UUKI Lifetime Deal ($79) creators can build communities

Greetings, advertisers! You’re probably aware that community is essential to any business. Isn’t that so? ☛ The uuki lifetime deal is discussed in detail

Discussions, memberships, and material are all brought together in one area through a community platform.
Everyone may express their thoughts, collaborate, and discuss anything while having a good time. Where, on the other hand, is the platform?

Here is UUKI!

UUKI lifetime deal ☛ What is UUKI?

UUKI is a community platform that uses events, newsletters, and a visually appealing community website to help you develop meaningful relationships.
With their white-label platform, you can post information, participate in discussions, and learn more about your brand.

Circle, Tribe, Peerboard, and beam. gg are all alternatives to UUKI.

It’s ideal for content creators, marketers, and instructors looking for a simple way to bring their audience together in a community.

You may use it to create various communities, including membership, education, courses, products, and coaching communities, all while having more fun.
You can also use administration and moderating features like spaces (subforums), analytics, and monetization to help your community grow.

Let’s look at why you should utilize UUKI and what kind of use cases it has.

UUKI lifetime deal ☛ UUKI Features

With UUKI, you can create a relationship with your audience through brand content, debates, and events.

Let’s take a look at three of UUKI’s most important features:


UUKI lifetime deal ☛ Build Community

UUKI can create a robust and engaging community for your target demographic. They can exchange ideas, discuss them, and collaborate.

Give your audience a place to interact with fun by using UUKI.

UUKI lifetime deal ☛ Mobile Friendly

Because most of your audience is on their phones, you’ll need a mobile-friendly platform.

UUKI is a fully responsive and user-friendly communication platform that makes it simple to communicate.

Select a theme, and you’ll be given a personalized domain that you own entirely.

UUKI lifetime deal ☛ Mobile Friendly

Because most of your audience is on their phones, you’ll need a mobile-friendly platform.

UUKI is a fully responsive and user-friendly communication platform that makes it simple to communicate.

Select a theme, and you’ll be given a personalized domain that you own entirely.

UUKI lifetime deal ☛ Events Host

You may use UUKI to develop appealing event pages and invite people to your events.

You can collect data such as “email, number” and communicate with them and send updates using its registration form.

You can use UUKI to collect payment if you sell something.

To get started for free, click here.

UUKI lifetime deal ☛ UUKI Community Use-Cases

UUKI is adaptable, white-labelled, and capable of handling a variety of use-cases for your project.

For each use case, you can create a flexible community. Here are several examples:

uuki Lifetime Deal

➴ UUKI lifetime deal : Education

You can use UUKI to integrate your students’ community into a course hosted on an LMS or any other course platform.

Students can learn from your course and interact with you directly if they have any questions.

➴ UUKI lifetime deal : Coaching

You can establish a dedicated home for your coaching clients to access materials in the same way you can in the education community.

You can connect and interact with each other directly.

➴ UUKI lifetime deal : Product

UUKI enables you to provide a platform for your consumers to discuss their ideas, manage support, and give feedback to improve the quality of your product and customer service.

➴ UUKI lifetime deal : Premium

If you want to sell digital items through the community, UUKI allows you to create a premium community where you can charge for digital goods.

➴ UUKI lifetime deal : Startup

The small company community is highly beneficial in facilitating growth. Any business, SaaS, or digital product can create an engaged community.

You can easily set up UUKI on your website in about an hour.

➴ UUKI lifetime deal : Influencer

Do you want to establish a direct, meaningful connection with your audience? With the white-labeled solution, UUKI provides you with the necessary opportunity to establish direct interaction with your audience.

To learn more about community use cases, click here.


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Let’s see what you can do with Peppertype to make some content.

  • Create a white-label Web3 community where audiences can interact and engage on topics like NFTs and crypto
  • Alternative to: Circle, Facebook Groups and Mighty Networks
  • Sell content via one-time or recurring payments to monetize your community.
  • Web3 creators, brands, and enterprises who want to create online communities where members can connect and collaborate are the best candidates.
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UUKI Pricing Plans

Use UUKI and build your online community with proper business.
UUKI comes with Three pricing plans;

  1. Starter
  2. Pro
  3. Advanced

Starter Plan $19/mo:

  • 1 Community
  • Unlimited Members
  • 500 Invites Per Events
  • 1 User Access
  • 5GB Storage
  • 1 Space (Subforums)

Get started

Pro Plan $79/mo:

  • Everything Starter Plan Features
  • 1000 Invites Per Events
  • 3 User Access
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 3 Spaces (Subforums)
  • Remove Branding

Get started

Advanced Plan $249/mo:

  • Everything Pro Plan Features
  • 10000 Invites Per Events
  • 5 User Access
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 5 Spaces (Subforums)

Get started

Get started for FREE No credit card is required.
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Create a community that combines enjoyment with discussions, memberships, and brand material.

Get lifetime access today

One-time purchase of $79.00
  • Lifetime access to UUKI Plan
  • Unlimited Members and Storage
  • Unlimited Public Spaces
  • Event Management
  • Moderation and Reporting
  • Profile Pages
  • 1 Community
  • 1 CNAME
  • 3 Private Spaces
  • 3 Mod/Admins
  • 8% Monetisation Fees

Get Lifetime Access

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Final Thought:

You can use UUKI to gain access to a community platform where you can exchange content, debates, events, and other information with your consumers.
With a little bit of fun, you can create a meaningful relationship with your audience.

Now is the chance to get the UUKI  Lifetime Deal.

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  1. Great starting position with huge potential

    Very impressed with uuki in so many ways! First is the ease of set up – 5 minutes and you have a personalised and branded community ready to publish. Second is the number of functions that are ready to go – I particularly like the trending topics feature. Third is for the community – it works easily for them too – they find it easy to navigate around.

    In my use case, I have several FB groups but because FB will not allow proprietary files types to be attached – not even zip archives of them – it is impossible to share such files (in my case synthesizer sound files). But it is possible with uuki!

    The final huge plus is removing the noise of other social platforms. Going into FB is like navigating an assault course – uuki is only about your topic; no competition for attention, no ads or sponsored posts, no ‘noise’ – just focus on your community.

    For that final reason I think uuki has huge potential – seems the team is focused on realising that so I’m looking forward to being part of where it goes next. If you want to build a community, you really should get uuki!

  2. eris.margetasays:

    I’ve recently fallen in love with the idea of making your own community. So far, this tool is a best all around solution I’ve found. Notable comparisons:
    Peerboard – UUKI: UUKI has a lot better visuals and better managing options.
    Beam.GG – don’t even want to talk about them beam, they offer “LTD” by charging users monthly – UUKI for the win here also with custom scripts option with 3+ codes

    All together, UUKI is my current main tool for building communities. Cheers!

  3. I’ve tried different apps that try to produce the same results, but UUKI seems to have made all the right choices in building a proper community platform. The price that they offer, is definitely worth the ROI. Community is everything, a tribe. This is a great add-on when it comes to growing your conversational marketing channels. 5 Tacos!

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