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With Support Board, you can create AI-powered chatbots for customer support. Your customer support team can resolve issues faster and more efficiently.

Increased revenues:You can free up your sales team to focus on other revenue-generating activities by automating customer communication. Additionally, Chatfuel’s chat system is optimized for conversational marketing, which can help you increase sales and conversions.

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Support Board is easy to use because of its beautiful design, performance, stability, and new features, all of which were made with the user in mind. Explore all of Support Board features now.

  • Create and deploy conversational chatbots on platforms such as WhatsApp, SMS, and email.
  • Alternative to: Intercom
  • With live chat, pop-up messaging, and automations, you can convert more clients.
  • Best for: SMBs, freelancers, & agencies looking to improve customer service using conversational chatbots.

What is Support Board?

With AI-powered bots and a chat system built for conversational marketing, Support Board automates your client service.

I think the Support Board is great and very easy to use.

Support Board is an easy-to-use platform that lets you communicate with your customers on various platforms and keep track of conversation threads.

You can make standard responses for common problems, which will help you solve customer problems in a lot less time.

When using the message editor, you can add files, change the text, and choose from more than 3,000 emojis.

If your live agents work with people from other countries, you have access to a multilingual knowledge base that helps them help them.

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☛ Support Board lifetime deal: Why Support Board?

Support Board launched in 2017 intending to create a low-cost chat solution with chatbots that could compete with the more expensive Intercom and Live Chat.

Support Board now has over 3500 clients from all around the world.

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☛ Support Board lifetime deal: Support Board Features

A Better Way to Connect with Customers
Beautiful design, performance, stability, and unique features — they’re all geared at the user.

  • Support
  • Smart Bot
  • Marketing
  • Users
  • Developers
  • More

☛ Some uses cases for Support Board are:

  • Allow the chatbot to respond to your customers’ questions to save time.
  • Customers can communicate with you in real-time.
  • In the Support Board, you can send and receive WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, Telegram messages, SMS messages, emails, tickets, and more.
  • With a live chat and advanced marketing tools, you can streamline your marketing.
  • Increase the number of people who receive your newsletter.

☛ Some of the Support Board’s winning features :

Support: Knowledge base articles, departments, multiple notifications, saved replies, real-time queue, email piping, direct message, omnichannel, ai powered translations in real-time, reports, ai powered brilliant reactions, tickets features, agent and conversation rating, offline message.

Chatbot: automated communication, easy to use, bot training on the fly, ready chatbot templates, rich messages, human takeover, knowledge base, multilingual chatbot, compatible with WhatsApp, and the other messaging apps, powered by real artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence-powered Google search and spelling correction, analytics, compatible with Dialogflow CX and ES.

Marketing: popup message, follow up message, welcome message, subscribe message, automation, triggers, multi-users direct message, newsletter subscription, social share, pro-active chat.

Users: users system, manage users and agents, registration and login, customer location, browser and other data, IP, artificial intelligence-powered user language detection.

More: Mobile app, progressive web app, multilingual and RTL, WordPress integration, privacy acceptance and GDPR, high security, full-screen chat, design customization, high performance, departments, and agents assignment.

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☛ This tool is one of our favorites because it:

  1. Allows you to communicate with your consumers via WhatsApp, SMS, and email.
  2. There are over 45 ready-to-use templates included.
  3. You can ask the chatbot to send you attachments, surveys, or media.

Your live agents can use Support Board to handle customer support interactions.
Support Board connects clients with intelligent chatbots for rapid assistance, then transfers responsibility to real agents when issues become more serious.

The platform also includes over 45 ready-to-use templates that your chatbot can utilize to respond to common questions swiftly.

You may also train your bot by programming new questions and answers, allowing it to assist clients with more complex inquiries.

Like a real agent, your chatbot can offer attachments, media, rich messages, and polls to give customers more information.

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Support Board lifetime deal

Improve your chatbot’s ability to assist customers with increasingly complex requests.
Send pop-up messages, welcome messages, and follow-up messages to push more individuals through the sales funnel.

You’ll be able to create automation and triggers based on user type, location, and time, allowing your bot to work around the clock.

Rich messaging enables live agents to develop more exciting surveys that quickly onboard new clients.

Additionally, reports that capture customer input following a live chat encounter can evaluate support scripts and team effectiveness.

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Support Board lifetime deal

The agent rating tool allows you to keep track of how well your customer service representatives perform.

Set up omnichannel support in Support Board to send and respond to direct messages, text messages, emails, & support requests.

The application may also respond to messages delivered via WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and Slack for further versatility.

Because the platform features multilingual bots that support up to 32 languages, it’s simple to help foreign customers.

Your chatbot can even use Google to look for answers and autocorrect erroneous words to save your agents’ workload.

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Support Board lifetime deal

Customers can be contacted via social media, text messages, or email.
It would help if you didn’t become burned out providing outstanding customer service.

You can manage client discussions across channels and use automated chatbots to provide a seamless customer support experience with Support Board.

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Dear Why use chatbots?

I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling down about your chatbot business. I know it can be tough to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology, but I believe in you! You have the passion and the drive to succeed, and I know you will find a way to make your chatbots the best they can be.

I believe in you, and I know you can do it!


Support Board lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

You can opt for a self-managed or cloud-based solution. The market’s lowest price.

It Comes With Three Pricing Plans;

  • License Tier 1
  • License Tier 2
  • License Tier 3

Click here to see other pricing plans 

Or, Support Board lifetime deal from Appsumo for $69.

Plan $ 5/ Month:

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Support Board lifetime deal – Appsumo

Support Board is easy to use because of its beautiful design, performance, stability, and new features, all of which were made with the user in mind.

One-time purchase of $69.00
  • All Support Board apps
  • All Support Board features
  • 10,000 messages per month
  • 3 agents
  • White labeling

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Support Board lifetime deal & Final Thought

Improve the efficiency of support by using Support Board tools.
It’s better to keep all of your conversations in one place, and not think about anything else at all. After this, you and the customer will be able to communicate with each other through the Help Board.

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