Quickblog Lifetime Deal [$69] Build A Better Blog & SEO

Blogs are popular now, but they still have a lot of problems. For example, search engine optimization is becoming hard for many bloggers.

Imagine if there was a simple tool that could make blogging a lot easier.

Meet with Quickblog Lifetime Deal

Quickblog gives bloggers & agencies a super-fast, SEO-ready blog that they can embed on their own websites or on the websites of their clients. This blog ranks on Search Engines & earns money while you sleep.

  • Boost the search ranking of your blog with built-in SEO advice
  • Alternative to: DropInBlog
  • Blog from one place, making it easy to import posts and automating scheduling
  • Best for bloggers and agencies that want a simple way to manage & optimize their blog or blogs from one place

Quickblog Overview

With the Quickblog blogging management platform, you can publish super-fast blogs ready for SEO for your own website and those of your clients.

It will help you get higher rankings on SEO and make passive income without requiring you to spend extra time or money.

I think the Quickblog is great and very easy to use.

Quickblog is an alternative to DropInBlog.

It would be the best for bloggers & agencies that want to manage & optimize their blogs from a single dashboard.

Let’s improve the search ranking of your blog with their built-in SEO tips.

It makes it easy to import posts quickly and schedule them automatically with just a click.

Why Should You Use Quickblog?

Quickblog comes with six great reasons that make it clear that you have to use it.

. Meet with  Quickblog Lifetime Deal

Quickblog Lifetime Deal

  • Provide SEO-first to optimize content and improve the ranking
  • No install, no security updates, no hosting
  • Innovative and feature-rich
  • Portable, so you don’t have to migrate blogs
  • Flexible, time & money saver, and boosts organic traffics
  • Get Lighting fast backend and responsiveness that ensures green-light for SERPS

. Meet with Quickblog lifetime deal

Quickblog Lifetime Deal

SEO Scorer

In Quickblog, there is a built-in SEO scorer that helps you focus on your writing and improve the ranking of your content on the search engine results page.

Also, you will get suggestions about the structure of your content, keywords, meta descriptions, tags, and more.

Teams & Sub-accounts

Before we say more, we want to say that Quickblog is great for all bloggers and agencies. You can set up a team and a sub-account to manage multiple blogs at the same time.
You can give each sub-account whatever permissions you want.


Whitelabel from Quickblog.co makes it easy to change how your blog and those of your clients look and feel.

Let you change your brand’s logo, color, login domain,favicon, emails, custom scripts, etc.
In the end, give your clients a branded experience.

. Meet with Quickblog lifetime deal

Shopify Integration

Quickblog integrates with Shopify, allowing you to include products directly in your blog.

It boosts conversions and makes your content more interesting.

Quickblog Lifetime Deal

Multiple Layouts

Important Note:

There are hundreds of methods to customize the layout of your blog. For your blog, you can select a suitable and appealing layout.

You may change the look of your blog, including colors, categories, buttons, images, and more, without using any code.

Here are other features;

  • Cloud Hosted
  • Authors
  • Scheduling
  • Put Ads in Posts
  • Put Video in Posts
  • Snippets in Posts
  • Related Posts
  • Multi-lingual
  • Custom CSS
  • WordPress Migration
  • Post Categories
  • Google Sheets Integration
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Individual Post Sharing
  • Custom Styling
  • International Languages
  • Preview Post
  • Media Integration
  • Easy Website Integration
  • Shopify Integration
  • Individual Post Commenting
  • Search Bar
  • CSV Import
  • Custom Buttons

We love this tool because of its:

  1. Gives you recommendations on how to optimize your content and boost blog ranking
  2. Includes integrations that allows you to include products directly in your blog
  3. Offers post scheduling to stay active and be consistently posting more content

Reasons to choose Quickblog:

  • 1000+ users and an established Facebook community
  • Focused on SEO-first to optimize content and improve ranking
  • Portable – no migrating blogs if switching website providers
  • Flexible, saves time and money and helps boost organic traffic
  • No hosting, nothing to install and no security updates
  • Fast and responsive for Google search
  • Innovation is key – expect more awesome features!
  • 16 UI languages
  • Whitelabel option (cname login + custom branding & JS support)

Quickblog lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

Quickblog is easy to add to your website and can be set up quickly. You’ll soon be able to post content.

It comes with Three pricing plans;

  1. Free
  2. Premium
  3. Agency 15.

Click here to see other pricing plans 

Or, Quickblog lifetime deal from Appsumo for $69.

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • Manage 1 blog/domain
  • Unlimited blog posts per month
  • Unlimited posts history
  • 1 user
  • Quickblog branding
  • The essentials to get your blog up and running

Get started For Free now

Premium Plan $12/mo:

  • Everything Free Plan Features
  • Manage 3 blogs/domains
  • No Quickblog branding
  • Blog search bar
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited schedulings
  • Import from Google Sheets
  • Shopify integration

Get started now

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Quickblog lifetime deal – Appsumo

Quickblog.co can help you with its built-in SEO advice, automated posts, SEO scorer, and many other features.

One-time purchase of $69.00
  1. Everything Free Plan Features
  2. Manage 3 blogs/domains
  3. No Quickblog branding
  4. Blog search bar
  5. Unlimited users
  6. Unlimited teams
  7. Unlimited schedulings
  8. Import from Google Sheets
  9. Shopify integration

Get Lifetime Access

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Quickblog lifetime deal & Final Thought

Quickblog is a place where you can start a blog without putting in a lot of work. You can even manage the blogs of your clients from a single dashboard.

. Get started – Quickblog lifetime deal  From Appsumo

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