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SMS-iT Decentralized. Text message marketing is a great way to connect with customers, but getting people to sign up is not always easy.

Your traffic, subscribers, and sales could halt if you don’t have any new people who have agreed to join your list.

Is what you need a platform that gives you qualified leads and lets you automate your whole communication process.

Meet with  SMS-iT Decentralized lifetime deal.

SMS-iT Decentralized With two-way multichannel messaging, you can increase traffic, subscribers, and sales.

  • With more than 50 features, you can get unlimited two-way omnichannel messaging with more than 50 different types of messaging, like SMS, MMS, email, voice, and more!
  • Alternative to: Twilio
  • APIs can help you build messaging experiences for your apps with SMPP, as well as built-in Twilio and Android gateways that let you connect your apps to other apps.
  • Sales and marketing teams who want to personalize customer engagement, cut down on churn, and find new leads are best for this.

leadsbridge lifetime deal: What is leadsbridge ?

SMS-iT Decentralized is a two-way omnichannel messaging and marketing platform where you can automate your communication.

You can use SMS-iT Decentralized to engage with your customers and prospects in real-time and track and analyze your results.

There is no limit to how many times you can send and receive two-way omnichannel messages and marketing messages through SMS, MMS, RCS, email, voice & fax messages as well as through chat.

I think the SMS-iT Decentralized is great and very easy to use.

When you use SMS-iT Decentralized, you get unlimited two-way omnichannel messaging and marketing for SMS and MMS, as well as RCS and email. You can also send messages to voice, fax, chat, and email through SMS, MMS, and more.

Bulk schedule SMS and MMS messages to be sent at set times. You can choose when the messages are sent. (You can even plan months in advance!)

To reward customers, you can make coupons and send them by text message. You can also use keyword text marketing to keep customers coming back for more!

It’s also easy to see all of the important information about your campaigns right on the dashboard.

SMS-iT Decentralized lifetime deal & FEATURES

  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk MMS / Picture Messaging
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Bulk RCS
  • Fax Broadcasting
  • Email Marketing
  • Chat Apps
  • Free Local/Toll-Free Number
  • Smart Database – Opt-in Leads
  • Geo Targeting & Segmentation
  • Smart Search with A.I & Automation
  • Smart Campaign with A.I. & Automation
  • Decentralized Gateway
  • Programmable API
  • Bulk SMS Scheduling
  • Receive Unlimited FREE Messages
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Unlimited Mobile Keywords
  • Online 2-Way SMS/MMS Chat
  • Number Cleansing
  • Facebook Integration
  • 10DLC Registration
  • SMPP
  • Contact Management
  • SMS/MMS Punch Card Loyalty Rewards
  • Autoresponders
  • Detailed Campaign Analytics
  • Bulk SMS/MMS/Voice/Fax Delivery Stats
  • SMS/MMS Contests
  • Birthday SMS/MMS Wishes
  • Zapier Integrations
  • Native Integrations
  • Website Opt-In/Signup Widgets
  • SMS Polls
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Built In Link Shortening & Tracking
  • Kiosk Builder
  • Mobile Splash Page Builder
  • Assign Multiple Long Codes
  • Email Alerts
  • Message Templates
  • Broadcast from Phone
  • OTC & 2FA Verification
  • Batch Processing
  • QR Codes
  • Segment Your Contacts
  • Upload Your Subscriber Lists
  • SMS to Email/Email to SMS
  • Voicemail / Call Forwarding
  • Name and Email Capture
  • Q&A SMS Bots

☛ Zapier lets you connect SMS-iT API to more than 4000 apps.

☛  Zapier: 

You connect your apps with Zaps. Connect SMS-API iT’s to more than 4000 apps through Zapier, and you can make your work easier. Zapier connects and shares data between a lot of your favorite apps automatically, so you can focus on the big picture and make your work life easier at the same time.

☛ Dropbox: 

Zapier lets you connect Dropbox with a lot of other apps, so you can automate your work and spend more time on the things that matter most. There’s no need to write any code.

☛ Shopify:

When you add omnichannel marketing & messaging to your store, you will be able to reach more customers and sell more things to them. Keep track of new Shopify customers by adding them to your list of friends and family. Send text messages to customers who left their carts or canceled their orders and then don’t come back.

