TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Best Website Privacy Solution 2022

You’re ready to launch your website, but all the legal stuff makes you feel like you’re going to court without a law degree. You don’t have the time or space to keep up with privacy laws and figure out hidden fees and add-on costs at the same time.

Imagine if you could go to one place for all your privacy needs and not have to give up time, money, or the way your website works.

. Meet with TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal

GDPR and CCPA website compliance solution based in the EU, complete with Consent Management Platform, privacy policy, & cookie policy.

  • Manage policies and consent records and keep your website up to date with the latest legal requirements at no extra cost.
  • Alternative to: OneTrust
  • Enjoy unlimited page views & sessions on your domains and see useful information about your unique visitors.
  • Best for: Freelancers, digital agencies, and small and medium-sized businesses that want to make sure their websites are GDPR and CCPA compliant.

What is TRUENDO?

TRUENDO is a website privacy solution that makes sure your site meets all the requirements of GDPR and CCPA while collecting data from your visitors. Your all-in-one website privacy solution.

I think the TRUENDO is great and very easy to use.

TRUENDO comes with privacy and cookie policies that are built in and run automatically. This keeps your website in line with the latest GDPR requirements.

You can make sense of all those confusing legal terms and save time by using the built-in policies that are automatically generated and can be accessed from the privacy widget.

You can show your TRUENDO banner in 31 languages, such as English, French, and Chinese, and you can also change the colors to match your brand.

Not only that, but TRUENDO is optimized for UX and UI, so it can be used on any device.

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How are you different from other CMPs?

TRUENDO Premium plan is based on the number of unique visitors to your website each year, not on the number of pageviews or sessions. This means you can have as many pageviews and sessions as you want. Also, TRUENDO policy on privacy and TRUENDO policy on cookies are both easy to find in the privacy widget. They are automatically made, updated, and put together in a way that is easy for you and your website visitors to read and understand.

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What are the agency features?

This means that you can not only invite other people to use your account, but you can also give them access to projects and organizations so they can help you manage it. You also have a view of all of your organizations.

TRUENDO features

The TRUENDO Consent Management Platform makes things clear between your organization and the people who visit your website. This makes it easier to build trust and improve communication.

  • Automation
  • Insights
  • Customization
  • Auto-blocking
  • Privacy policy
  • Cookie policy
  • Advanced customization
  • Access management
  • IAB TCF v2.0
  • Multilingual
  • Geo-control
  • Test domain
  • Optimized
  • WCAG 2.0 AAA

. Meet with TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal


TRUENDO scan your website automatically once a month to make sure you are always up-to-date and following the rules. You can also put cookies into any categories you want when visitors agree to it.


TRUENDO is able to get useful information while still following all the rules. By using Insights, you can learn more about your customers and improve how you reach out to potential customers.


TRUENDO cookie manager and cookie banner color schemes, as well as button colors and sizes, can be customized to match your company’s corporate design, ensuring a consistent look across your website.


TRUENDO auto-blocking function can quickly manage any cookies, scripts, pixels, or other elements on your website that require consent.

Privacy policy:

The TRUENDO CMP includes a typical privacy policy that meets the regulatory requirements for most websites.

Cookie policy:

The TRUENDO CMP automatically generates a cookie policy at no additional expense, making compliance even easier for you.

Advanced customization:

You can choose from five different banner designs and delete the TRUENDO emblem from your banner.

Access management:

Invite and manage multiple users on your account, as well as provide them project and business access.

IAB TCF v2.0:

TRUENDO assist publishers in meeting IAB criteria by providing an optimized interface that does not cause any delays on your website.


The TRUENDO CMP is currently available in 31 languages, encompassing all EU member states as well as their key trading partners.


You can choose whether the TRUENDO CMP appears on your website solely in EU nations (GDPR), California (CCPA), or all over the world.

Test domain:

You can use a test domain to test the TRUENDO CMP on your website before any DNS changes take effect.


Manage your cookies across all websites and platforms. TRUENDO’s user interface and user experience are optimized for all screen sizes.


Any visitor can simply set their personal data preferences thanks to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) AAA conformance.

. Meet with TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal

TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal

From the privacy widget, you can get to all of your automated privacy and cookie policies.
You can have as many page views and sessions as you want on each of your domains for no extra charge.

