Hololink Lifetime Deal $59 Create Augmented Reality Experiences

On an unlimited, interactive 3D canvas, you can level up everything from business cards to print ads with augmented reality.

You want in on the action, but you lack the necessary technical or coding skills.

It’s time for a collaborative tool that doesn’t require any coding and allows your team to design & customize interactive AR experiences.

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Without coding, create and launch interactive, browser-based augmented reality experiences.

  • Use your own media or free materials like 3D models, films, and photos to create no-code AR experiences on the web.
  • Alternative to: Zappar, 8th Wall & Unity
  • On a drag-and-drop storyboard, create an interactive user journey.
  • Companies, artists, and marketers who want to make AR experiences that people and students can interact with.

☛ What is Hololink?

Hololink is an easy-to-use design tool that lets you make, test, and launch browser-based augmented reality experiences that make people more excited about your products.

I think the Hololink is great and very easy to use.

Hololink lets you make fully immersive AR scenes that include 3D models, videos, images, audio, and animations. You can even add animations to your scenes.

Using the Sketchfab integration, you can upload and use your own media files, or you can choose from a huge library of free media.

Using green screen video with color key is another way to blend video and background in a beautiful way.

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☛ Why is Hololink a must-have tool for your AR toolbox?

Like other AR creation tools, Hololink lets you try out and launch interactive WebAR experiences as well as work together with your clients and partners all through a simple, intuitive web-based interface that is easy to use and understand.

To any printed surface, you may add interactive AR layers with 3D models, films, photos & audio, such as:

  1. Posters
  2. Books
  3. Stickers
  4. Product packaging
  5. Business cards
  6. Flyers
  7. Manuals

. Meet with Hololink lifetime deal

☛Hololink lifetime deal: We are loving this tool because it

  • Allows you to create immersive AR situations, which increases user engagement.
  • Using the dynamic editor, you may create unique interfaces for each scene.
  • You can choose and choose from a large range of free media options.
  • Let us know how you plan to use Hololink to increase user engagement in the comments section below.

Hololink lifetime deal

With a user-friendly editor, create 3D scenarios with interactive media pieces.

The storyboard in Hololink allows you to see how each scene is related from a bird’s-eye perspective.

You can alter the flow of a pre-made template by dragging and dropping scenes, or you can start from scratch.

The convenient preview button allows you to test scenes on your smartphone at any point during the design process to see how your AR experience will appear to your audience.

. Meet with Hololink lifetime deal

You may alter the look and functionality of text, navigation buttons, and icons using the dynamic editor, which allows you to create unique interfaces for each scenario.

You can even include interactive aspects in your AR work, such as sending viewers to external URLs when they click specific objects or allowing them to take screenshots.

Customize how people navigate through your experience, whether it’s changing scenes by clicking an icon or automatically progressing at the end of an animation or movie.

In a realistic viewing environment, you may also see and feel how the event will look and feel.

. Meet with Hololink lifetime deal

Hololink’s capabilities don’t end there. You can form teams within specialized workspaces to work on individual projects with your partners, coworkers, or freelancers.

Customers and supervisors can share prototypes straight from the interface, keeping everyone informed throughout the creative process.

The Growth Team plan enables you to publish experiences on specific URLs, allowing you to combine your AR content with your other web content.

You’ll also receive access to Hololink Academy, a video, article, and ebook library chock-full of AR best practices and design advice.

Hololink lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

For experts that want to tap into Hololink’s full capabilities.

It Comes With Four Pricing Plans;

  1. Free Forever
  2. Innovator
  3. Growth
  4. Enterprise

Click here to see other pricing plans 

Or, Hololink lifetime deal from Appsumo for $59.

Free Forever Plan 0$ /Month:

  • 250 MB storage
  • Unlimited Project
  • Unlimited Team Members

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Innovator Plan $59/Month:

  • Everything from free +
  • 3 GB storage
  • Remove watermark from 1 project.
  • Statistics for your projects.

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Growth Plan $99 /Month:

  • Everything from Innovator +
  • 5 GB storage
  • Remove watermark from 3 projects.

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Enterprise Plan $ Contact Us /Month:

  • Everything from Innovator +
  • Custom Storage
  • Personal Onboarding
  • Volume discount benefits.
  • Custom Development
  • Content Creation

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Hololink lifetime deal – Appsumo

Make interactive AR experiences to create meaningful AR experiences. The user-centered interface of Hololink provides a visual overview of interactions, allowing you to prototype more quickly than ever before.

One-time purchase of $59.00
  • All features above included
  • 5GB total storage
  • 1 active white-label Hololink(s)
  • Unlimited team members
  • Custom white labeling (remove Hololink watermark)

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Hololink lifetime deal & Final Thought

Hololink’s straightforward, browser-based editor makes creating AR experiences a breeze. This enables you to produce working prototypes in a short amount of time.

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