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The PubCoder is a powerful digital content creation tool that lets you create interactive content for native apps on iOS and Android, as well as for ebooks and HTML5. With PubCoder, you can easily create engaging, interactive content that will keep your audience entertained and engaged.

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  • Make use of animations, videos, music, widgets, & touch gestures to improve your digital content and make it mobile-friendly.
  • Publish responsive apps for ebook, iOS, Android, or HTML5 from one project file, without any coding
  • Best for:Graphic designers, Visual artists, Web design agencies
  • Features:GDPR-compliant, White label, Overview

What is PubCoder?

If you’re like most people, you probably think of digital content as something that you read or watch on your computer, phone, or tablet. But what if there was a way to make that content more interactive and engaging?

Enter The PubCoder, a new platform that lets you create interactive digital content to publish as native apps for iOS and Android, as well as in ebooks and on HTML5.

With The PubCoder, you can add multimedia elements like videos, audio, and animations to your content, as well as create interactive quizzes, polls, and other engaging elements. Plus, The PubCoder makes it easy to publish your content across multiple platforms, so you can reach your audience no matter where they are.

If you’re looking for a way to make your digital content more engaging and interactive, The PubCoder is definitely worth checking out.

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PubCoder Lifetime deal – Interactive content creation tools

You don’t need to know how to code or design to use PubCoder and make interactive, mobile-friendly digital content.

Whether you’re publishing for iOS, Android, the Kindle, or HTML5, your apps will look great on any screen size.

You may easily translate your material into any language to increase your global reach and readership.

.Meet with PubCoder Lifetime deal

PubCoder Features:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited storybooks
  • Fine-tuned typography
  • Graphic powerhouse
  • Interactivity tool
  • Google Fonts integration
  • Images and icons archive integration
  • Interactivity widget panel
  • Animation panel
  • Multi-language support
  • Read-aloud wizard
  • Multimedia support
  • Adobe InDesign importer
  • Multiple renditions
  • Multi-format export
  • EPUB checker integration
  • HTML coding support
  • Preview on mobile app
  • Easily transfer licenses

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  1. Adobe Indesign
  2. Canva

Interactive content creation tools

Create digital material that is interactive and optimized for mobile without knowing any code or design.

An easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor allows you to incorporate engaging media like movies, audio, and animations into your material.

Your pages will have the capability of recognizing touch events on desktop and mobile browsers.

Include interactive widgets like games, quizzes, & surveys to make your content even more engaging for your readers.

Also, if you have some knowledge of coding, you may use a robust code editor to make changes to HTML headers, adjust CSS, or execute bespoke JavaScript.

.Meet with PubCoder Lifetime deal

Interactive content creation tools

With a variety of interactive components, you can bring your information to life.

Highlighted text can be timed to an audio file that plays in rhythm with PubCoder.

As a result, you may make your services more user-friendly and accessible for those who have problems reading standard text.

The best part is that all output formats are compatible with PubCoder’s audio synchronization, and the in-built media overlays guarantee a seamless listening experience.

.Meet with PubCoder Lifetime deal

PubCoder Lifetime deal

Synchronize the audio file that reads aloud marked text.

Check out a preview of your work at any time & make adjustments as needed right up until you’re ready to hit that “Publish” button.

When you’re done, you may choose from several different export options, including HTML for the web and an interactive EPUB for e-readers.

PubCoder enables you to publish your content as an iOS and Android native app through the App Store, Google Play, or third-party apps like Apple iBooks.

Your ebooks will be ready for distribution in any online bookstore because the program checks them for compliance with EPUB standards automatically.

.Meet with PubCoder Lifetime deal

In PubCoder you:

Set your imagination free and add interactive elements like quizzes, drawings, games, and more to your layout in addition to sounds, movies, and animations. We’ve developed a one-of-a-kind set of tools around the concept of associating common mobile gestures like touch, pinch, shake, and tilt with any given image, text, sound, or video and linking those gestures to specific actions like animation, sound playback, video playback, or even a combination of these.

Create a single project file that can be used to define and modify content for several screen sizes (tablet, smartphone, and desktop, for example); PubCoder will ensure that the optimal version is displayed based on the size of the reader’s screen.

Just as easily, you can add a new language version from the same project file, make the necessary changes to the text and images, and then export a version of the app that can be experienced in several languages.

You may start making real money from your digital skills by exporting your project file in numerous forms, including ebook, native app for App Store and Google Play, and web.

.Meet with PubCoder Lifetime deal

PubCoder Lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

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  1. Trial
  2. Standard
  3. Team

Or, PubCoder Lifetime deal from Appsumo for $69.

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PubCoder Lifetime deal – Interactive content creation tools

PubCoder may be used on either a Mac or a PC. All it takes is one simple click to download and set up the program on your computer. It’s simple and quick to add text, music, photos, and videos. Define touch motions to activate in-content animations, videos, and read-aloud to make your content engaging and dynamic. It’s never been simpler to make interactive media.

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License Tier 3 – ( $269)

All features above included
50 users

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Interactive content creation tools – Final Thought

The PubCoder lets you create interactive digital content to publish as native apps for iOS and Android, as well as in ebooks and on HTML5. This means that you can reach a wider audience with your content, and that your content can be accessed on a variety of devices.

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