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All you need is a tool that helps you clean up your documents to build genuine relationships with your prospects. LoudDoc puts you in your documents with your voice and video. This helps you build a better relationship with your clients by giving them real, relevant content that everyone can understand.

Meet with LoudDoc lifetime deal

LoudDoc incorporates your voice and video into your document, expediting your client engagement and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

  • To increase client trust, include audio & video notations in your presentations, mailings, and brochures.
  • Alternative to: Vidyard,Loom,& Dropbox DocSend
  • Share documents with custom links and see user participation in real time.
  • Best for: Demand generation and lead nurturing experts looking to boost client connections using trust-building materials.

What is LoudDoc?

LoudDoc lets you personalize your marketing content by making web documents that are interactive and easy to share with audio and video notations.

Instead of giving your client a generic document, uninspiring pdf, or presentation, your content comes to life with your own, unique voice. People want to have a one-on-one experience. Using shared documents will help build trust and confidence when you can’t be there to see them. And trust leads to a successful business.

I think the LoudDoc is great and very easy to use.

With LoudDoc, you can narrate any file with video or audio recordings to make it more real and interesting.

Turn any file into a LoudDoc. You can narrate any page from your webcam or microphone or upload an audio or video file to use.

You’ll be able to change your narration settings for each page. For example, you can play narrations automatically as people move through the pages.

Once you’re done, LoudDocs are easy to share, thanks to dedicated, branded links that work on any device. They also have actionable customer engagement tracking.

. Meet with LoudDoc Lifetime Deal

LoudDoc features

To make people look at the content you share, add your own name to it. Your LoudDoc makes a personal connection with your readers even when you can’t be there. This makes your content more persuasive, even if you can’t be there.

  1. Upload
  2. Video Narrate
  3. Custom Presentation
  4. Engaging Content
  5. Calls To Action
  6. Collections

Upload: Upload your PDF, presentation, document, or Canva design, and LoudDoc make it into a LoudDoc for you.

Video Narrate: Per page, narration means that you can only add narration where it’s important and get more people to narrate specific content.

Custom Presentation: Make the way your LoudDoc is shown your own. If you want to really impress your client, make your background, branding, & even your domain unique.

Engaging Content: Add animated notations to your pages that are timed to your narrations to make a major surprise or bring attention to anything noteworthy.

Calls To Action: Make your pages more compelling by including more links, highlights, and even videos and slideshows.

Collections: Create several LoudDoc data rooms and share them via a single, password-protected weblink.

. Meet with LoudDoc lifetime deal

LoudDoc get’s results:

  • No more losing 30% of sales to a lack of professionalism
  • Your audience is 5x more likely to read your content from start to finish
  • Increase time on page by 3x compared to normal PDFs
  • Reduced misunderstandings and miscommunications which traditionally result in 36% of lost sales .
. Meet with LoudDoc lifetime deal

What do We mean by professional, personal & persuasive?

Your papers are shared from a single, branded web address with LoudDoc, making them available on any device from your own domain. A LoudDoc replaces the tedious vertical scroll with a customized navigation bar, background, & dozens of page flip transitions. You may even customize it with call-to-action buttons, hotspots, and your own branding.

When you become a part of the document, loudDoc shines. Your voice gives you the authenticity to grab and keep your client’s attention. Use your voice or video to narrate only the pages you choose. The narration can then be set to automatically play when the page is opened or to auto flip when the narration is finished. You’re the tour guide, providing context for your material and reducing ambiguity.

At times, you may need to include a subject matter expert in your content. No problem, ask a friend to narrate the page for you. They do not require a LoudDoc account. You then have the last option on whether or not to include their narration on the page.

. Meet with LoudDoc lifetime deal

LoudDoc lifetime deal

You can invite other people to narrate pages with no extra accounts needed, whether you want to invite team members, stakeholders, or experts to join in the fun.

With unlimited team accounts, you can work together on content and keep your brand consistent across documents.

Plus, everyone on the team can help make presentations or brochures by sharing media like video narration clips. This way, you can get the right person for each part of the project.

During the time you’re working together and sharing your LoudDocs, you can also set passwords and hide them from search engines.

. Meet with LoudDoc lifetime deal

LoudDoc lifetime deal

Invite collaborators to use their own devices to add narrations to your LoudDoc pages.

Enhance your presentations with dynamic notations, custom backgrounds, and branding to make a lasting impression on clients.

For a more interactive experience, you may also add links, movies, and slideshows to your sites.

LoudDocs can also be shared through landing pages, embed codes, and social media to instantly broaden your reach and connect with people on their preferred channel.

. Meet with LoudDoc lifetime deal

We love this tool because of its:

  1. Hyper personalization within content — great for keeping users engaged!
  2.  Variety of high-quality templates to work with
  3.  Easy-to-use collaboration feature that allows one to integrate content from other individuals!
  4.  A user-friendly platform that increases efficiency within document production

LoudDoc lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

It has different plans, but we’ll only talk about the Business Plan model here.

Pro, Pro+, and Teams.

Click here to see other pricing plans 

Or, Interacty lifetime deal from Appsumo for $59.

Pro Plan $0/Monthly

  • 1 active LoudDoc
  • Up to 1 minute narrations
  • Update anytime
  • 50 Pages Maximum
  • Presentation themes
  • Edit existing LoudDocs

Get Started For Free Now

Pro+ Plan $12/Monthly

  •  Start with 8 active LoudDocs
  • Your domain and branding
  • 1 minute narrations per page
  • Realtime activity notices
  • Unlimited collections
  • Realtime feedback button

Get started now

BUSINESS Plan $290/Monthly

  • Start with 200 active LoudDocs
  • Unlimited team accounts
  • Share narrations across team
  • Multiple custom domains
  • Secure LoudDocs for Intranets
  • Per page analytics

Get Started Now

Features Included in All Plans

  • Update anytime
  • Presentation themes
  • Edit existing LoudDocs
  • Your domain and branding
  • 1-minute narration per page
  • Real-time activity notices
  • Unlimited collections
  • Real-time feedback button

mailivery lifetime deal

LoudDoc lifetime deal

Right now, when you’re managing the sales cycle with your customer, you tend to switch between tools that let you share your screen and tools that let you share documents. LoudDoc gives you a better way to do both by putting them together.

One-time purchase of $69.00
  1. All features above included
  2. 8 active LoudDocs (at a time)
  3. 250 MB upload capacity per LoudDoc
  4. 200 pages per LoudDoc

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LoudDoc lifetime deal & Final Thought

You currently swing between tools that enable you share your screen and tools that let you share documents when managing the sales cycle with your customer. By combining the two, LoudDoc makes it easier to do both.

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