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Finding leads shouldn’t feel like reuniting with old college friends via the Instagram search bar.With a research platform that can’t even filter for eCommerce brands in the industry, it feels hard to put together a good leads list.

What if you had access to a platform that provided you with global coverage of eCommerce companies and data that was constantly up to date?

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From a database of 5.4 million companies, you can now make precise lead lists of people who are ideal customers for your eCommerce business.

☛ What Is PipeCandy Prospector?

PipeCandy Prospector is a market intelligence application that assists you in identifying high-converting eCommerce and direct-to-consumer (DTC) leads for your sales funnel.

I think the PipeCandy Prospector is great and very easy to use.

PipeCandy Prospector allows you to slice and dice data to create a surgically exact lead list.

You’ll get access to a vast database with over 5.4 million eCommerce & direct-to-consumer brands.

Plus, with data that measures over 50 eCommerce criteria, you can find the ideal shoppers in your market.

With this kind of worldwide coverage, your teams won’t have to waste time pitching to “junk” leads who are unlikely to convert.

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PipeCandy Prospector lifetime deal – What is PipeCandy?

Using PipeCandy Prospector, you can find leads for your sales pipeline that are good at buying things on the internet or buying things from a store that sells things online. PipeCandy helps you build lead lists that are most relevant and have a good chance of ending in a deal.

PipeCandy Prospector lifetime deal – Why do I need this?

With over 5.4 million organizations in the PipeCandy database, PipeCandy is now the industry standard for eCommerce data.

PipeCandy was created to assist sales and demand generation teams in building pipelines with (hard-to-find) information on eCommerce companies in order to meet their quota. The Glengarry leads are brought to you by us. Do you have any idea what that means? Inquire about your company’s salesperson of the year!

What can you build with PipeCandy?

Create a robust sales funnel by narrowing down firms depending on their industry.

  • Technologies used
  • Keyword search
  • Product category
  • Product sub-category

Technology category:  Choose from 33 Technology categories to narrow down your lead list, including CRM, AdContent, Email campaigns, Marketing automation, and more.

Web technologies: Using this filter, find firms that use Shopify, Magento, Stripe, and other similar platforms.

Product category: Not the normal, pointless SAIC and NAICS industry codes found on practically every other platform. That’s not something PipeCandy does here. Instead, there are 36 super-relevant product categories, similar to those found on Amazon, such as Pet care, Home, and Decor.

Product sub-category:  While the majority of them have abandoned the product category, pipecandy has sub-categories such as Babywear, Jewelry and Watches, Bags and Wallets, Sportswear, Socks and Hosiery, Winter and Outerwear, and so on.

Keyword search: On each eCommerce website, you may find any keyword. Find’sustainable’ businesses or businesses that export ‘dangerous’ goods, for example.
Your ingenuity is just as powerful as your search.

PipeCandy Prospector lifetime deal

To identify new companies that meet your criteria, use search filters such as product categories, web traffic, web sales, order volume, & tech integrations.

Do you already have a contact list? Sort them into distinct divisions using over 50 industry-specific data points.

Because nothing kills a transaction faster than a generic cold message, your demand generation & outreach teams will be able to personalise their outreach.

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Thanks to proprietary algorithms and analysts, you can always get the most up-to-date coverage on eCommerce brands.

Every day, collect new and accurate leads using data that has been subjected to multiple quality tests.

You can also save searches and create lists without worrying about obsolete company info because everything is updated for you automatically!

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PipeCandy Prospector lifetime deal

Get the most up-to-date knowledge on the eCommerce businesses in your pipeline.

PipeCandy Prospector allows you to scout any company before going into a sales meeting.

Use the Company View function to examine your prospect and swipe all the information you need to close every sale.

You’ll also be able to combine all of your data with popular CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce, which will make your job even more accessible.

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☛ Write an article for the Why do eCommerce lead generation is important

As the world progresses, more and more people are shopping online. This means that businesses need to generate leads in order to sell their products. Here are four reasons why eCommerce lead generation is important:

1. More People are Shopping Online

As mentioned before, more people are shopping online than ever before. This trend is only going to continue, which means that businesses need to find ways to generate leads online.

2. You Can Reach a Wider Audience

When you generate leads online, you can reach a much wider audience than you would if you were relying on traditional methods. This is because the internet gives you access to people from all over the world.

3. You Can Target Your Audience

When you generate leads online, you can use various methods to target your ideal customer. This is much more difficult to do with traditional methods.

4. You Can Save Money

Generating leads online is often much cheaper than traditional methods. This is because you don’t have to spend money on things like print ads or television commercials.

Lead generation is important for businesses because it allows them to reach a wider audience, target their ideal customer, and save money. If you’re not generating leads online, you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.

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PipeCandy Prospector lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

No Junk And High Coverage Lead Lists.

It Comes With Four  Pricing Plans;

  1. Free
  2. Online
  3. Commerce
  4. Enterprise

Click here to see other pricing plans  

Or, PipeCandy Prospector lifetime deal from Appsumo for $69.

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PipeCandy Prospector lifetime deal – Appsumo

There are a number of reasons why eCommerce lead generation campaigns may underperform. These include issues with the quality of the leads, the targeting of the campaign, the offer, the messaging, and the overall campaign strategy. By addressing these issues, eCommerce businesses can improve the performance of their lead generation campaigns.

One-time purchase of $69.00
  1. All features above included
  2. 1 user(s)
  3. 1,000 company profile views per day
  4. 12,000 exportable records
  5. Unlimited access to a database with 3 million companies

Get Lifetime Access

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PipeCandy Prospector lifetime deal & Final Thought

After conducting some research, we’ve come to the conclusion that eCommerce lead generation is important because it helps businesses connect with potential customers and create relationships that can lead to sales. By generating leads, businesses can identify potential customers and nurture them until they’re ready to make a purchase.

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