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It’s never been simpler to run a marketing campaign. You must pay on time, and there is no assurance that the output will be delivered.

However, you must still reach out to the appropriate audience!
What if you had a technology that allowed you to expand and maintain your client base without having to pay for advertisements or leads?

Meet PerkZilla!

You want to reach the proper people, but your marketing efforts aren’t working, and your advertisements aren’t landing.

What if there was a technology that allowed you to develop and maintain your audience without depending on advertisements or losing leads?

PerkZilla is a new character in the PerkZilla universe.

What is perkzilla?

PerkZilla is a massive viral content marketing tool that includes automation tools that enables you to organize competitions, freebies, refer-a-friend programs, early access campaigns, and more.
It allows you to use your current audience and produce new leads quickly. and UpViral are both alternatives to PerkZilla.
It’s excellent for businesses and digital marketers that don’t want to depend on advertisements to grow their audience.

PerkZilla uses viral content marketing to help you build and maintain your company without having to spend money on advertising.

You may also use targeted marketing and automation to acquire and convert leads.
Do you want to witness some viral use cases?
So, here’s PerkZilla we’re going to talk about.

  • Without the need for costly advertising efforts, you can expand and maintain your firm.
  • and UpViral are two alternatives.
  • With customized marketing and automation technologies, you can capture and convert leads.
  • Ecommerce and retail websites that wish to concentrate their client experience and increase conversions are the best candidates.

Viral perkzilla Use Cases

Without depending on advertisements, you may expand and maintain your company using PerkZilla’s viral marketing campaigns.
Let’s take a peek at some of PerkZilla’s viral applications.


PerkZilla Grow Audience

You will acquire more viewers without advertising if you use PerkZilla. It will assist you in increasing your user base, regardless of the size of your company.
PerkZilla keeps your money in your pocket, allowing you to invest in goods, expand your staff, and develop your company.
So, Grow your company without spending money on advertising.

PerkZilla Insights & Intelligence

You may get business intelligence insights from your users with PerkZilla by rewarding them to answer questions, complete polls, submit feature requests and even give you their feedback.

You can make correct future judgments based on the results of these polls.

PerkZilla Reviews & Testimonials

Every piece of consumer input is critical to a company’s success. You may gather reviews, testimonials, and honest feedback from your consumers with PerkZilla. It will enable you to gather reviews more quickly than ever before.

You can generate fantastic feedback using a drag-and-drop editor, from which people can rapidly rate and submit honest opinions.
You may also hold competitions or give away prizes in exchange for evaluations or testimonials

PerkZilla Pre Launch Marketing

Which would be more effective for free promotion in the event of new product launches? Wishlist!
PerkZilla enables you to construct a scarcity and anticipation form so that users may spread the word about your launch and invite others to join the goal to finish the wishlist.

It’s known as early access campaigns, and they’re completely customized on your end.

Increase Retention & Loyalty

It’s far easier to keep a customer than it is to get a new one. You must provide techniques if you want to boost consumer retention and brand loyalty.
PerkZilla provides incentives for users to enter contests or earn points toward unlocking gifts.

Instead of converting leads, users will come to your company centre to win incentives.

Social Awareness

Social media is the most popular traffic source, therefore it’s high time for social media marketing.
Real people share your brand on PerkZilla, allowing you to cut through the competition.
PerkZilla will make it enjoyable and competitive for users to earn fantastic rewards on social media.
To read more about PerkZilla’s use cases, go here.
Plans for PerkZilla Pricing
Launch and expand your brand using PerkZilla.

PerkZilla Pricing Plan

Launch and expand your business without depending on marketing campaigns using PerkZilla.

PerkZilla has three price options:

Starter, Growth, and Unlimited are the three options.

Kickstarter Plan $15/mo:

  • 10,000 Participants
  • 5 Websites
  • Limited Branding

Get started for Free

Growth Plan $99/mo:

  • 50,000 Participants
  • 25 Websites
  • Removed Branding

Get started

Unlimited Plan $249/mo:

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Sign-Ups
  • 5 Starter Sub-Accounts
  • 5 Teammate Accounts
  • Removed Branding

Get started

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PerkZilla Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

With essential automation and campaigns, PerkZilla helps you to grow, expand, and maintain your audience without having to spend any money on ad campaigns.
Now is the moment to get lifetime access!

  • Lifetime access to PerkZilla Growth Plan
  • 10,000 participants
  • 1 teammate
  • Light branding
  • 5 websites


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Final Thought:

What if you could grow your company without spending money on advertising?

Yes, PerkZilla has this functionality.

Customer growth, retention, build, new customer, viral social media marketing, and other services are provided by PerkZilla.

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  1. I’ve used PerkZilla for two contests already and I adore it. My package has just upgraded to Tier 3.

    I appreciate how simple it is to set up a contest, add personalized branding, and configure emails and notifications using SMTP. They also provide templates for everything, making it possible to launch a competition in a matter of hours.

    Having fully whitelabelled software like PerkZilla that supports limitless contests is a tremendous value for a marketing agency. PerkZilla will do something that I haven’t seen on the market, and I think it can also satisfy my needs for affiliate software.

    Obviously, it is a beta product, which is why the price is so incredible; consequently, I’m still waiting for a few Actions and some cutting-edge features.

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