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Voice generation is the artificial production of human speech. It is used to create voice output for computers, mobile phones and other devices.

Voice generation systems use different techniques to produce synthetic speech. The most common method is concatenative synthesis, which stitches together pieces of recorded speech to create a new utterance.

Other methods include formant synthesis, which creates speech by manipulating the frequencies of sounds, and statistical parametric synthesis, which uses algorithms to generate speech from scratch.

Recent advances in machine learning have led to the development of neural network-based methods for voice generation. These methods are able to generate realistic and natural-sounding speech.

AI-powered voice generation systems are becoming increasingly popular as they can provide a more human-like experience for users. They can also be used to create voices for characters in video games and movies.

.Meet with Text To Voice Generation

Without the busywork, record meeting notes & real-time transcriptions.

  • Instantly make voice overs that sound like they were done by a professional, based on text, and use 570+ realistic AI voices in more than 60 languages.
  • Alternative to: Trinity Audio & Read2Me
  • You can download, embed, or share your music in high-quality MP3 or WAV formats.
  • Best for: Video makers, teachers, bloggers, and marketers who want to turn text into voiceovers.

What is Knowtworthy? & Text To Voice Generation

When you use, you can easily record a voiceover for your videos, articles, podcasts, and more in seconds.

Generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio with online AI Voice Generator and top synthetic voices from Google, IBM, Amazon & Microsoft. Immediate speech synthesis from text in MP3 or WAV format.

I think the text to speech generator is great and very easy to use. lets you reach twice as many people because many people spend more time listening than reading.

Choose from more than 570 AI voices in more than 60 languages to have your written content read out loud automatically.

AI voices don’t have to sound like beep-boop robot sounds, either. The voices are powered by machine learning to sound natural.

You can even change the pronunciation, tone, speed, and emphasis of the audio to make it easier to listen to.

You can add more than one voice to make it sound like a conversation, and you can export the finished file in MP3 or WAV format. Lifetime Deal

Key Features

  • Text to Voice Editor
  • Pronunciations & Phonetics
  • Audio Widgets
  • AI Podcasts
  • Team Access Lifetime Deal

☛ TEXT TO VOICE EDITOR : Text To Voice Generation

A Powerful Text to Audio Online Editor: interactive editor, which is based on machine learning, will make it easier for you to make audio with AI voices.

What is the Text to Audio Online Editor?

The online text to audio editor is a tool that lets you use the best text-to-speech AI voices from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft to make the most realistic audio for your needs. editor gives you a single, easy-to-use interface for turning any text into audio with the best AI voices in the world.

Export in MP3 & WAV formats: Change text into MP3 or WAV files. Sample rates from 8kHz to 48kHz can be used to make high-quality audio files.

Superfast Turnaround Time: Unlike working with voice actors, where you have to wait for delivery, lets you make high-quality audio that sounds natural in just a few minutes.

Commercial & Broadcast Rights: You can use the speech files you make to make money from YouTube videos or for any other business purpose.

Unlimited Previews & Downloads:  Change the text, the tone, and the way it makes you feel. You can make as many changes as you want to get the perfect voice over audio, and you can download it as many times as you want.

Integrations is compatible out-of-the-box with the vast majority of web-based platforms. Lifetime Deal

☛ Features : Text To Voice Generation

  • 832 AI Voices, 132 Languages
  • Expressive Voice Styles
  • Pronunciations & Phonetics Library
  • Multi-Voice Feature
  • Add Natural Pauses
  • Manipulate Voice Tones

☛ AI PRONUNCIATIONS LIBRARY : Text To Voice Generation

Make your own pronunciaton library and store your own pronunciations of brand names, acronyms, and specialized terms.

What is the Pronunciations Library?

The pronunciations library is designed to help you get brand names, acronyms, and other specialized terms read out correctly. It gives you fine control over how words are said and lets you save them so that they are used throughout your content.

This feature also works with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), which lets you get even better at pronouncing those words.

☛ Key Features: Text To Voice Generation

  • Create custom pronunciations
  • Use the IPA symbols
  • Your personal library
  • Multi-language Support

Audio wid.. What?

The audio widgets from are nice-looking, SEO-friendly, fully customizable audio players that you can add to your website, blog, or publication so that your audience can listen to your content when it’s convenient for them or while they’re on the go.

Our audio widgets make your content easy to find, easy to share, easy to download, and easy to sign up for.

Where do the audio narrations come from?