SMS-iT Decentralized lifetime deal

☛ SMS-iT Decentralized lifetime deal:

Use SMS-iT Decentralized if you already use SMPP from Twilio or Plivo or SignalWire or Bandwidth or Telnyx. You can send fast SMS and MMS messages with SMS-iT Decentralized.

It’s possible to use the platform’s Twilio Gateway to send a lot of bulk messages, or you can use the Android IoT SIM Card Gateway for even more options.

To set up email campaigns quickly, you can also use the built-in integrations to connect to email software like MailChimp or ActiveCampaign.

SMS-iT Decentralized lifetime deal

You can develop your TCPA-compliant list for mobile marketing campaigns using SMS-database iT’s of over one billion records.

Create a subscriber list from your opt-in mobile numbers, or import them into your AI management panel as targeted and segmented records.

By providing direct access to 10DLC registration, the technology also makes it simple to keep compliant with Campaign Registry and TCPA laws.

SMS-iT Decentralized lifetime deal

To create a TCPA-compliant list, manage your leads and gain access to over one billion opt-in records.
Connect SMS-API iT’s to Zapier to link with over 4,000 apps, like Dropbox and Shopify, and automate your entire communication routine.

You may also design branded QR codes to employ in your internet marketing campaign to lure your offline leads in.

A built-in dashboard powered by AI will also provide you with analytics and data on your chats.

SMS-iT Decentralized lifetime deal : Plans and Features

  1. Lifetime access to SMS-iT Decentralized
  2. All future Professional Decentralized Plan updates
  3. GDPR compliant
  4. A valid phone number is required to use SMS-iT Decentralized
  5. No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you
  6. You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  7. Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  8. Optional: Add additional phone number plans to your account at a 50% discount per month
  9. 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Why use SMS, MMS, RCS, email, voice, fax, and chat?

There are many reasons to use SMS, MMS, RCS, email, voice, fax, and chat. Here are some of the most common:

1. To stay in touch with friends and family.

2. To communicate with co-workers and business partners.

3. To stay up-to-date on the latest news and information.

4. To receive alerts and notifications about important events.

5. To find out about new products and services.

6. To share photos and videos with others.

7. To make and receive calls.

8. To send and receive text messages.

9. To use chat services to communicate with others in real-time.

10. To access the internet.

SMS, MMS, RCS, email, voice, fax, and chat are all communication tools that have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a brief overview of each:

SMS: Short Message Service is a text messaging service that is typically used on mobile phones. It is quick and easy to use, but has a limited character count.

MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service is a text messaging service that can also include multimedia content such as images, videos, and sound files. It is more expensive to use than SMS, but can be more engaging.

RCS: Rich Communication Services is a next-generation messaging standard that includes features like group chat, high-definition voice and video calling, and file sharing. It is not widely available yet, but is slowly being adopted by carriers and phone manufacturers.

Email: Email is a popular communication tool that can be used to send text, files, and multimedia content. It is versatile and can be used on a variety of devices, but can be slow and is often used for formal or business communications.

Voice: Voice communication is typically used for phone calls, but can also be used for video calls and voice messages. It is a quick and easy way to communicate, but can be expensive to use for long-distance calls.

Fax: Fax is a communication tool that is used to send and receive documents. It is often used for business communications, but can be slow and has a limited character count.

Chat: Chat is a real-time communication tool that is typically used for online conversations. It is quick and easy to use, but can be disruptive if used during work or class.

SMS-iT Decentralized Pricing Plans

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Or, SMS-iT Decentralized Appsumo Lifetime Deal from Appsumo for $39.

mailivery lifetime deal

SMS-iT Decentralized Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Personalized interactions and trustworthy communications help you generate accurate sales leads, reduce customer churn, and engage with clients.

One-time purchase of $79.00
  1. All features above included
  2. 5,000 credits per month
  3. Unlimited user seats
  4. Unlimited contacts

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SMS-iT Decentralized Final Thought

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  1. We love this tool because of its:
    A dashboard that is appealing to the eye — now easier to understand customer insights
    2-way messaging platform — no 3rd party software required!
    Personalization with automation that increases customer retention

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