After a user chooses their privacy settings, TRUENDO will only count them as a unique visitor, no matter how many times they visit your site on the same device.

Also, the consent management platform makes it easy to manage multiple apps and websites, as well as the permissions of users.

. Meet with TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal

TRUENDO only counts unique visitors to your site

With automatic monthly scans, TRUENDO also helps you make sure your website is compliant and up to date with the latest rules.

With the auto-blocking feature, you can make sure that no third-party cookies, services, scripts, or pixels run on your site until you get permission to do so.

You can even put cookies into custom groups based on what they are and what they do.

. Meet with TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal

TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Auto-blocking makes sure that some cookies, scripts, or pixels don’t run on your site until you give permission.
With TRUENDO, you’ll be able to get useful information about the people who visit your website without breaking any rules.

You can also show visitors’ locations, the devices they use, and the languages they speak on your site.

Find out more about your customers & use the built-in insights to improve how you target key demographics.

. Meet with TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal

We love this tool because of its:

  1. Works on any device because it is UX and UI optimized
  2. Conducts automatic monthly scans to keep your website compliant according to the latest regulations
  3. Comes with automated privacy policies that covers your website’s GDPR

What languages is TRUENDO available in?

supported languages from the following languages:
English, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Estonian, Finnish, French,Czech, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish.

TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal & Pricing Plans

It comes with Two pricing plans;

  1. Essentials
  2. Premium

Click here to see other pricing plans 

Or, TRUENDO lifetime deal from Appsumo for $79.

Essentials Plan $00/mo:

  • Unlimited page views & sessions
  • Default banner design
  • Customizable color scheme
  • Auto-blocking
  • Easy integration
  • Monthly auto-scan of your domain
  • Cookie domain
  • FAQs & Documentation
  • Default language: English

Get started For Free now

Pro Plan $99/mo:

  • Unlimited page views & sessions
  • Consent records management (100K unique visitors, upgradable)
  • Choice of 5 banner designs
  • Option to disable logo
  • Customizable color scheme
  • Auto-blocking
  • Easy integration
  • Insights: statistics dashboard
  • User permissions
  • Geo-control
  • IAB TCF 2.0
  • Monthly auto-scan of your domain
  • Option to manually rescan your domain
  • Cookie domain
  • Test domain
  • With chat support
  • Available in 31 languages

Get started now

mailivery lifetime deal

TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal – $79

When you don’t follow the privacy rules that are meant to keep your visitors safe, it’s hard to gain their trust.

TRUENDO gives you everything you need to keep track of your website’s policies and consent records and collect useful information from your visitors.

One-time purchase of $79.00

License Tier 1 – ( $79)

  • All features above included
  • 300,000 unique visitors per year
  • 3 domains

License Tier 2 – ( $149)

  • All features above included
  • 800,000 unique visitors per year
  • 8 domains

License Tier 3 – ( $219)

  • All features above included
  • 2.5M unique visitors per year
  • 25 domains
  • Agency features

Get Lifetime Access

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TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal & Final Thought

Inside the TRUENDO console, you can manage multiple domains and ask other people to help you manage your account. You can also let them work on certain projects and join certain groups.

. Get started - TRUENDO Appsumo Lifetime Deal  From Appsumo

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  1. Best GDPR Software So Far On APPSUMO

    Thanks TRUENDO Team and Appsumo for bringing this software to us. I have installed it on my websites and works perfect as writing. Tested both using HTML and plugin both works well.
    And also websites are not in English but still works well with my Clients local Language of the websites.

  2. tristankerseboomsays:

    Does what it should do

    Bought it for my agency. The WordPress plugin does what it should do, blocks all the cookies until the user gives consent. Easy to set up and customize. 2 things I would like to have changed:
    – Let me change the cookie-popup text within the panel. Now you need trough a pretty complicated path to customize the text displayed within the popup. With like Complianz you can edit all the text through the WP-settings itself. Support told me this was to prevent users to make their website non-compliant. Understand that, but maybe make a warning checkbox that it is their own responsibility?
    – Let me have more domain with the same amount of unique visitors. As an agency I have a couple of small sites with low visitors, so for me it is better to have some more domains with the same amount of visitors. Would also love to buy a 4th code for that. But to be honest, for 200 dollars having 15 websites wich I can resell through my agency is a pretty good deal, so maybe I need to buy with multiple accounts.

    All in all a pretty solid deal.

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