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You should be able to find your digital assets even if life is like a box of chocolates because they should be easy to find. (You would hope you know what you’re going to get because that’s how “search” works.)

It took you a long time to find a file name after you looked through folders, looked through your inbox, and tried to think of a name for a file.

A tool that could store all of your media files and let you search for any item with just one search would be great.

Meet with Daftpage.

There’s a DAM software called Picvario that can be used by people who work for themselves, small businesses, and big businesses.

  • With the help of integrations with Amazon S3, Microsoft Asure, and DropBox, you can manage all of your digital assets on one platform.
  • Alternative to: Canto
  • With searchable tags, categories, and collections, you can quickly find any file. You can also use facial recognition to get more detailed data.
  • Marketing teams, photographers, & designers who want a better way to store and organize their digital files.

What is Picvario?

Picvario is a digital asset management tool that uses advanced search, artificial intelligence, and APIs to make it easier to store files.

I think the Picvario is great and very easy to use.

When you upload your files to Picvario, it’s easy to find them when you search for them.

Picvario scans your assets for metadata and generates tags related to those assets. You can quickly find them using the Elastic Search Engine.

You can use more advanced features, like boolean operators, filters, and sorting, to make your search queries even more specific.

Plus, you can group your assets into collections, making them easier to find in a larger branding ecosystem.

Media Asset Organization: Quick Feature Overview

  • Elastic Search Technology
  • FTP, S3-storage, and Google Drive support
  • Bulk editing features
  • AD, ADFS, Google G Suite and Open ID Authentification
  • Property template
  • Artificial intelligence technology (e.g., facial recognition)

Picvario Lifetime Deal

With the Elastic Search feature, you can do one search and find the right files in no time at all.

Picvario for free

When you use Picvario, your files can be organized in a lot of different ways.

With facial recognition technology, Picvario adds more detail-rich information that includes age, emotion, and gender, all of which can be searched for and available.

Make your own taxons or categories to store the right things in the right places.

Then, translate file names and descriptions into hundreds of languages so that international teams can work together seamlessly.

Picvario Lifetime Deal: Merge existing multiple media storages

Picvario Lifetime Deal

Picvario can easily be used with Google Drive, Amazon S3, or any other storage service that works with S3. It can also be used with FTP’s. You can use Picavrio as an add-on to your cloud services, such as Google Drive or OneDrive. Storages can either be used to keep original files for a long time, or they can be used to upload files to the Picvario file storage with the help of proxy files.

Picvario Lifetime Deal: Artificial intelligence technologies

You can use artificial intelligence to add information to the metadata of an image.

Picvario has tools that have been used in the media industry and that use artificial intelligence to help manage metadata.

  • Metadata customisation tools that work right out of the box
  • Templates for mass description and import/export that can be customized
  • Automatic text translation is included with face and object recognition.

Picvario Lifetime Deal

☛ Picvario Lifetime Deal : API integration

API access is available for all system functions. The solution supports Active Directory, Active Directory Federation Services, and Google G Suite for authorization.

Various items will continue to be integrated into the system. Our team is prepared to meet the needs of our customers.

☛ Is Picvario for you?

Marketing Directors And PR:

  • Instant search for the right photos, videos, presentations, and other marketing materials.
  • Monitor capabilities and track brand development.
  • Employee search time is reduced by 30%.
  • Lowers the budget needed for content creation by reducing losses and repetitions.
  • Opportunity to monetize existing assets.

IT companies:

  • Digitalization of your companies archive
  • Reduce the cost of storage equipment for your archive.
  • Data safety control and automatic data backups.
  • Integration of corporate accounts with the help of Microsoft Active Directory and Google G Suite.
  • Manufacturability and customizability
  • Integration with corporate systems.


  • You will only have access to materials that you have approved.
  • Brand templates that are simple to utilize for the construction of accurate documents.
  • Keyword search options for the required content are extensive.
  • Maintain your brand’s identity in the eyes of outsiders.

Picvario Lifetime Deal

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☛ Custom taxons make it simple to find files that are linked.

Picvario makes it simple to share files with your team.

Your team members can use a shareable link to access any asset or collection, or they can download and export the contents using the download and file transfer protocol (FTP).

Simply insert the HTML snippet generated for you if you wish to display a gallery on your website.

Picvario also allows you to alter the Open Graph markup, giving you more control over how your material appears on social media.

Picvario Lifetime Deal

☛ Connect to a variety of external storage solutions to consolidate your media assets.

With better asset management, you’ll be able to maintain almost everything in order. (Now we just need to figure out how to find our car keys.)

Picvario uses complex tools like Elastic Search, filters, and facial recognition to help you manage your whole digital collection and keep track of everything.

Organize all of your digital assets.

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Picvario Pricing Plans

Picvario Lifetime Deal

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You can search for digital media the same way you search on Google.

With Picvario Elastic Search technology, you can quickly find files based on metadata, tags, and collections in your media library. You can quickly find files based on these things. Use things like boolean operators, filters, and sorting to search for things.

One-time purchase of $69.00
  • All features above included
  • 2 users
  • 500 GB storage
  • 1 TB bandwidth per month
  • Personaliz

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Picvario Final Thought

With high-quality access control systems and an analytical module, you can keep your content safe.

What is going on with this file or collection and where? Manage the rights of people inside your company and outside vendors with rock-solid security.

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