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Symbolt is a tool for co-creation. It will allow you to design away while sharing the link with the customer, who will be able to update the copy straight in your file, without the typefaces breaking or the client changing things around, causing the entire design to go awry! If that happens, you’ll have to jump back in, rearrange the furniture, and voila! Done

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The only platform that allows graphic designers & clients to collaborate on text design and changes without destroying the design!

  • Lay down copy on pre-made design templates automatically.
  • Alternative to: Figma and InDesign
  • Allow your client to edit copy directly from the layout without causing the design to break.
  • Best for: Agencies, graphic designers, & solopreneurs who make long documents or design for a lot of different brands.

☛ What is Symbolt?

Symbolt is the only platform that enables designers to focus solely on the design while leaving copy adjustments to clients and copywriters.

Without compromising the design, learning how to utilize the platform, or needing to install or lose fonts, Clients will never have to wait for another iteration or lose time to market this way.

I think the Symbolt is great and very easy to use.

Symbolt provides a simple way for your customer to alter their copy within the layout.

They may quickly change the copy in text fields and leave comments without having to use any design software.

That means you can hand off your work with confidence, knowing that your fonts and margins will not alter at random.

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☛ Symbolt Lifetime Deal: Symbolt to the rescue

Clients can make changes to their copy without modifying the look of the publication.
In just two steps, you may lay down copy in a pre-built design template.

Choose an expertly created template to work on after uploading your client’s material as a Microsoft Word document.

Symbolt will then copy, style, paste, and format the text onto the appropriate pages, allowing you to concentrate on the design. . Get started   – Symbolt Lifetime Deal

Symbolt Lifetime Deal

In only two actions, Symbolt can lay out all of your copy for you.
You’ll be able to work on projects without switching between different design applications if you use Symbolt.

Use the built-in graphics library to create whatever you can think of, or upload your own own graphics.

With the Unsplash integration, you’ll be able to add high-resolution, copyright-free stock pictures to any project.

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Symbolt Lifetime Deal

You can design almost anything with Symbolt’s creative features.
Best of all, you may use workspaces and modules to manage different brands within the platform.

Make a new workspace for each brand in your portfolio so you can keep track of everything.

You can also save collections of objects as modules to utilize in other workspaces for projects.

You can quickly build branded materials using this functionality instead of having to open, copy, & paste pieces from one file to another.

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☛ Symbolt Lifetime Deal : Roadmap

Release 1

1. Open Editor
2. Module based system (add/remove modules)
3. Import word file
4. Save design as template and use for word imports
6. Create new files based on pre-designed templates
7. Change copy as a Client
8. Comment capabilities

Release 2

1. Advanced responsivity/intelligence of revisions
2. Editors to add modules and create files
3. Change/Comment Approvals
4. Advanced Editor
5. Multi page responsiveness on revision
6. Brand asset management
7. Video integration for social media exports

Release 3

1. Designers can post and sell their own templates
2. Full social media, ads, and print features
3. Roles, Permissions, Process tracking
4. Filtering through templates

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Symbolt Lifetime Deal & Pricing Plans

There’s a plan for you, whether you want to utilize it for one job or provide full service to your clients.

It Comes With Two Pricing Plans;

  1. Basic
  2. Designer

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Or, Symbolt Lifetime Deal from Appsumo for $59.

Basic Plan 0.00$ /Month:

  • 1 Project
  • One Designer Account
  • Share with Unlimited Client Accounts
  • Unlimited Public Sharing

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Business Plan $ 24.99/Month:

  • Unlimited Projects/mo
  • One Designer Account
  • Share with Unlimited Client Accounts
  • Unlimited Public Sharing

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mailivery lifetime deal

Symbolt Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Allow the client to make changes to the copy while you work on the design. Symbolt ensures that elements stay in the grid and on the margins, while notifying you of any changes – just in case!

One-time purchase of $59.00
  • All features above included
  • 1 designer account(s)
  • Unlimited projects per month
  • Unlimited public sharing
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Share with unlimited client accounts

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Symbolt Lifetime Deal & Final Thought

You develop layout modules with Symbolt that can be dropped on each new document you make. This way, if you’re establishing a campaign or a brand, maintaining design consistency is as simple as dragging and dropping.

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  1. We love this tool because of its:

    Feedback & collaboration system that diminishes tedious communication & busy work
    Ability to create & organize different workspaces for effective project management

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