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Woostify is a quick, lightweight, and highly responsive WordPress eCommerce theme. Creating stunning web pages is simple because of its interoperability with the main page builders. You will have an easier time getting your online store to rank high in the search results since it was created with SEO in mind. Woostify has also been tested to work with various helpful plugins, including WooCommerce, OrbitFox, BuddyPress, bbPress, Yoast, and others.

We’ll delve much further into this topic in this essay.

Woostify Theme: Overview

Woostify is a powerful WooCommerce theme that lets people build online stores that focus on increasing conversions and sales to make more money. Woostify has many great features that are important for any online store, like AJAX Add to Cart, AJAX Search, Mega Menu, Sale Notification, Size Guide, Elementor add-ons, Quick View, and a lot of other great things. One thing that makes Woostify so great is that it gives you complete control over your online store. Make changes to your store with ease.


You can get it in both a free and a paid version. Woostify is a free WooCommerce theme that can help small businesses start their online stores. It comes with a lot of essential features. You can add more features to your store with Woostify Pro when your business grows.

Woostify is a powerful WooCommerce theme that allows you to effortlessly set up and adjust anything on your shop, allowing you to improve the shopping experience and increase sales.

Features of Woostify

Woostify gives most of its features away for free. You can get it right away from the WordPress theme library or from the official website of Woostify. Many people use Woostify for free, but many don’t use it.

Woostify Free Features:

Woostify is available for free download from the WordPress theme library or Woostify’s own website.

The free edition has enough capabilities to create a primary e-commerce site. These are some of them:

Starter Websites for Free:

  • 2 Free Elementor Templates
  • 2 Free Cart Layouts
  • Standard Checkout Template
  • Multi-step Checkout Template

Woostify Customizer

Woostify gives you a lot of ways to make your store and products look the way you want them to. Because they are grouped, you can quickly find and use them in your store.


After you install Woostify, you can access the theme customizer, which has a lot of valuable options with just one click. You can change the logo, site title, layout, color palettes, speed settings, customize your header and navigation menu, add extra CSS, and more in the customizer, which is where you can make changes.

Woostify WooCommerce Templates

Among the 15 Elementor WooCommerce templates that come with the Woostify theme are fashion, cosmetics, pets, shoes, furniture, glasses, food, and more. All of them are made for online stores, are responsive, and have all the features you need.


With these beautiful starter websites, you can quickly and easily make beautiful eCommerce websites that look good. Or you can change the theme and make your shop look the way you want, even if you don’t know how to write code.

AJAX Shopping Cart:

YWoostify lets customers add products to their shopping carts and see their shopping carts right away without reloading the page. It looks like this in front.


Multi-Step Checkout

A well-optimized checkout page without the header, footer, or sidebars helps store owners make the checkout process more accessible. Woostify doesn’t have these things. There is only one thing that people focus on when they go through the checkout: the payment form.

Lightweight and Optimized

Page load speed is thought to be one of the essential parts of running a successful eCommerce business. Taking even a second to get things done can cost you a lot of money and sales.

Lightweight and Optimized

Performance is the primary goal of this theme. It’s made with clean code, customizable CSS, a small file size, and JavaScript that doesn’t use JQuery. Besides, the theme is made to be easy for search engines to find, so your site can be found quickly on the web.


Users can get a unique and useful WooBuilder add-on from Woostify. It is a separate plugin that works with the theme, but it is also part of it. Using this feature, users can make any changes they want to the pages of the WooCommerce shop. They can make changes to pages like single product pages, product pages, checkout pages, and shopping cart pages. People who run a shop on the WooCommerce platform can build, edit, and make any change they want to their store with ease.

Users don’t need to pay for Elementor Pro to make changes to the WooCommerce Elementor shop page, single product page, checkout, and cart page as they want.

FOMOs Included

FOMO is a great way to get your visitors to talk to you and want to buy from you. So, it would be great if you could use FOMOs to get more people to come to your store and make more sales.

Woostify’s Elementor WooCommerce theme makes it easy for shop owners to make FOMOs in their stores by adding add-ons like Countdown Urgency and Sale Notification.

Woostify’s Countdown timer makes people feel like they have to hurry up and get the deals before the time runs out.

FOMOs Included

Another way to use FOMOs in your store is to use the Sale Notification add-on, which lets you show recent orders in a pop-up with information about the customer, their address, the product they bought, and the time they purchased it. This will make people want to buy things quickly.

AJAX Live Search

AJAX Live Search

Customers need to have a good user experience, but few stores can do it well. UX can be shown by how quickly it loads, how easy it is to move around, and how quickly you can search. Do you want to make it easier for people to find your store when they search for it?

Woostify solves that problem for you quickly with AJAX live search, which will improve your users’ experience by giving them a simple AJAX live search bar. You can use the category and tags to narrow down the results. This feature also comes with keywords suggestions, so you can quickly and easily find the things you want to buy and get them fast.

Integration With Elementor

It should be straightforward to use ELementor and other page builders simultaneously. Woostify is a plugin that works with both Elementor and WooCommerce. This means that users will have complete control over your site and can make unlimited changes to your online store without writing a single line of code.

When you buy Woostify, you get an Elementor theme builder built into the package. You can still use Woostify with other page builders even though it doesn’t say that.

This means that you can use Woostify with almost all of the most popular page builders because Woostify is well-designed for them. Some core Woostify pro addons only work with Elementor, like below:

Elementor Add-ons

Woostify was built with Elementor, which lets you make your widgets, like the Product widget, the Product category widget, the Product slider widget, the Post widget, and the Slider widget. These widgets can help you put your ideas into action.

