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The product management software is a tool that helps organizations keep track of their products and manage them effectively. It helps managers plan for product development, track product progress, and make decisions about product changes. The software also provides a central repository for product information, making it easy for managers to access and share product data.

When you have a lot of different tools that don’t talk to each other, it’s a lot more difficult to manage the end-to-end process.

What if there was a single tool that let you change responsive product roadmaps, test new ideas, and launch your dream?

Meet with Best product management tools & Calido Lifetime Deal 

Calido can be used across an entire organization. Product marketing teams can manage product launches, whereas product management teams can manage roadmaps. Project or program management teams can manage deliverables and projects, whereas UX teams can manage research tasks and findings.

  • Customizable templates, such as OKRs, user personas, and roadmaps, help you manage projects from conception through launch.
  • Alternative to: Productboard, Aha!, ClickUp,
  • Use idea portals to obtain user feedback in real time to validate your ideas.
  • Product managers, project managers, and entrepreneurs who want to speed up product development with efficient workflows can use this tool.

☛ Best product management tools: What is Uchat?

Calido is a product management platform that makes it easier to build new products because it has smart roadmaps, shared views, and an open data model.

Calido is like a “CRM” but for managing products. It helps teams manage the whole product lifecycle, from ideation to launch, making it easier for them to work together. This means that you can use Calido to make idea boards get feedback from users, manage roadmaps, and share custom views with your internal and external stakeholders. It has an open data model and a no-code paradigm.

There are many different things you can do for UX research, customer issues, user personas, product strategy, projects, and more. If you want to build new features based on data, Calido is an all-in-one platform that lets you choose which parts of the product to improve, which markets to reach, and what will keep your customers coming back.

I think the Uchat is great and very easy to use.

Calido helps you do it through to the end when you start a project.

With a single platform that cuts through the tech clutter, you can figure out what’s essential, simplify your workflows, and make data-based decisions.

If you have features tuned to the most critical customer insights, you can get to product-market fit in no time.

In addition, you can share project plans with your stakeholders so everyone can work together from the start. This way, everyone can work together from the start.

☛ Best product management tools: Features

The whole organization can use Calido. Product management teams can make roadmaps and marketing teams to make new products happen.

UX teams can manage research tasks & findings, project or program management teams can manage deliverables & projects, and people in these teams can also help people.

☛ Everything is in one place.

Build a single source of truth to keep all of the features, ideas, research, requests, customer escalation, & feedback in one place, all at the same time. Categorize, group, sort, and filter to find trends or patterns that can help you decide what to do first. You can make your own objects or record types right away.

Best product management tools

☛ Best product management tools: Replace your jumbled-up tools.

Make sure to use the right tool for the job: smartsheets® for product management, a wiki to write down what you need, OneNote® to write down what you think and a task management tool so you can keep track of things.

Calido is the right choice for you if you want to speed up your process, organize your information, and give your customers more value faster.

☛ Best product management tools: Go back to your decision

You can link features to strategic initiatives like goals and user personas and sales requests and escalations. This lets you know who asked for it, why, and how it fits your strategy. Use the flexibility of a spreadsheet and the power of related tables to get the job done  . Get started  Best product management tools – Calido lifetime deal

Best product management tools

☛ Best product management tools: An outlier, a database, a grid, or a smartsheet?

Calido all need to keep track of things that aren’t just features and things on the roadmap. It doesn’t matter if you also want to track launch plans, escalations, ideas, or competitors. Calido can help you with that, too.

As simple as an outline: To make record types as easy as putting together an outline, you can use a hierarchical data model.

As flexible as a grid: As with a grid, the columns, sorting, grouping, and filtering options are as flexible as a grid.

As relational as a database: Record types and lists that you make can be linked to each other so you can get more context and find evidence more quickly.

As powerful as a smart sheet: Filters, custom views, calculations, and drag and drop abilities as powerful as a smart sheet

As familiar as your email client: Multiple workspaces & any number of custom lists, such as personas, competitors, or ideas, can be made for each one. Now drag and drop anything you want into a drag and drop left navigation tree like your email client does.

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☛ Best product management tools: Product launch

Some people want to know the specifics, and others want to know the big picture. Build your own saved views and share them with your stakeholders so they can make them fit their own needs.

Views can help you narrow down the data to a release, product, a certain score, or the priorities for the next quarter, so you can see only what you need. Use filtering, sorting, grouping, and drill-in to get to the data you want to show so that you can make a decision and get the rest of the company behind you.

Best product management tools

☛ Best product management tools: Flexible object hierarchy

Like you check your email, you should make and keep track of any record that helps your customers get what they want. In an outliner like OneNote, you start with a product and a few epics. Then you add features, ideas, and escalations as child objects that all roll up to those epics and the product as if you were taking notes in an outline.

You can make new record types (objects) on the fly & build a universe that fits your business, your product management, and your development process. The flexibility of an Outliner & power of objects that are in a group.

. Get started  Best product management tools –  Calido lifetime deal

Best product management tools

☛ Best product management tools: Strategic drivers

You can link features to strategic projects or goals or any other strategic driver that you keep an eye out for. You can make user-defined fields (UDF) on the fly that represent your business’s strategic drivers.

