service is up and running

  • Become a part of a complete monitoring system for uptime, page speed, and more.
  • Alternative to: UptimeRobot and StatusCake
  • Every minute, check the site’s availability from 20 different places around the world.
  • Online businesses, web developers, and network administrators who want to fix problems quickly and keep their brands in good shape should use this service.

Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal: What is a Robot.alp, and how does it work?

Robot.alp is the all site monitoring tool that lets you check a website’s uptime, page speed, & safety right away.

It lets you keep an eye on things in real-time from anywhere in the world.

I think the Robotalp Review  is great and very easy to use.

An alternative to UptimeRobot & StatusCake is called Robot.alp, and it works just as well. It would be best for web developers and businesses who want to fix problems quickly and keep their sites up to date.

It gives you access to many monitoring tools, including uptime, page speed, API, and more.

Robot.alp will make it easy to check the website every minute from 20+ different places.

It has almost eight of the most critical monitoring features.

You’ll love Robotalp you see how it works. Let’s check it out.

Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal

The dashboard shows uptime, port,  SSL, keyword, API,  DNS, page speed, and safe browsing. As long as your site is down, Robot.alp has 20 different geolocation monitoring services that will alert you when your site goes down.

In the future, you’ll be able to check uptime and the functionality of your servers at any time of the day or night. This way, you can always be aware of any problems, no matter where they are.

Robot.alp also works with important communication platforms like Slack, Zapier, and Discord to make sure you know right away if something goes wrong with your service.

Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal

From 20 different places worldwide, you can keep an eye on your services.

It’s easier to see the status of all your services in one place than to switch between many different tools to find out what’s wrong.

You’ll be able to relax knowing that pre-programmed status pages will make clear to your customers when your site is down.

And you can show visitors that you’re taking care of the problem, which will make them more confident in your brand.

☛ Robot.alp Features

Robot.alp will let you keep an eye on eight different monitoring choices for the site.

Let’s look down below.

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☛ Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Website monitoring

Robot.alp lets you keep an eye on your website from anywhere in the world.

If you run a business in many different places, you should check to see if your website is working or not first.

It has a “Website Monitoring” feature that helps you keep an eye on your website’s availability.

It will make sure that your website will be available and work well.

☛ Port Monitoring

Ports are always crucial for a website because they ensure that connections and data packets are distributed in the right way.

Robot.alp customizable alert system will keep you up to date with a built-in way.

It’s easy to troubleshoot port changes if you keep an eye on your ports all the time.

Importantly, it lets IT managers find and fix problems.

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Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal

☛ API Monitoring

Robot.alp lets you check your custom parameters with a monitor that you can choose.

It is called an Application Programming Interface (API), and it lets one program talk to another program and use its functions and features.

So, it’s a complicated process that needs to follow a set of rules to do anything on the website.

“API Monitoring” is a service that helps you avoid losing customers, time, money, and your good name.

☛ SSL Certificate Monitoring

You know that today, HTTPS is a must on a site. Nobody can think of a website that doesn’t have SSL certificate encryption.

I’d like to know if you didn’t lose people because your SSL certificate was about to run out.

It means that you have a safe network environment on your website that protects the data your visitors send to your site so that you can trust your brand.

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☛Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Keyword Monitoring

Robot.alp robots always check to see if a keyword is on a web page.

If you don’t use keyword monitoring for your keywords, you will get a message.

It will work on the essential parts of SEO, which will help you get more people to come to your site.

☛ DNS Monitoring

Robot.alp lets you keep an eye on your website’s DNS to keep customers from losing faith in it.

It will let you know if the DNS for your domain changes.

The most important thing for a website is DNS, so you need to pay attention to DNS. You may already know this. Then, your website could be lost or taken over by someone else.

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Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Safe Browsing Monitoring

Safe internet use is an important thing to do in the internet world.

Robot.alp will let you know if any of your websites aren’t safe to use.

There are viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, and hijackers that can get into your website through this. It will keep it safe.

Pagespeed Monitoring

Finally, Robot.alp makes it easy to keep track of your page speed scores.

You’ll be told if any of the page’s speeds start to slow down.

Using these scores, you can make your pages load faster.

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What is the significance of robot.alp?

On the market, there are dozens of monitoring services. What makes us unique?

Make sure your customers have faith in you at all times.

Customers and people who visit your website an always open website. Can make people go to your competitors, and they will never come back.

See the issues before your clients or bosses do

Stay on top of the problems with Robotalp alerts and informative and proactive reports. Let Robotalp help you, and never let anyone see you sweat.

