Sellix Appsumo Lifetime Deal $89 Sell digital product or service

Sellix is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to sell digital things online. We’ve made it simple for you to accept payments and get paid online, whether you’re selling custom on-demand services, monthly billed subscriptions/memberships, or downloaded files/software.
Sellix is Shopify’s digital-products younger brother.

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Sellix gives you access to the newest technologies and gives you an easy way to sell your goods using cryptocurrency.

  • On a customized digital storefront, you can sell digital goods like software, services, & memberships.
  • Alternative to: Gumroad & SendOwl
  • Enjoy unlimited page views & sessions on your domains and see useful information about your unique visitors.
  • Best for: Freelancers, digital agencies, and small and medium-sized businesses that want to make sure their websites are GDPR and CCPA compliant.

What is Sellix?

Sellix is an e-commerce platform where you can set up your own storefront to sell any kind of digital product or service.

I think the Sellix is great and very easy to use.

You may sell it on Sellix if it’s digital.

Select from a variety of product kinds, and software, including files, downloads & license keys, as well as activation codes, on-demand bespoke services, subscriptions, and memberships.

Fill in the title, price, description, image, product category, and payment methods to add new goods to your digital shop in minutes.

Sellix also eliminates the need for third-party apps by providing everything you need to handle product delivery, marketing, design, payments, and fraud detection.

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Why Sellix?

Sellix was built from the ground up to be the logistical operations center for your soon-to-be digital empire. You submit your items, and we take care of them left and right, up and down, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With major payment gateways that power the world of money, you may accept payments from all around the world. Popular fiat options like as Stripe, PayPal, and CashApp are included, as well as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Nano, Solana, Monero, Cronos & others. By being used and enjoyed by countless, Sellix has grown to a remarkable reach, further cementing our emphasis on shaping the future of digital eCommerce.

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Sellix Features

  1. Accept crypto payments (hello Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc!)
  2. Block fraudulent sales before they go through
  3. Powerful payments API built for developers
  4. Built-in ticketing system, so you can support customers 24/7
  5. Embed products on your own site
  6. Accept fiat payments (Stripe, PayPal, and CashApp)
  7. Create your own customizable storefront

Sellix Dashboard

Sellix Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Enter the details of your product on the dashboard to quickly create or change it.
Sellix lets you make your own online store without having to know how to code.

Start by using templates that have already been made or the advanced theme editor to get your shop up and running quickly.

You can add your logo to the storefront to make it your own and give customers a smooth shopping experience.

TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal

From the privacy widget, you can get to all of your automated privacy and cookie policies.
You can have as many page views and sessions as you want on each of your domains for no extra charge.

After a user chooses their privacy settings, TRUENDO will only count them as a unique visitor, no matter how many times they visit your site on the same device.

Also, the consent management platform makes it easy to manage multiple apps and websites, as well as the permissions of users.

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Customize your storefront on Sellix to match your branding and style!

Sellix Appsumo Lifetime Deal

You may get paid instantaneously using cryptocurrency or directly to your bank account with Sellix.

You may offer localized purchasing experiences by integrating the platform with Stripe, PayPal, or CashApp, as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Solana.

Sellix ensures that you obtain the lowest transaction costs by utilizing the most up-to-date payment processing technologies.

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We love this tool because of its:

  1. Lets you customize your storefront with your branding
  2. Comes with built-in Fraud Shield to block any fraudulent transactions
  3. Sells digital products and services with a custom storefront

Sellix Appsumo Lifetime Deal & Pricing Plans

It comes with Three pricing plans;

  1. Free
  2. Pro
  3. Business

Click here to see other pricing plans 

Or, sellix lifetime deal from Appsumo for $89.

mailivery lifetime deal

Sellix Appsumo Lifetime Deal – $89

You’ll be able to stop fraudulent transactions without interfering with the overall user experience thanks to the built-in Fraud Shield.

The fraud detection system in Sellix also allows you to stop typical types of fraudulent credit card transactions automatically.

Digital business owners may have piece of mind knowing that they can avoid fake disputes before they arise with this in-house fraud detection software.

One-time purchase of $89.00

License Tier 1 – ( $89)

  • All features above included
  • 5 shops
  • $250,000 total annual revenue limit

License Tier 2 – ( $179)

  • All features above included
  • 10 shops
  • $600,000 total annual revenue limit

License Tier 3 – ( $279)

  • All features above included
  • 20 shops
  • $1,500,000 total annual revenue limit

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Sellix Appsumo Lifetime Deal & Final Thought

You don’t want your IT stack to seem like The Island of Misfit Tools when it comes to selling digital products and services.

Sellix allows you to easily create and manage your personalized online storefront from a single platform, complete with fraud protection and cryptocurrency integration.

. Get started - Sellix Appsumo Lifetime Deal  From Appsumo

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  1. AhayahAssemblyChurchsays:

    Currently use Payhip but like the crypto aspect of Sellix

    I sell PDF’s through Payhip, but that is about to change now that Sellix has hit the gumroad. LOL Payhip stamps the PDF’s and that hopefully will be planned with Sellix, as stated in the questions section. Now I have a platform where people can pay with crypto’s! I’d like to sell Mp3 and Mp4s of a voice bible, as well as my artwork TIFF or JPGs. I snapped this deal up as soon as I saw it, as I could not afford SendOwl monthly plan. It would be good to have an auction feature for selling TIFF or JPG images, to sell to the highest bidder.

  2. jameswdoon2021says:

    Is it possible to do this?

    Hello how you doing I recently bought licensed Tier 5 for 479.00 and i like your setup and all but I was thinking don’t you feel that license tier 5 should have more storage since license tier 5 has a hundred shops versus the rest that has 5,10,20,50 shops?
    I might just come down tier 2 or 3 because 100GB is not enough space for 100 shops.

    Is there any way you can increase the cloud storage limit on tier 5?

    I feel like all the different tiers should have different sizes and someone buys a smaller plan they shouldn’t have the same size as someone that pays a lot more.
    so the person that payed 89.00 for tier 1 got same amount of storage I do and i payed 479.00 for tier 5

    can you please think about it?
    you see my point right?

    Good job on the platform I love it get back to me when you can thanks

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