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Getting all of your eCommerce technologies to operate together can feel like teaching a group of misfits how to get along.

Even if you’ve mastered the technology, manually generating goods, managing inventory, & routing orders can consume a significant amount of time.

Fortunately, you can automate your product creation & order administration processes with software.

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Dropship suppliers can automatically add products to your online store or marketplace platform, sync their inventory, and send orders to your store.

  • Throughout the day, inventory, automate product creation, & pricing updates for your online business.
  • Alternative to: Spark Shipping
  • Manage your suppliers’ order routing and shipping tracking connections.
  • Small businesses and solopreneurs who wish to automate dropship fulfillment for their online sales channels would benefit the most from this software.

☛ What is Inventory Source?

Inventory Source is a dropship automation and supplier directory that allows you to upload products, sync inventory, and route orders.

I think the Inventory Source is great and very easy to use.

Inventory Source allows you to automatically construct product listings on your website based on data from your supplier.

In the program’s directory of over 230 integrated providers, you’ll be able to find your dropship supplier.

It’s also simple to integrate images, titles, descriptions, and other elements into your existing online store or market platform, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce,or Walmart.

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Inventory Source lifetime deal

Allow Inventory Source to handle the arduous task of automating inventory & prices throughout the day instead of doing it yourself.

Your online store or sales channels will always have the most up-to-date information, ensuring that your inventory and pricing are always correct.

To avoid mistakenly selling out-of-stock products, use the Catalog Manager to set a minimum quantity filter and limit how inactive products are shown.

Inventory Source lifetime deal

You can search for products, customize product data, & make bulk changes from the Catalog Manager dashboard.
You can select & customize your product catalog, product descriptions, and price in bulk right from the app with Inventory Source.

Create catalog rules to alter prices automatically according to your business model and pricing strategy.

Catalog rules can also be used to automatically map your products to categories that match your store’s category structure.

Inventory Source lifetime deal

Catalog rules can be used to make mass modifications & pricing overrides to your goods.
With your connected distributor, you can also automate the order administration process.

This type of automation is designed to enter orders straight into your dropship supplier’s order management system and then automatically pull shipment tracking data.

Most importantly, Inventory Source will transmit shipment tracking information to your sales channels, allowing you to keep your consumers informed about their orders.

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Inventory Source lifetime deal: Find Your Dropship Supplier

Find your dropship provider among Inventory Source 230+ pre-integrated dropship vendors in Inventory Source free dropship supplier list.

Inventory Source dropship supplier list features the best distributors from the most popular dropship genres, all of them provide exclusive brands, extensive catalogs, and high-demand products.

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Inventory Source lifetime deal

☛ Choose Your Dropship Software

For high volume sellers, the Inventory Sources Supplier Directory fully interacts with Inventory Source’s native dropship capabilities as well as the Flxpoint Retail Operations Platform.

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Inventory Source lifetime deal

☛ Start Selling!

To your online store or marketplace platform, automatically upload products, sync inventory, and route orders with dropship suppliers.

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Inventory Source lifetime deal

☛ Supplier Quality

Inventory Source wholesale and dropship supplier list features the top distributors from the most popular dropship niches, all of them provide exclusive brands, extensive catalogs, and high demand items. Finding the correct provider is straightforward with Inventory Source powerful filtering, sorting, and searching.

☛ Full Product Data

Inventory Source are the only free wholesale & dropship supplier directory that gives you access to complete product information. By assessing the product stream for qualities such as image quality, you can make the best option for your organization.

☛ Reseller Information

No more hunting through websites with Inventory Source wholesale dropship supplier directory, which has a complete collection of supplier information such as dropship provider fees, policies, and reseller and contact information all in one spot.

How does Inventory Source service work?

Inventory Source is a software firm that specializes in tracking, integrating, and updating product data from dropship suppliers to your sales platform.

So, with the above information in mind, Inventory Source have access to your supplier’s feed, which Inventory Source computers monitor and update twice a day by default. However, Inventory Source offers optimal sync service, accessible on the Pro and Enterprise accounts, and will monitor and update your feed as frequently as the source does.

Inventory Source executes a thorough image push to your site when Inventory Source initially integrates your supplier’s feed to your sales platform. This push contains all of the product information from the supplier’s feed. This comprises the product’s prices, descriptions, photos, classifications, UPC, and other relevant information. If your settings allow it, Inventory Source will push any changes made to the feed from the supplier during the day, whether it’s pricing, quantity, status, or new products, to your site.

Inventory Source also has services that can assist you in managing the feed with Inventory Source Catalog Manager to make things easier for you and your consumers. Inventory Source may change the feed to best suit you and your clients using Order Automation, variant and attribute mapping and custom files.

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☛ Plans and Features

  • Lifetime access to Inventory Source
  • All future Inventory Automation Basic Plan updates
  • GDPR compliant
  • Only for new Inventory Source users who do not have existing accounts
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Please note: This deal is not stackable
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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Symbolt Lifetime Deal & Pricing Plans

Services and software for dropshippers ranging from small businesses to large corporations.

It Comes With Three Pricing Plans;

  1. Directory Account
  2. Dropship Software
  3. Retail Operations Platform

Click here to see other pricing plans  

Or, Symbolt Lifetime Deal from Appsumo for $149.

Directory Account Plan $0 /Month:

  • View All Dropship Suppliers
  • Preview Product Feeds
  • Access Supplier Contact Info
  • Learn How to Become Reseller
  • Search Suppliers by Advanced Filters

Get Started Free now

Dropship Software Plan $ 99/Month:

  • 230+ Pre-Integrated Suppliers
  • 20+ Store & Marketplace Connections
  • Dropship Inventory & Order Syncing
  • Connect to Any Supplier in the Inventory Source Directory

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Retail Operations Platform Plan $599 /Month:

  • 250+ Pre-Integrated Suppliers
  • 35+ Store, Marketplace, POS, ERP & Accounting Connections
  • Full Inventory, Product Catalog, Order & Invoice Management
  • Connect With IS Suppliers + Your Warehouse & Private Vendors

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mailivery lifetime deal

Inventory Source Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Inventory Source works directly with your dropship supplier to automate product creation, inventory changes, and order administration.

One-time purchase of $149.00
  • 50,000 SKU limit
  • 2 daily syncs
  • 1 Integration (i.e., 1 supplier to 1 sales channel connect)
  • Integrations: Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Walmart
  • Integrations (cont.): Shift4Shop, GunBroker, OpenCart, PrestaShop, eBay,, and xSellco

Get Lifetime Access

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Inventory Source lifetime deal & Final Thought

Over 18 years ago, Inventory Source was created to help you get started dropshipping from legal distributors and have those products and inventory levels updated on your website every day. Inventory Source been able to expand Inventory Source’s 20 supplier integration network to over 230 since its inception!

. Get started – Inventory Source lifetime deal From Appsumo

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