Blurweb App Blur Sensitive Info In Live stream – No Editing

Blurweb App This is one of the most popular apps for protecting your privacy when sharing a live screen for recording videos.

You may be able to protect your privacy when you live screen share or record videos. There are different ways to do this.

It would be even better if you could blur sensitive information with just one click now. If you want to keep your private information from getting out, this is the thing for you.
BlurWeb.App is a new app.

Many major web pages aren’t made with the thought that you might want to show them to someone else. This means that a lot of private information is always visible on the screen, which you might not want to show.

It was made to make it easier to hide sensitive information with just one click.

You can also keep blur so when you open the page again, it will already be blurred.

What is BlurWeb?

People who want to blur out things on a web page when they’re sharing their screen or recording video can use BlurWeb, a browser add-on that lets them do that.

You can hide your private information when you show your screen to others or record it.

With, you don’t need to add extra plugins when having a live meeting. You can easily blur any elements with just a few clicks.

BlurWeb lets you blur your private information right away without doing any editing.

The first time you use BlurWeb, you’ll be a big fan of it!

If you have a browser, let’s see how BlurWeb. App works there.

The BlurWeb features BlurWeb lets you hide sensitive content even if you’re in a browser. A lot of time will be saved.

Below, we’ll look at some of the things that BlurWeb can do.

BlurWeb Features

BlurWeb lets you hide sensitive content even if you’re in a browser. A lot of time will be saved.
Below, we’ll look at some of the things that BlurWeb can do

Blurweb Single Click Blur

When you use BlurWeb, you can make any part of a web page disappear with one click. It could be a title, a paragraph, an image, or a video.
Installing the app is easy. After that, hover over the part of the page you want to blur and click. Ola! Done.

Blurweb Blur Area

If you want to blur any part of the page, you can draw a rectangle anywhere on the page.
BlurWeb will make it look blurry, but it will also be easy to keep it where you want it with just a few clicks.
Use it to make screenshots and images look less like they are more quickly from a secret source.

Blurweb Keep blur

In BlurWeb, you can keep blurring any part or area that you want. Before blurring anything, click the Keep Blur option and confuse important things.

It will stay blurred even if you reload or open that URL again. So don’t worry about having to blur that part again.

These features will come in handy when you host a Livestream most of the time. You can keep your information safe from people who want to see it.

Control Blur Intensity lets you easily control how much blur hides the tab title and icons.

If you want to use it on any website, you can add it as an extension to your browser, and it will work even when you’re not connected to the internet!
You can click here to find out more about BlurWeb.

BlurWeb Pricing Plan

BlurWeb is a tool that lets you hide and blur sensitive information during Livestream or video screen recording with just a few clicks of the mouse.

BlurWeb has three different price plans.

There are three types of businesses: Professional, Start-up, and Small Business.

Professional Plan $19/lifetime:

  • 2 Active browsers
  • Includes Chrome Extension, Firefox Addon and Edge Addon
  • Works on Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, and other chromium-based browsers
  • Includes Safari Extension
  • Works with Loom & Google Meet, Zoom, Berry cast and More…

Get started for

Startup Plan $47/lifetime

  • 5 Active browsers
  • Chrome-based browsers like Opera and Brave can use this app.
  • Includes Safari Extension
  • Includes Chrome Extension,Firefox Addon and Edge Addon
  • Works with Zoom, Google Meet and Loom, Berrycast & More
  • Priority Support

Get started

Business Plan $97/mo:
10 Active browsers
Everything Professional Plan Features
Click here to go on with the normal plan.
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