You can use playht library of the best AI voices from Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft, or you can upload your own audio.

Why Add Audio Widgets to Your Content?

  • Improves Your Content Accessibility
  • Re-purposes Your Content
  • Increases Audience Engagement
  • Helps You Become ADA Compliant


  • Podcast Hosting
  • Email Subscriptions
  • Audio Analytics
  • Pronunciations & Phonetics Library Lifetime Deal

You can easily manage audio files and podcast hosting with the dashboard.
Because of your RSS feed, Google is now able to index your audio, so you may start hearing familiar sound bites in your search results (“Look, Ma, I made it!”). comes with a plugin for WordPress, so you can turn your blog posts into audio right from your blog.

Using fully-customizable media players, you may embed audio directly into the post, giving readers a double whammy of information. In addition, it may all be downloaded and listened to again and again. Lifetime Deal

You can make and embed audio files right on your blog by using the WordPress plugin.
Now that you’re getting listeners as well as readers, you can expect your site to have lower bounce rates, since it has something for everyone.

Also, if people can listen to your content, they will spend more time with it.

With key metrics like listens, listening time, and downloads,’s analytics will tell you exactly how your audio is doing.

Go ahead and do the math while you listen to your visionary, ground-breaking podcast.

How do I make an AI text-to-speech?

There are many different ways to create an AI text-to-speech system. The most common method is to use a pre-trained model, which can be either a neural network or a rule-based system.

Neural networks are the most popular method for creating AI text-to-speech systems, as they can be trained to produce high-quality output. However, they require a large amount of training data in order to produce good results.

Rule-based systems are another popular method for creating AI text-to-speech systems. These systems are typically less expensive to create and require less training data. However, they can often produce poorer quality output than neural networks.

Can I convert text to voice?

Can I convert text to voice?

Yes, you can convert text to voice using a text to speech (TTS) system. A TTS system converts text to speech, which can be output as audio.

There are a number of different TTS systems available, and they can be used for a variety of purposes. TTS systems can be used to create audio books, to provide navigation directions, or to generate speech for a computer interface.

TTS systems usually have a text input system, which can be a text file, an internet connection, or a microphone. The text is converted to speech using a synthesis engine, and the resulting speech is output as audio.

TTS systems can be customized to create different voices, to change the pitch or speed of the speech, or to add special effects. Some TTS systems also allow for the integration of other languages, which can be useful for international users.

There are a number of free and commercial TTS systems available. Some of the more popular TTS systems include Microsoft Speech API, AT&T Natural Voices, Loquendo TTS, and NeoSpeech. Lifetime Deal & Pricing Plans

It Comes With four Pricing Plans;


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Or, Lifetime Deal from Appsumo for $79.

PERSONAL Plan $19/Month:

  • 20,000 Words
  • Standard Voices
  • Unlimited Previews
  • Unlimited Downloads

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PROFESSIONAL Plan $119 /Month:

  • 50,000 Words
  • Premium Voices
  • Commercial Rights
  • Customizable Audio Players
  • Podcast Hosting
  • Unlimited Previews
  • Unlimited Downloads

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GROWTH Plan $99/Month:

  • 200,000 Words
  • Everything in Professional
  • Team Access
  • Automated Audio Creation
  • Pronunciations Library
  • White-labelled Audio Players

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BUSINESS $199/Month:

  • 500,000 Words
  • Everything in Growth
  • Bulk Audio Creation
  • Multiple Teams / Websites
  • Multiple Podcast Hosting
  • Re-brand and Re-sell
  • Priority Technical Support

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mailivery lifetime deal Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

The AI Powered Text To Voice Generation is a powerful text to speech tool that can help you convert text to natural-sounding speech. With this tool, you can create audio files from text, generate speech from text, and even create audio files from text files.

One-time purchase of $79.00

License Tier 1 – ( $79)

  • All features above included
  • 10,000 words per month
  • 100 GB

License Tier 2 – ( $158)

  • All features above included
  • 20,000 words per month
  • 150 GB

License Tier 3– ( $273)

  • All features above included
  • 30,000 words per month
  • 200 GB

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Detailed metrics from allow you a peek at listens, listen time, downloads, and more.
Tell the truth; you slaved over that blog article until it was perfect. helps your writing come alive as a podcast—without all the effort of recording it yourself.

Reach more people and make your content easier to obtain by using this potent tool that will have you mastering not one but two channels.

.Get Text To Voice Generation From Appsumo

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