You then rank features and stories based on how important these drivers are to your business. Use raking, sorting, grouping, and filtering with standard and custom fields to find features that support your strategy and make it easy to see which ones rise to the top.

. Get started  Best product management tools –  Calido lifetime deal

Best product management tools

☛ Best product management tools: Prioritization scores

Using your own original algorithms, calculate a custom weighted score for each characteristic. Determine whether strategic scores, impact scores, or a combined score should be used. Then, using multi-sorting and filtering, create a magic list of things you need to do next.

. Get started  Best product management tools –  Calido lifetime deal

Best product management tools

☛ Best product management tools: Custom views

Sort your roadmap by value/effort, impact/strategic fit, or any other factor that clarifies your prioritizing approach. To reflect reality, drag and drop features from one category to another. Then choose what to concentrate on, such as high-value / low-effort priority. These are simple to tag for a release.

Best product management tools

☛ Track everything. Go beyond the roadmap

Keep track of the tasks that need to be completed in order to build, release, or launch your product. Track as a basic field in your roadmap or as a connected field to another full record in a different list with more information.

For example, you can use a drop-down field to track design progress, but launch plan as a connected record that connects you to the full launch milestone or task for more information and context.

. Get started  Best product management tools –  Calido lifetime deal

☛ Best product management tools: User personas

Link features & priorities to user personas & utilize them to filter, group, and sort to evaluate how you’re offering each user segment, such as admin features vs. novice user features or advanced features.

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☛ Best product management tools: User journeys

Connect features and user experiences, then filter, categorize, & sort by them to evaluate how well you’re delivering on the most essential user journeys. Focusing on the most significant use cases that unlock users’ blockages, boost adoption, and increase conversion, such as user onboarding, inviting team members, upgrading, authentication, or creating the first report, is critical.

☛ Best product management tools: Competitive analysis

Identify and prioritize competitive gaps based on market factors. Score features based on how you compare to your competition, then use the ratings to calculate your overall score using your chosen algorithm.

See which priorities to focus on by grouping and sorting by competitor score or overall score. Save your work as a custom view and share it with your colleagues.

. Get started  Best product management tools –  Calido lifetime deal

Best product management tools

☛ Best product management tools: Use any prioritization framework

When it comes to value and effort, or shirt size and the market, think about it this way: Use any value indicators to get a sense of how much work and value you put in. Any or all of these options can be used to group and filter the items.

Then, look at how items that have a lot of value and little work rise to the top. It’s a very flexible scoring system that can be used with any kind of priority system you want.

You can choose from any of these ways to put things in order, and you can use custom fields, related records, sorting, grouping, and filtering to get the results you want.

  • Value vs. effort
  • RICE
  • Value vs. complexity scores
  • Weighted scorecards
  • Kano model

☛ Best product management tools: Share your roadmap

When you work on your project, you can make your own views and show your colleagues your plan. Everyone can score and rank criteria, but they can also drill down to see related records, like feedback records, ideas, user personas, or market drivers that make these priorities important, as well as other records.

You can show a custom view based on quarters sorted by score, by impact sorted by effort, or any other view that works for you and your group.

. Get started  Best product management tools –  Calido lifetime deal

☛ Best product management tools: Jira integration

To update development progress, narrative points, sprints, releases, or any fields that you map, automatically update Jira with Calido fields, or update your priorities with Jira values. To aid your overall prioritizing, these fields can be used in the calculated score fields.

Other integrations will be added in the future.

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☛ Why chatbots are important?

Product management tools are important for a number of reasons. They can help you keep track of your product development process, track customer feedback, and make sure your products are meeting customer needs.

They can also help you manage your product portfolio and make decisions about which products to keep and which to discontinue. And, if you’re working with a team of product managers, tools can help you coordinate your efforts and make sure everyone is on the same page.

In short, product management tools can save you time and money, and help you build better products.

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Calido Pricing Plans

It Comes With Three Pricing Plans;


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Calido lifetime deal – Appsumo

Calido is a product management tool that manages the entire product lifecycle using evidence-based practices. Focus on what matters, create roadmaps, interact internally, & engage your consumers by visualizing priorities and focusing on what matters.

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  • All features above included
  • 5 team members
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Uchat lifetime deal Final Thought

First, make sure you’re using the tools correctly. Read the documentation and tutorials to learn how to use the features effectively.

Second, reach out to the support team if you’re having trouble. They can help you troubleshoot and solve any problems you’re having.

Lastly, keep in mind that the tools are constantly evolving. New features and improvements are regularly added, so there’s always something new to explore.

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  1. Unfolding Pearlsays:

    It’s so simple that after seeing the trial, I pondered canceling my subscription.

    I cancelled my Monday membership 5 minutes after trying the tool, and I’m now considering migrating the majority of the projects I manage to Calido.

    Calido has the advantage of allowing us to easily exhibit the same data in all four basic views: Kanban, Tree, Gantt, and Roadmap. We have a lot of different stakeholders, and we can present each one with a distinct face/process, while our team has complete visibility and control over the data and results.

    Another thing that surprised me was that, despite the large number of features and a bold value proposition, I was expecting some dead links or other issues.

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