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Even if you’re a seasoned podcaster, hosting, distributing, and making money from your show can be very difficult. It would be great if you had a tool to host your podcast, send it to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, and make money from your podcast.

A lot of time can make your podcast sound professional when you use many different software tools for each part of the process.

When you think about it, what would happen if there was a single place where you could manage all of your podcasts and audiobooks?


On a single platform, you can record, edit, host, and distribute your podcast.

  • From one tool, you can record, edit, host, and publish your podcast to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.
  • Alternative to: Anchor, Podcastle &
  • Invite guests to your podcasts via a link and conduct audio or video talks.
  • Best for: Content providers seeking for a one-stop shop for creating and distributing podcasts.

Listnr lifetime deal – What is

A tool called helps you make and distribute podcasts across all of the podcat’s platforms. It also allows you to record, edit, host, and distribute your podcasts.

Also, you can make money from a high-quality podcast on any platform.

I think the Listnr is great and very easy to use.

Podcastle, Anchor, and are all alternatives to

It’s perfect for content producers who want an all-in-one solution for creating, producing, and distributing podcasts.

In a single dashboard, allows you to record, edit, host, and distribute podcasts across your preferred platforms including Shopify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

You may also use an audio or video link to invite people to your podcasts. Features

Use to finish your podcast on one platform without having to switch to another one.

If you want to see what has to offer, look at the things below.

Listnr lifetime deal: Creating Podcast

You may quickly produce a gorgeous podcast using It allows you to record, edit, host, distribute, and monetize your podcast all in one convenient location.

You are not required to record, edit, and work on many platforms.

After you finish, you can send your work to a lot of different places with just one click. lets you record crystal clear videos.

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Listnr lifetime deal

☛ Listnr lifetime deal – Customization Podcast lets you add your own branding assets to your posts. Your video can have background images and logos that show off your brand. You can also add thumbnails and other small images that show off your brand.

Let’s look at some of the features of the Listnr in the table below.

☛ Single Screen Experience:

When you don’t want to download any extra software or apps, you can make changes to your text.

Episode of the podcast with

Afterward, you can merge the tracks of everyone who took part and download each person’s separate files.

a participant’s tracks from the recording

Also, you can add a background, an overlay, or a logo to your video. lets you host and distribute your content from the same place.


  • Host unlimited podcasts
  • Distribute them to Spotify, iTunes, Google podcasts & other platforms

Listnr lifetime deal

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Analytics: Finally, in, you will get a dashboard that lets you keep track of your statistics.

State of the art analytics.

You will be able to see where your traffic comes from, how long they listen, how many downloads they have, and more in one place.

Monetization: After you put your podcast on, you can make money from it in the same place. lets you make private podcasts for people who pay for them and make small podcast subscriptions.

Woostify – Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes for eCommerce allows you to keep track of key metrics like streams, downloads, and average listening time.
For all of your podcast broadcasts, you can establish a free podcast page where you can organize and access each episode. also allows you to integrate a podcast player on your website, thereby turning it into your own personal audio portfolio.

With, you get help from AI that tells you how to grow your podcast with ease. It comes with four different price plans.

With a few mouse clicks, you can invite guests and start making a podcast episode.

You can download the audio from each speaker, or you can process the recording to combine all of the audio into one episode so that you can listen to it all at once.

Once you have the raw audio, you’ll be able to edit your episode in You don’t need any other software or apps for this.

Choose from more than 5,000 royalty-free songs in the library. You can use the drag-and-drop editor to add music to your podcast for the intro, background, and end.

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It comes with four pricing plans;

  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. Omega
  4.  Theta.

Alpha Plan $19/mo:

  • Unlimited Podcast Shows
  • 15,000 Downloads per month
  • Unlimited Audio recording
  • 2 Hours video recording per month
  • 100GB storage
  • 2 Hours Transcriptions per month
  • Private RSS Feeds
  • RSS Feeds
  • Distribution to Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcast
  • Custom Domain
  • Dropbox or Google Drive integration

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mailivery lifetime deal

Listnr Lifetime Deal Appsumo lets you record, edit, host, and distribute your podcast all on one platform without having to do a lot of work.

One-time purchase of $79.00
  • Lifetime access to Alpha Plan
  • Everything Alpha Plan Features +
  • 2 hours total of transcriptions/month
  • 2 hours total of video recordings/month
  • Unlimited podcast shows
  • 15,000 downloads per month
  • 100 GB storage

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Listnr Final Thought

We hope you enjoyed our blog. You may use it to record a high-quality podcast, edit it, host it, and distribute it across all platforms.

So, do you want to have a stress-free podcast publishing experience?

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