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You’ve put a lot of useful information on your site, so it’s no surprise that all the links on it can be distracting.

SEO can be improved by adding links to your website, but the extra traffic won’t help if people leave your page immediately.

If only there were a way to see what links lead to so that people don’t have to switch between tabs or leave your site.

.Meet with Linkz ai lifetime deal makes previews of the links on your website automatically. Make sure people who visit your website are happy and interested, so they have no reason to leave.

  • Pop-up previews of links are added mechanically to your website or blog.
  • Alternative to:Peeklink, ezLinkPreview, and Owlskip
  • Smart preview lets you show rich media content options for preview-on-hover or preview-on-click
  • Link previews are best for bloggers, content creators, & content marketers who want to keep site visitors on the page.

Linkz ai lifetime deal: What is Linkz ai? integrates preview pop-ups for hyperlinks mechanically, allowing site visitors to inspect and engage with the linked material without leaving the page.

I think the Telios is great and very easy to use.

Linkz ai lifetime deal

With, you can rest assured that all of the previews for the hyperlinks on your website will be optimized for mobile devices.

Previously, users had to either leave your site or open a number of different tabs in order to engage with media rich content such as video, audio, and presentations.

Whether they’re reading your blog or a PDF, readers may peep at related content without opening too many new tabs.

.Meet with Linkz ai lifetime deal

👉Smart Popups Preview on Hover

Smart popups with link previews will appear for every hyperlinks on your website. allows you to disable previews for certain links or items.

👉Longer Visitor Engagement

With, the average length of a user’s session on a website goes up by 30%, the number of “bounced” visitors goes down, and the number of people leaving the site goes up.

👉Better SEO Rankings

Search engines like links a lot. You can add as many links as you want, and you don’t have to worry about people clicking on them and leaving your site because immersive link previews will take care of that.

.Meet with Linkz ai lifetime deal lifetime deal

When using, site visitors have the option of either clicking or hovering over a link to bring up a pop-up preview.

When a visitor clicks a link on your website, you can choose to immediately play a video from YouTube, play a track from SoundCloud, or show an Instagram post.

When a user hovers over a link, a pop-up summary of the connected page or article can be displayed.

Using the summary, which includes a synopsis and relevant image, site visitors may quickly and easily acquire the spirit of any external webpage without ever leaving your website.

👉The best place to use auto-previews:

  1. Blogs
  2. News websites
  3. Knowledge centres
  4. Learning platforms
  5. WordPress-based websites
  6. PDF & document viewers lifetime deal

Immersive Previews on Click

An immersive link preview will be available for over 1000 URLs, including Youtube, SoundCloud, Instagram, and others. There will be no more unnecessary tabs or lost visitors.

👉 We are loving because it:

  1. Creates mobile-friendly previews of hyperlinks.
  2. Allows visitors to engage with material without having to leave your site
  3. Increases the length of user sessions and lowers bounce rates

What is “Unique Preview” and how is it counted?

When a website or app visitor sees a preview for a link for the first time in a month, that counts as a “unique preview.”

For example, if your website had 5,000 visitors and each visitor looked at the preview for 20 links more than once, this would equal 100,000 unique previews.

The previews on are saved for 30 days. When a visitor comes back to your website within a month and looks at preview, it won’t count toward the monthly limit.

What happens if I go over the limit?

You will get an email when you are getting close to the plan’s limit. When you go over the limit, previews of links won’t show up on your website anymore, but your website will still work as usual. You can set up an automatic plan upgrade so that you don’t lose service.

Linkz ai lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

It comes with Six pricing plans;

  1. Free
  2. Blog
  3. Website
  4. Store
  5. Publisher
  6. Platform

Click here to see other pricing plans 

Or, Linkz ai lifetime deal from Appsumo for $59.

mailivery lifetime deal

Linkz ai lifetime deal – $59

The interactive experience can be obtained by following the embedded video and audio links. Functionality guaranteed on all sites, blogs, and online shops.

One-time purchase of $59.00

License Tier 1 – ( $59)

  • All features above included
  • 20,000 unique link previews per month
  • Unlimited domains

License Tier 2 – ( $129)

  • All features above included
  • 100,000 unique link previews per month
  • Unlimited domains

License Tier 3 – ( $199)

All features above included
250,000 unique link previews per month
Unlimited domains

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Linkz ai lifetime deal & Final Thought

Link previews let people get information about a topic right where they need it, on your site, right away.

Really? Yes! When you replace all of those YouTube, Slideshare, and Twitter embeds with lazy-loaded, immersive link previews, the page loads faster right away.

.Meet with Linkz ai lifetime deal

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