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Welcome to MonSpark, the ultimate web application monitoring tool! MonSpark allows you to keep track of your website and apps uptime, functionality, and content changes in real time. Our easytouse platform helps you ensure optimal performance, identify issues before they arise, and stay ahead of the competition. With MonSpark, you can monitor all aspects of your web application and be alerted to any changes or issues immediately. Thanks for choosing MonSpark for your web application monitoring needs!

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What is MonSpark?

Introducing MonSpark: A Comprehensive Web Application Monitoring Tool

With the rise of web applications, ensuring their performance is a major concern for businesses. To address this need, MonSpark offers a comprehensive web application monitoring tool that allows you to track website and app uptime, functionality, and content changes.

MonSpark provides you with the ability to track uptime and performance of your website or app. You can easily set up website and app monitoring, and the MonSpark dashboard will show you a detailed view of your website or app’s performance in real-time. This includes the response time of your website or app and any downtime that may occur.

You can also monitor the functionality of your website or app. MonSpark allows you to track the performance of features such as signup forms and shopping carts. You can see how quickly users are able to complete tasks and identify areas that need improvement.

  • Finally, MonSpark also allows you to track changes to your website or app’s content. You can easily monitor any changes made to your website or app, such as adding new pages or updating existing content. This helps you to ensure that your website or app is up-to-date and that any changes you make are reflected in the performance of your website or app.
  • Overall, MonSpark is a comprehensive web application monitoring tool that can help you ensure the performance of your website or app. With MonSpark, you can easily track uptime and performance, monitor functionality, and track changes to your website or app’s content. This makes it easy to ensure the performance of your website or app and identify areas that need improvement.

I think the MonSpark is great and very easy to use

MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Website Performance Testing

Any website, server, or application may be monitored without any coding or complex setup with MonSpark.

Enter the URL to monitor, give the check a name, and set the frequency with which it will run to create a new uptime check.

If your site goes down, you may get notified in a variety of ways, including by email, SMS, chat applications, and even personalized webhooks and Zapier connections.

Whenever MonSpark notices a shift, it will immediately notify you through the channel of your

.Meet with MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Other Features

  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Ping Monitoring
  • SSL Monitoring
  • Port monitoring
  • DNS Record monitoring
  • Whois monitoring
  • Lighthouse audits
  • Screenshot monitoring
  • Technology monitoring
  • Text monitoring
  • Cookie monitoring
  • Source code monitoring
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • URL monitoring
  • Network monitoring

.Meet with MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal

With MonSpark you can monitor;

  1. Uptime
  2. TCP
  3. Ping
  4. Screenshots
  5. Texts
  6. SSL Certificates
  7. Domain Expiration
  8. Whois Records
  9. DNS Records
  10. Metrics like performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.
  11. IP Blacklist
  12. Cookies
  13. URLs
  14. Source Code
  15. Sitemap (coming this week!)
  16. Technologies (coming this week!)
  17. Ports (coming this week!)
  18. Subdomains (coming this week!)

.Meet with MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Status pages include;

✅ Customization

✅ Custom Domain

✅ Incident Management

✅ Maintenance Management

✅ Subscription (coming soon!)

.Meet with MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal

MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Set up custom uptime monitors

Set up custom uptime monitors, and if your site, app, or server goes down, you’ll be notified.
MonSpark lets you track changes to text, images, and even back-end elements like source code and cookies on a specific web page.

So, you’ll know when a price goes down, a URL changes, or a website updates its technology.

You can also look at your website’s SEO and how long it takes to load and get suggestions for how to make it better.

Plus, you’ll get alerts when important things change on your website, like DNS records, SSL certificates that are about to expire, and content updates.

.Meet with MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal

MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Create monitors that track changes to specific content on your website or app.

MonSpark makes it easy to let your customers know about problems, outages, or status updates, so you can keep the lines of communication open and keep people from getting confused.

You won’t have to install anything or do any special coding to be able to host status pages on your own domain.

You can share password-protected status pages with your team as well as status pages that customers can see.

.Meet with MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal

WiserNotify appsumo Lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

Click here to see other pricing plans

  1. Free
  2. Starter
  3. Pro
  4. Enterprise

Or, Web Application Monitoring Tool  from Appsumo for $69.

Free Plan $0.00/Month

  • 5 monitors
  • 1 user
  • 1 status page
  • 1 integration
  • 3 months log retention
  • Includes
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Ping Monitoring
  • TCP Monitoring
  • DNS Record Monitoring
  • Text Monitoring

Starter Plan $08.00 /Month

  • 10 monitors
  • 1 user
  • 3 status pages
  • 3 integrations
  • 1 year log retention
  • Everything in Free
  • Screenshot Monitoring
  • SSL Monitoring
  • URL Monitoring
  • Lighthouse Monitoring
  • Domain Expiration Monitoring
  • Advanced Request Features
  • Custom DNS

Free Plan $0.00/Month

  • 100 monitors
  • 5 users
  • 100 SMS
  • 10 Voice Call
  • 10 status pages
  • 100 integrations
  • 2 years log retention
  • Everything in Starter
  • Source Code Monitoring
  • Network Monitoring
  • Whois Monitoring
  • Self Hosted Status Pages
  • Cookie Monitoring
  • IP Blacklist Monitoring

Multi Location Monitoring

Starter Plan $13.00 /Month

  • 1000 monitors
  • Unlimited users
  • 500 SMS
  • 50 Voice Call
  • Unlimited status pages
  • Unlimited integrations
  • 2 years log retention
  • Everything in Pro
  • Higher Check Intervals
  • Premium Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Send out up-to-date status information in the form of shareable, editable status pages.
Be sure to keep tabs on how things are going with the monitors in real time so you can react fast to any problems that may arise.

In order to simplify your processes, you will be able to view the metrics and highlights for each of your displays on a single dashboard.

Furthermore, your event history may be filtered according to date, event type, and downtime, and reaction times can be seen.

.Meet with MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal

One-time purchase of $69.00

License Tier 1 – ( $69)

  • All features above included
  • 1 users
  • 75 monitors
  • 10 status pages

License Tier 2 – ( $139)

  • All features above included
  • 5 users
  • 150 monitors
  • 20 status pages

License Tier 3 – ( $199)

  • All features above included
  • 10 users
  • 300 monitors
  • 40 status pages
  • Source code monitoring (daily)
  • Network monitoring (daily)
  • WHOIS monitoring (daily)

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MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal - Final Thought

In conclusion, MonSpark is an incredibly useful monitoring tool that can help website and app owners track their performance and ensure their customers get the best possible experience. With its easytouse interface and detailed analytics, MonSpark is an invaluable asset to any website or app owner looking to stay on top of their performance.

.Meet with MonSpark Appsumo Lifetime Deal

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