Sidekick Ai lifetime deal $59 Helps you schedule meetings

The time it takes to schedule a meeting can be as long as the meeting itself.

While numerous calendar applications are available, most of them allow someone to schedule a call using your scheduling link.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could utilize a scheduling tool that went beyond the fundamentals and indeed allowed you to automate the process?

Meet with Sidekick Ai lifetime deal

Scheduling software that uses AI & language processing to make it smarter. Enough with the jargon; simply put, we make scheduling easier.

  • The intuitive forward-to-schedule technology allows you to arrange meetings directly from your email.
  • Alternative to: Chili Piper, Calendly, & Doodle
  • With personalized schedule pages, you can quickly set up & book meetings.
  • Best for: Busy folks who want to spend less time planning meetings and more time meeting people.

Sidekick Ai lifetime deal: What is Sidekick Ai?

Sidekick Ai is an intelligent scheduling application that offers personalized scheduling pages and automatic scheduling to help you save time.

I think the Sidekick Ai is great and very easy to use.

With Sidekick Ai, you can make meeting scheduling simple by using various booking methods.

Create a personal scheduling page or ask your colleagues to sync their calendars with Sidekick for group scheduling.

You may customize your scheduling page with custom availability, meeting type permissions, & customized preferences.

. Meet with Sidekick Ai lifetime deal

☛ Sidekick makes it simple to combine your favorite tools.

  1. Organize your meetings with the “Forward to Schedule” automation feature.
  2. a function called “AI Team Scheduler” that keeps everyone on your team on the same page.
  3. a flexible, user-friendly platform that saves everyone time

☛ Sidekick makes it simple to combine your favorite tools.

Use some of the most popular tools to plan your meetings. To allow Sidekick to locate the optimal times, book a virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams or connect your Google Calendars.

Sidekick Ai lifetime deal

Create and edit your scheduling page quickly to get started booking appointments right away!

Sidekick AI lets you make pages for different meetings, like discovery calls, demos, and start-up calls.

You can share the link with your guests so they can quickly set up a time to meet with you without any back-and-forth.

People can meet you in person, on video, or by phone. They can choose what works best for them.

As a bonus, you can put a logo or description on your picture, so people know what to expect when they come to the meeting.

. Meet with Sidekick Ai lifetime deal

Sidekick Ai lifetime deal

The scheduling page makes it easy for people to set up a meeting with you quickly.

It’s easy to connect your favourite apps and tools to your scheduling pages, Google Calendar, like Zoom, Outlook, & Gmail, so they work with your work.

In that case, people will have many ways to meet you on video. Then, they can choose the video platform they’re most comfortable with, and you can give them many options.

Sidekick Ai will also create a calendar event for you and send meeting invites to everyone who’s in the meeting with you at the same time. It will even let you know when a meeting is coming up.

. Meet with Sidekick Ai lifetime deal

Sidekick Ai lifetime deal

Sync your Gmail, Zoom, Google Meet, and more with Sidekick.
When you send an email to your Sidekick, Sidekick AI can make setting up meetings as simple as that.

Sending the meeting request email to your Sidekick lets the tool use language processing and machine learning to see if you can make a date and time that you want.

The meeting will be set up right away if the time and date are available. Sidekick will send the guest a confirmation, and it will add the meeting to your calendar.

If you aren’t available, Sidekick will email the guest back and ask them to choose a time from your scheduling page if they want to come again.

. Meet with Sidekick Ai lifetime deal

It’s as simple as sending an email to your Sidekick to set up a meeting.

The most challenging aspect of your career shouldn’t be finding the time to meet with potential customers.

Sidekick Ai allows you to focus on the meeting rather than the logistics with automated scheduling and a personalized scheduling page.

. Meet with Sidekick Ai lifetime deal

Sidekick Ai Frequently Asked Questions

How can I upgrade my account to Superhero Plan?

Simply navigate to your dashboard’s account settings, click billing, and upgrade your account.

Will my information be kept if I choose to rejoin after canceling my account?

You can always re-subscribe through the billing setup process if you cancel your subscription. If you delete your account, everything in it is gone, and if you wish to rejoin, you’ll have to start over.

Sidekick Ai lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

This plan is ideal for heroes that just require little scheduling assistance from a Sidekick.

It Comes With Four Pricing Plans;

  1. Hero Plan
  2. Superhero Plan

Click here to see other pricing plans 

Or, Sidekick Ai lifetime deal from Appsumo for $59.

Hero Plan $ 0.00/Month:

  1. 1 Connected Source
  2. 3 Scheduling Pages
  3. Google, Outlook & Microsoft 365
  4. Unlimited Scheduled Meetings
  5. Google Meet, Zoom, Skype & Teams
  6. Unlimited Groups & Contacts
  7. Add your own logo

Get started For Free now

Superhero Plan $ 15.00/Month:

  • Everything in Free Plan
  • Unlimited Sources & Calendars
  • Remove Sidekick Branding
  • Forward to Schedule Ai scheduling
  • Meeting Stats
  • Unlimited Scheduling Pages
  • Team Pages for team scheduling

Get started now

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Sidekick Ai lifetime deal – Appsumo

Sidekick allows you to book meetings with your teams in real time. Guests who want to book with numerous members of your team at the same time can also send team availability.

One-time purchase of $59.00
  • All features above included
  • 1 team member
  • Remove Sidekick Ai branding

Get Lifetime Access

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Sidekick Ai lifetime deal & Final Thought

You can either make a scheduling page or change an existing one to add team members. It’s in the Team Page section. Could you turn it on there? To invite them to join your Team Scheduling Page and sign up for Sidekick for free, you must enter their email address.

. Get started – Sidekick Ai lifetime deal From Appsumo

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