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Introducing TinyEmail Lifetime deal– An Email Marketing Solution That Helps Your Brand Grow Fast

Are you looking for an effective email marketing solution that can help your brand grow fast? Look no further than TinyEmail! TinyEmail is an email marketing solution that allows you to send interactive, laser-targeted emails to your customers, prospects, and partners. With TinyEmail, you can easily create and send personalized emails that are tailored to your target audience.

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What is tinyEmail?

TinyEmail makes it easy to create beautiful and effective emails. You can easily customize your emails with images, videos, and other multimedia elements to make them more engaging. You can also track your emails to see how well they are performing, and make adjustments as needed.

TinyEmail also makes it easy to segment your audience, so you can send the right messages to the right people. You can create segments based on customer behavior, demographics, and other criteria, so you can make sure your messages are reaching the right people.

TinyEmail also allows you to automate your email campaigns. You can set up automated emails to go out on a schedule, or when certain conditions are met. This will save you time and help ensure your emails are reaching your customers when they are most likely to engage.

I think the tinyEmail is great and very easy to use

TinyEmail Lifetime deal - Best email marketing platform

You can easily create effective marketing emails using tinyEmail’s responsive, data-backed email templates.

Make your email campaigns stand out in a crowded inbox by using AI to generate personalized emails consistent with your brand.To increase your email’s conversion rate further, try incorporating interactive elements like countdown clocks, picture sliders, and discounts into your messages.

Let's make email marketing easy again!

  • 📝 Forms & Pop-Ups

Create embedded forms, fly-out forms, and pop-up forms with ease

  • 📧 Email Marketing

Email editor that is simple and powerful to use. Add interactive elements with ease. Make sure all inboxes can see your emails.

  • 🤗 Segmentation & Personalization

Prebuilt segments let you divide your mailing list based on factors like age, location, gender, or spending habits. Use our prebuilt segments or build your own.

  • 🔗 Integration, Data & Analytics

You can be sure that all of your data will be collected in one location thanks to Zapier’s direct integration with the product and its over 30 native one-click connectors with the most prominent eCommerce platforms.

  • 🤖 AI & Machine Learning

At tinyEmail, we are constantly looking forward to new and interesting methods to further advance the revolution in email communications. We will keep doing all it takes to make sure that our customers receive the greatest service since we know they deserve it. Our AI subject line generator will magically change your writing from commonplace phrases into persuading statements.

  • 📅 Automation

For small enterprises, we are aware that time is always of the importance. Because of this, tinyEmail offers simple one-click automation of automated email playbooks, putting these solutions at your fingertips. Consequently, setting up email automation has never been simpler or faster, whether you’re sending a welcome series, putting together a drip campaign, or taking action on abandoned carts.

Tinyemail Features

  1. Connect
    Effortlessly bring your brand, audience and data together.
  2. Create
    Create stunning, interactive messages without code.
  3. Engage
    Engage with your audience with personalized messages.
  4. More
    All features
    Deliverability promise
    Migrate to us
    Brand kit


    Email builder
    Interactive emails (AMP)
    Template library


    Dynamic content

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Quickly craft high-converting, personalized emails using templates and AI.

Lead capturing forms and popups can be integrated into a website or retail space.

With tinyEmail’s compatibility with more than 5,000 other programs, you may simplify routine tasks while expanding your subscriber base.

Retargeting will be a breeze thanks to the streamlined integration with your customer relationship management and payment processing systems.

For your website or storefront, use interactive popups and forms to expand your list.

Even better, tinyEmail guides you in crafting the perfect email to maximize your marketing efforts and boost sales.

To send more targeted emails and maintain your audience’s attention, employ predefined and bespoke audience groups.

You may then use this information to develop segments tailored to the interests of a subset of your audience.

Take advantage of predefined and custom segments to send the right messaging.

The email marketing for your Shopify store may be automated with the help of tinyEmail’s sophisticated one-click email automation.

Trigger emails can automatically greet new subscribers, confirm transactions, and remind customers to finish their shopping carts if they need to.

Never again will you trouble yourself with formulating intricate rules, integrating disparate software, or crafting creative templates for automated emails.

Features included in all plans

  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited senders
  • Email marketing
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • Integrations and reporting
  • AI subject line generator
  • Automations for Shopify
  • Forms and pop-ups

Why should you use the best email marketing platform?

The success of any business largely depends on its ability to reach its target customers, and email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to do this. With the right email marketing platform, you can maximize the potential of your campaigns and get the most out of your efforts. Here are the reasons why you should use the best email marketing platform.

1. Automation:

The best email marketing platforms provide powerful automation tools that make it easy to create automated campaigns that send out emails based on customers’ actions. This allows you to nurture leads, build relationships, and encourage higher conversions.

2. Comprehensive Analytics:

Using the best email marketing platform, you can access comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of your campaigns. This allows you to gain insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns, identify areas of improvement, and make needed adjustments.

3. Data Security:

The best email marketing platforms offer the highest levels of security to protect your data. They use the latest encryption technology to ensure the safety of your customer data and prevent any unauthorized access to it.

4. Customization:

The best email marketing platforms allow you to customize your emails to deliver a more personalized experience to your customers. You can customize the design, content, and timing of your emails to create an engaging and effective customer experience.

5. Integrations:

The best email marketing platforms are integrated with other applications and services, allowing you to extend their capabilities. This allows you to create a seamless customer experience across multiple channels, boost your efficiency, and increase conversions.

Choosing the right email marketing platform is essential to the success of your campaigns. With the right platform, you can get the most out of your efforts and maximize the potential of your campaigns. Take time to find the best email marketing platform that meets your needs, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

tinyEmail Lifetime deal & Pricing Plans

Click here to see other pricing plans

  1. Free
  2. Standard
  3. Pro
  4. Enterprise

Or, tinyEmail Lifetime deal from Appsumo for $49.

Standard Plan $15.00/Month

  • Everything in Free +
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Premium & AMP templates
  • Custom modules
  • AI subject line assistant: 45/day
  • Limited senders
  • Limited predefined segments
  • Limited custom segments
  • Custom domain

Pro Plan $65.00 /Month

  • Everything in Standard +
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited prebuilt segments
  • Unlimited custom segments
  • AI subject line assistant: Unlimited
  • Custom domain
  • Dedicated IP
  • Unlimited sender identities
  • Priority support
tinyEmail Lifetime deal - Best email marketing platform

If you’re looking for an email marketing solution that can help your brand grow fast, look no further than TinyEmail. With its powerful features and easy-to-use interface, TinyEmail can help you take your email marketing to the next level. Try it today and see how it can help your brand grow!

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One-time purchase of $49.00

License Tier 1 –  tinyEmail Lifetime deal   $49

  • All features above included
  • All Pro Features
  • 12,000 emails
  • Custom domain

License Tier 2 – tinyEmail Lifetime deal $129

  • All features above included
  • All Pro Features
  • 25,000 emails
  • Custom domain
  • No tinyEmail branding

License Tier 3 – tinyEmail Lifetime deal $199

  • All features above included
  • All Pro Features
  • 50,000 emails
  • Custom domain
  • No tinyEmail branding

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tinyEmail Lifetime deal - Final Thought

tinyEmail understand it can be disappointing when your efforts to grow your brand with TinyEmail do not produce the desired results. However, we want to remind you that branding takes time and perseverance. There are many ways to reach your target audience, and TinyEmail is just one of many tools available. tinyEmail encourage you to keep exploring different strategies and remain committed to finding the one that best fits your goals. tinyEmail wish you all the best in your journey to build a successful brand.

.Meet with tinyEmail Lifetime deal

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