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You shouldn’t have to fight with WooCommerce to change how your store looks.

When your eCommerce platform doesn’t give you much freedom, it’s almost impossible to make an online shopping experience that will help you sell more.

What if you could make changes to your WooCommerce store’s page layouts, search filters, and payments without having to write a single line of code? WooLentor is an Elementor Addon for WooCommerce Page Builder.

Meet with Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

It could be a thrill if Linke analyzes the traffic evolution of your link and sees that the hits are rapidly increasing and suddenly alerts you by SMS and email.

What is Linke?

It could be exciting if Linke looks at how your link’s traffic changes over time and sees that the number of clicks is going up quickly, then sends you an SMS and an email.

Linke is an all-in-one solution for managing, analyzing, targeting, and tracking all the short links on your bio pages so you can get the most out of them.

I think the Linke is great and very easy to use.

Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal & Features

Customize the link Sharing preview: For short links and links in your bio, use your own domain name.

  • Change Image
  • Change Title
  • Change Description

Meet with Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

Be informed when your link is down or does not respond: At each new visit, Blixo check that your link is available and working well, and if there is a problem, Blixolet you know.

  • By email
  • By SMS
  • On Dashboard

Meet with Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

Promote your brand by using your own domain names: With short links that reflect your reputation, you can keep and grow people’s awareness of your brand and get more clicks and sales.

  • Unlimited Domains
  • Custom names
  • Add Password

Meet with Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

Filters or a password can be used to block unwanted traffic:

Let only the people you want to see your link or page see it.

  • Block Countries
  • Block referrals
  • Add Password

Meet with Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

Create a number of targets for your links: You can change the destination link. For each of your visitors’ operating systems, browsers, or countries, create a separate page.

  • Target by country
  • Target by OS
  • Target by Browser

Meet with Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

Integrate retargeting pixels into shortened links: Retargeting pixels from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Adwords, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media platforms can be added.

  • Unlimited pixels
  • 10 platforms
  • Short links & pages

Meet with Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

Why custom URL shortener?

Custom URL shorteners are a great way to brand your links and make them more memorable. They can also be used to track clicks and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. And, because they are so easy to use, they can be a great way to encourage people to share your content.

What is a custom URL shortener?

A custom URL shortener is a powerful tool that can help you brand your links and track your link traffic. A custom URL shortener can also be used to cloak your affiliate links, making them more attractive to clicks. And, because a custom URL shortener can be used to track link clicks, you can use it to gather data about your audience and their interests.

In bio link pages, you can :

Choose from 4 different themes and more to come

Example theme 1 :
Example theme 2 :
More example :

  • Customize colors and backgrounds & fonts.
  • Add as many links as you want in the page.& The classics
  • Unlimited domain names.
  • Unlimited Pixel Targeting.
  • Analytics : Clicks, browsers, OS’s, countries and referrals.
  • Short and customizable link name.
  • Deep linking supported.
  • Edit it : Edit and modify your link or page at any time.
  • QR Code : It can still be useful.

Meet with Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal

We love this tool because of its:

  1. Template editing is great for people who can’t think of anything to write.
  2. User Interface is simple, easy to use, and well-designed.
  3. The Sales Notification module is a feature that gets people more involved with your site.
  4. To make your WooCommerce site better

Linke Frequently Asked Questions

How link buzzing detection works?

Linke track the traffic to your link from the moment it was created, keeping track of visits and origins minute by minute. Linke begin comparing traffic and records with previous periods after 24 hours, and Linke evaluate the traffic evolution curve, and if this curve changes dramatically, Linke notify you.

How Down link detection works?

Linke use PING and GET requests to verify the status of your link with each new visit, and if it returns an error or a timeout, we notify you.

Note: Each link is restricted to one alert per 12 hours.

What are the social networks for which I can change the look of my links?

The social networks currently supported are :

What are the devices or os for which I can add new destination?

The Devices os’s supported are :
Ios ( iphone )
Ios ( ipad )
Mac os

Linke appsumo lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

It comes with two pricing plans;

  1. Free
  2. Pro

Click here to see other pricing plans 

Or . Meet with Linke lifetime deal from Appsumo for $29.

Free Plan $0.00/Monthly

  • Max 50 links
  • Create 1 page
  • Analytics
  • Customize links names.

Get started For Free now

Elite Plan $8/Monthly

  • Create unlimited short links.
  • Create unlimited pages.
  • 50 SMS Alerts / Month
  • Unlimited email Alerts for Link Buzzing.
  • Add unlimited custom domains.
  • SMS Alerts for Link Buzzing.
  • Customize sharing preview on social networks.
  • Deep analytics (clicks, referrals, countries, os, browsers).
  • Multiple targets redirections links
  • Target by country.
  • Target by device OS.
  • Target by Browser type.
  • Protect links and pages with a password.
  • Down Link SMS Alerts.
  • Down Link email Alerts.
  • Customize links names.
  • Block referrals.
  • Block countries.
  • Unlimited pixels retargets.
  • Give secret link to edit a bio page for your customers
  • Track users with unique IP, No cookies, No GDPR

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mailivery lifetime deal

Linke appsumo Lifetime Deal – $29

Turn on Live Sales notifications to show what products other customers are buying right now, which will make your online store seem more trustworthy.

You can change how long notifications stay on screen, choose where they show up on the page, and add simple animations and other design elements.

Plus, add more modules like an AJAX search widget, a flash sale countdown, pre-order, backorder, and partial payment to get even more buyers.

One-time purchase of $29.00

License Tier 1 – ( $29)

  • Create unlimited short links
  • Create unlimited bio pages.
  • Customize sharing preview on social networks.
  • Add unlimited custom domains.
  • Unlimited pixels retargeting.
  • Unlimited alerts for Link Buzzing.
  • Unlimited Down Link alerts.
  • Give secret link to edit a bio page for your customers
  • Traffic blocking filters ( referrals, country, passwords)
  • Analytics (clicks, countries,referrals, os, browsers).

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Linke lifetime deal & Final Thought

It could be a thrill if Linke analyzes the traffic evolution of your link and sees that the hits are rapidly increasing and suddenly alerts you by SMS and email.

Linke checks the status of the real link with each new visit to your short link, and if it returns an error or a timeout, it sends you an SMS or an email. The true link isn’t working!

Use a distinct preview for each social network. Customize the sharing preview of your links.

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