Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$69] Best way publish videos

This Vidjet video hosting platform would allow users to upload videos directly to their site or ecommerce store, and would also provide a platform for users to showcase their videos. This platform would be ad-free, and would allow users to customize the look and feel of their videos.Let’s know the details about Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal.

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video player for online stores that can do everything.

  • You can post videos without ads on your website or online store in minutes.
  • Alternative to: YouTube and Vimeo
  • Use display formats like bubble, pop-up, sticky play button, and content embed to get more people to watch your videos.
  • Best for: Marketers and ecommerce sellers who want to use video content to boost engagement, trust, and sales.

What is Vidjet?

Vidjet is a platform for hosting videos that doesn’t have ads and makes it easy to put videos on your website or ecommerce store.

It’s an excellent alternative to YouTube or Vimeo if you’re looking to host video content on your own site without any ads. You can also password protect your videos and embed them on other sites.

Vidjet is a great video hosting platform for businesses that want to easily add video content to their website.

I think the Vidjet is great and very easy to use.

Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal from appsumo

With Vidjet, you only need to upload, customize, and publish videos to add them to your website.

You can upload videos in any major file format, such as MP4, MOV, WEBM, and OGG.

You can choose from a list of ready-made, copyright-free videos to welcome visitors, get email addresses, and let people know about flash sales.

You can also watch the embedded tutorial videos to learn how to make your own great videos.

The fun way to get closer to your customers

Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal


Vidjet is an easy-to-use app that doesn’t require you to know how to code and doesn’t take long to set up. Just upload a video and make sure everything is optimized, and you’re good to go.

Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal


With personalized campaigns, you can make more money. Set videos to play based on what your visitors do, direct them to specific pages, and make sure they work well on mobile.

Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal

LAUNCH & MEASURE: Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Vidjet’s cutting-edge technology gives you accurate and useful customer engagement data so you can make the best decisions based on the data.

Your new favorite video player

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Elevate your brand: Automate the process of putting real, non-intrusive videos on any page of your website. People will love your store if it is beautiful, quick, and interesting.

Get more email subscribers: Throughout the customer journey, collect emails with personalized and segmented videos. Videos about sales or products are a great way to do this.

Be smart about content: Use any of our templates or all of the videos you already have. It’s fun to play around with Vidjet’s platform and show off the best videos.

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☛ What are the best e-commerce on-site videos for higher conversion rates?

How can you get the most out of your online store? By putting in videos! They are a great way to increase sales and keep people interested. This article will show you 50 on-site videos that e-merchants have used for their online stores. There is a video for every goal, from showing how to use a product to getting people to know you better. Use one or more of the examples below to get ideas!

☛ The best product videos: how-to

The sustainable online store for is well-versed in effective video marketing strategies. Visitors can watch a pop-up video that demonstrates how to recharge the deodorant case and how to use it once it is ready as they scroll through the page for their signature deodorant. This video is among the greatest for a number of reasons, including the attractive model, the thorough product how-to, the added subtitles, and the endearing humor. 10/10 vids from!

☛ Atashi Cellular : Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Atashi Cellular is a beauty shop in Spain. When people go to the mobile page for their best-selling eye concealer, a pop-up video shows them how to use it. This video is great because it is real and because the narrator walks you through each step of the application process.

Colorful Black

Colorful Black’s magic cream is a great example of how to use an explainer and a how-to video together. This video is also a good reminder that you don’t need ultra HD cameras and a professional crew to make on-site content that is interesting and gets people to buy something.

☛ Endro Cosmetiques

When people go to the page for Endro Cosmetiques’ best-selling make-up remover, a pop-up video shows them how to use it. This video is great because it shows you how the product works. When the woman puts the product on her lips, you can see how well it works to take off her lipstick.

☛ Fimpo

The how-to video from Fimpo is brief but packed with information! The five steps you must take to apply the product to your nails are shown in the following video.