With these widgets, you can design your shop’s layout, create and customize Product Categories, show more products, and make your slider for your e-commerce website. You can also use these widgets to make your slider for your website.

Unlimited header and footer layouts

In Woostify, you can choose from many different header and footer layouts. All of them are made to work with all online stores, so they’re suitable for everyone. This add-on also lets you make headers and footers for your website the way you want, thanks to the seamless integration of Elementor with this add-on.

This is because Woostify works well with Elementor. This means that shop owners can control all of their shop pages, including the product page, single product pages, checkout pages, and the shopping cart, without using Elementor Pro. If you don’t see this feature in any other WooCommerce theme, it might be the reason why Woostify is the best one out there.

One-Click Demo

Woostify has a one-click demo set up. Following the theme’s installation, you can easily add the demo content to your WooCommerce site by clicking “Install Demo.” This includes the demo home page, contact, FAQs, and shop pages. All of the processes are set up and activated for you.

One-Click Demo

After you import the theme demo, you can change the content and design as you want without starting from scratch. A WooCommerce store can be easily set up even if you don’t know how to write code.

Responsive Design:

When people visit your website, your web pages should tell what kind of screen size and orientation they have and change the layout accordingly.

What is responsive design?

The responsive design method says that a website should adapt to the user’s device, screen size, and orientation. As a result, websites made with the responsive design method are made to look good at a wide range of sizes, no matter what kind of device or screen resolution the user is using.

Responsive design allows webmasters to make “flexible” websites that can change to fit the device and the person using it. We use flexible grid layouts that can change, adaptive images, and CSS media queries to make this happen. In other words, flexible grid layouts use percentages instead of fixed units, like pixels, to be more flexible. Media queries look at the device on which a site is being shown to determine how best to deliver the website.

want to learn about responsive design. In the article, he says that responsive architecture led to the idea of this method.

In this practice, architects use technology to make buildings that “respond” to those who use them. For example, robotics and flexible materials make it possible for buildings to grow and shrink based on how many people are inside. Light levels and the temperature in the room automatically change to match the size of the crowd. Much the same, responsive web design works in much the same way.

Given all of this, responsive design sounds like a godsend when it comes to having a single website show up on many different things.

Page Builder Support:

If you want to make a great website, you can use the popular WordPress Page Builder plugins to do it quickly and easily. Some people make themes. You can get all the information and help you need from them.

What is a page builder?

A page builder is another way to make your WordPress site look and feel unique. Instead of choosing a theme and then making a few small changes to your overall theme, you can use a page builder to change individual pages and posts in your WordPress theme. A page builder gives you more control over individual pages, posts, and parts of your theme that you can’t change from page to page in your WordPress theme settings.

A WordPress plugin called a “page builder” will let you make your site more personalized without having to change the theme settings or write any new lines of code.

A page builder plugin (like Divi Builder and elementor Builder Plugin) can also be used to change the pages of the WordPress theme of your choice. However, using the same theme that the plugin works with (e.g. use the Divi Builder Builder Plugin to customize the Divi Theme).

WordPress page builders work by giving you easy-to-use drag and drop editing right away. Instead of changing the theme settings or adding lines of code to the back-end, all you need to do to make a unique page is drag and drop different elements where you want them to go on the page.

A drag and drop editor is an excellent way for a beginner WordPress website owner to create a fully customized website quickly. Here’s a crucial piece of information, though. If you use a drag and drop editor, your adjustments will not be saved and later switch to a different theme. The settings of your new theme will override any customizations you’ve made.

What is the story’s moral? It’s advisable to select whether you want to design your website with a WordPress theme or a page builder plugin right away.

WooCommerce Powered:

Integration with the most popular eCommerce platform, “WooCommerce,” is very deep and easy. Feel the power of this great software and build a full-fledged eCommerce site with it.

SEO Friendly:

The site was made by professionals who used clean and validated code that both humans and search engine bots love. To get more SEO features, you can use the Yoast, All in One, or other SEO plugins that work with this.

Fast & Lightweight:
Speed is important! This lightweight theme is built with simple and clean code that doesn’t have a lot of clutter or mess. It will make your website run quickly. Serve your site users faster and make them happier. This is how you can do this.

Live WordPress Customizer:

Theme settings and the look of your site can be changed with real-time live previews. You can change the site’s identity, color scheme, menus, widgets, background image, and more. Take a look at the power of the front-end editor that comes with your site.

Simple & Highly Intuitive Design:

A newbie to WordPress? All is well. You don’t have to write any code to change the theme’s look and feel. This is the first time you’ve seen how simple and intuitive the interface is.

Highly Customizable:

Easily change practically everything on your website, including the design and feel. Theme choices and settings are simple to modify, allowing you to design to your heart’s delight.

Translation Ready:
Fully compatible with standard translation widgets and plugins, allowing you to translate your site into any language other than the default.

Right-To-Left (RTL) Support:

People who live in countries where the text is written in the right-to-left direction can get all the help they need from the dedicated support that comes with the theme.

BuddyPress Compatible:
Add the BuddyPress plugin to your WordPress site to make it into a social media site. Get to know your users right away!

Demo Content Available:

Import the beautiful website templates with one click and start making changes. If you want a website with the best design and the most comprehensive range of themes, this is the quickest way to get one done.

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Final Thought:

If you’re looking for a WordPress theme for WooCommerce that’s all about increasing your online store sales and conversion rates; we think you should install Woostify.

In this theme, Elementor and WooCommerce work together seamlessly, so you can make any changes to their shop pages. With so many great features, you can start an online store powered by WooCommerce from scratch without writing any code.

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