Make your life easier and less stressful

There are too many tools for you to keep track of. Make your life easier with Robotalp all-in-one monitoring tool. All of your websites, servers, networks, and applications can be found in one simple and easy-to-use dashboard.

Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Problem detection

Robotalp figure out when your services are down and let you know as soon as it happens, so you’ll always be the first to know about any problems.

How Do Uptime Monitors Work?

Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal

An “uptime monitor” is a server service that regularly connects to one or more servers to verify that they are operational and available. The uptime server should ping the monitored server regularly, and if it fails to do so for an extended period, we can conclude that the monitored server is not performing as planned.

First, let’s define “uptime” before moving on to the monitors. “Uptime” (Up Time) refers to the amount of time that has passed from a system has started up until it has crashed. We should take some precautions if we don’t want our server or service to crash and want to use it for at least 24 hours. We can’t stop a crash from happening, but we can figure out why it happened and fix the problem.

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Uptime monitors track if an app or service is available or unavailable. It works by regularly pinging the host/service, and if it doesn’t respond, you’ll get an alert that your server is down.

Power supply failure is the most prevalent cause of downtime in modern servers. Other problems, such as earthquakes, fires, floods, and building construction, are examples of the same. It could also be due to a virus or a software flaw. You should try to “reboot” your server if it stops working due to an error (restart it). It is excellent for your server’s “uptime” if you continue it at least once every six months.

Run “uptime” in the Linux terminal to check your server’s uptime. It will show the number of hours and minutes since the last boot procedure. Type “man uptime” if you need further information about this command.

Administrators can use Uptime Monitors to solve issues such as system outages before they become problems that disrupt corporate processes and operations. Uptime monitors alert administrators when a server’s services go down so they may act promptly to repair the issue before it becomes a problem that disrupts business operations.

Uptime monitoring can generate the following types of alerts:

  1. Notifications about which services are going down or coming back up.
  2. Alerts when certain applications or processes have been stopped or started, and when they haven’t been done yet.
  3. As soon as there are more than a certain number of people who have signed in.
  4. Whenever a server goes down, it sends emails, text messages, or instant messages to let people know.

The following are some of the most typical features of uptime monitors:

  1. Users can monitor predetermined intervals with flexible scheduled monitoring.
  2. Provides instant access to the current availability status of all servers and services being monitored.
  3. With a user-friendly online interface, it allows for centralized configuration and management of monitored servers and services.
  4. Through historical perspectives, it provides extensive reports on all contemporary topics.

If you’re tired of wasting numerous hours troubleshooting server issues, uptime monitor could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. If you can’t afford to lose business due to system disruptions, you should start using uptime monitoring right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is robot.alp?

Robot.alp is a monitoring platform that will check all of your services, keep you up to date, and automatically alert you.

What does robot.alp mean?

So, yeah, it’s a pretty geeky name. robot.alp have a lot of robots to keep an eye on your service. An ALP is the name of the robot that runs them all.

Can I try robot.alp for free?

Certainly! Robot.alp gives all new users a 14-day free unlimited trial of their service. You can try out the system and see how it works.

Is there any limitations?

Each plan has a different set of rules. Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

Robotalp Pricing Plans

By utilizing Robotalp, you can reduce your chances of losing a customer due to a lack of security, availability, or trust.

It comes with four pricing plans;

  1. Starter
  2.  Premium
  3.  Pro
  4.  Business.

Starter Plan $9/mo:

  • 10 monitors
  • 2 status page
  • 1 organization
  • 2 users
  • 500 Email
  • 100 SMS
  • 8 different monitors
  • Unlimited Integration Alerts
  • Timezone Management
  • Organization & User Management
  • Log Storage

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Premium Plan $36/mo:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features +
  • 50 monitors
  • 10 status pages
  • 5 organizations
  • 10 users
  • 2.500 Email
  • 500 SMS

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Pro Plan $63/mo:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features +
  • 100 monitors
  • 20 status pages
  • 20 users
  • 5.000 Email
  • 1.000 SMS

Get started now

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Or, Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal from Appsumo for $59.

mailivery lifetime deal

Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Use Robot.alp to keep an eye on your website and fix problems right away after you find them.

One-time purchase of $59.00
  • Lifetime access to Robot.alp Pro Plan
  • Everything Pro Plan Features
  • 5 organizations
  • 10 users
  • 100 monitors
  • 5 status pages
  • 2,500 emails/month
  • 500 SMS/month

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Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal : Final Thought

This is a tool called Robot.alp that can help you with any problem you have with your site. Whether there are problems or not, you will even get an alert in a split second.

Get Robotalp Appsumo Lifetime Deal From Appsumo

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