☛ Mood Swiss Rings

The jewelry made by Mood Swiss Rings is made to order based on what the buyer wants. So, the video on this page explains how it all works. Unique products that are sold online must have this type of video. The camera angle, the clever use of text, and the detailed explanation of how the rings work are all things that Mood Swiss Rings does very well.

.Meet with Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal

☛ Unbottled : Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Instead of putting a video about the product on the product page, Unbottled has done something smart by putting a video about how to use one of their shampoos there. They put the video on a blog post page, so that if someone stumbles across their content, they have another reason to buy their products. The video also works because it shows how to use their solid shampoo and how nice hair looks after using it.

☛ Vardier

Vardier’s products are all different, which is why they needed videos to explain how they work. Their product videos are short and funny, and they show how to fold or unfold the item and wear it in style.

The best product videos: product in action

Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal

☛ Agilework : Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal

When someone looks at Agile Work’s laptop expansion page and scrolls down, a pop-up video of the product in use appears. The video did a great job of showing how the product works and why having one is so helpful. We might also buy some to help us keep track of everything.

.Meet with Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal

☛ Chemin des Poulaillers : Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Chemin des Poulaillers is by far the most real and interesting online store out there. They have videos of their unique products, which are all chicken-related, on their site. On the product page for this chicken coop, there is a beautiful video that shows how to use it. The cutest part is that the product is being shown off by the owner’s daughter!


This German shop for wood accessories shows a creative and useful video for one of its products. It shows the product from different angles, suggests how to use it, and ends with a range of colors. All of this is done in less than 30 seconds.

☛ Jaivique

The natural cosmetics store has a lot of detailed videos about their products, but our favorite is this step-by-step guide to using their facial care set. If you have an online beauty store, be sure to watch Jaivique’s video for ideas!

☛ MTEverfit

MTEverfit is a fitness store in the US that sells sand-filled workout bags. When people go to their homepage, a great pop-up video will appear. This video works because it shows everything about the product. It shows the bag’s different features, like its color and material, and it also shows someone using the bag.

☛ Mummix

Mummix is without a doubt the most tasty online store in Italy. Because they are so good, we will be showing two different kinds of videos that they have on their website. When people land on their eco hazelnut spread page, their mouths start to water because this product looks and feels so good. We know for sure that we’d eat everything in that jar right away.

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Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal & Pricing Plans

It Comes With two Pricing Plans;

  1. Free
  2. Enterprise

Click here to see other pricing plans  

Or, Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal from Appsumo for $69.

Free Plan $/Month

  • Unlimited videos
  • 1000 videos played per month

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Enterprise Plan /Month

  • Unlimited videos
  • Custom number of videos played

Get Started Now

mailivery lifetime deal

Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

You can publish your videos in a variety of ways, such as pop-ups, a “sticky play” button, and content embed.
Vidjet has a lot of settings and triggers that let you change how and when your video shows up.

You can change the video to fit the device your visitor is using with different options for desktop and mobile.

You can also choose where to put each video, such as on all pages or only on URLs that contain certain keywords.

You’ll also be able to choose what makes your video show up, like leaving the page, scrolling a certain amount, waiting a certain amount of time, or entering a page.

.Meet with Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal

One-time purchase of $69.00

License Tier 1 – ( $69)

  • All features above included
  • 2 domains
  • 10,000 video plays per month
  • Unlimited videos
  • License Tier 1 – ( $69)

License Tier 2 – ( $149)

  • All features above included
  • 10 domains
  • 50,000 video plays per month
  • Unlimited videos
  • Agency Portal

License Tier 3– ( $279)

  • All features above included
  • Unlimited domains
  • Unlimited video plays per month
  • Unlimited videos
  • Agency Portal

Get Lifetime Access

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Vidjet Appsumo Lifetime Deal & Final Thought

Once you’ve posted your video, you can look at analytics on the main dashboard to see how well it’s doing.

You can get direct information about how video is affecting your bottom line by looking at unique data like views, clicks, and conversions.

And because third parties can’t track your cookies, you can follow GDPR and other privacy laws.

Best of all, Vidget works seamlessly with tools like WordPress, Shopify, and Klaviyo.

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