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WP Reset Plugin is one of those tools you don’t realize you need until you see it in action, and then you’re left wondering how you ever got along without it.

We use WP Reset to create, debug, and maintain dozens of WordPress sites virtually every day. WP Reset’s team adds features that are required to complete the task.

WP Reset has over 500,000 happy users, and they all enjoy it for its power, ease of use, and helpful support.

What is WP Reset, and how does it work?

WP Reset is a WordPress development plugin that allows you to install themes and plugins, reset settings, and create website snapshots.
Without reinstalling WordPress, you may restore everything to its original settings.

It’s a pain to delete WordPress and reinstall it. Instead, why not use the reset button to restore it to the state it was in when you originally installed it?

I’ll teach you how to reset your WordPress site in a few easy steps in this article.

The second part of the lesson will show you how to easily reset your WordPress site on our Hosting with a single click, even if it’s a Multisite. Because the free reset plugins don’t function correctly with WordPress Multisite setups, this method is very useful for everyone.

  • Reset or erase portions of your WordPress site in an instant, as well as repair hacked or damaged sites.
  • Make a collection of your favorite themes and plugins to make it easier to install them on new sites.
  • In the dashboard, you can easily manage all of your sites, licenses, snapshots, and collections.
  • Best for: Agencies, webmasters, and WP developers that create and rehash sites on a regular basis and need a quick reset button.

WP Reset allows you to restore everything to its default settings without having to reinstall WordPress or do everything manually.

You may also troubleshoot or streamline your site in record speed by resetting or deleting certain parts of it, such as all those unnecessary widgets that are holding you down.

For a lightning-fast rebrand, get rid of all those irritating theme choices and outdated material.

You may also totally redesign the plugin to wow your clients—logo, colors, name, and everything—without modifying a single line of code.


Do a complete reset of your site in seconds, not hours!

Now that your site is spotless, it’s time to give it the makeover you’ve always wanted.

Assemble a development environment using Collections, a feature that allows you to create a collection of plugins and themes that you can then install and activate in bulk from the cloud.

WP developers will appreciate how simple it is to get the design perfect the first time.


Create a collection of your favorite plugins and themes for simple installation from the cloud with Collections!

WP Reset is also equipped to deal with life’s minor hiccups (or big whoopsie-daisies, depending on who you ask).

Take a snapshot of the site to duplicate the current version on hand in case you need to go back to it.

You may also automate the process by instructing WP Reset to take Snapshots in response to specific actions or occurrences. These Snapshots are saved in WP Reset Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Icedrive, or pCloud, ensuring that you always have a backup.


Create a Snapshot to quickly revert to a prior version of your site, and then save copies in the cloud for safekeeping.

Okay, so your site has been hacked or plagued by the dreaded white screen of death. No need to panic.

Even if you can’t access your site admin, you can use WP Reset’s Emergency Recovery Script to reclaim your website.

This powerful feature comes with over 12 tools, including support for Snapshots to get your site out of any sticky situation.

Plus, you can recover a client site if you haven’t already installed the plugin. (Not all heroes wear capes.)


Use the Emergency Recovery Script to fully recover your site, even if it has reached the “white screen of death.”

Client licenses, sites, Collections, and Snapshots are all managed using the Dashboard.

Add a new site, disable the WP Reset plugin on certain sites, or allow white-labeling for one customer but not another.

You may also access remote site operations from the Dashboard, such as remote Snapshot metrics, access to the Emergency Recovery Script, and licensing sync.

Plus, even when white-label is turned off, the licensing key is always concealed in the plugin, so you don’t have to worry about prying eyes.


From the Dashboard, you can manage your Snapshots, Collections, client licenses, and more!

You sometimes simply need a do-over instead of correcting things (example: tattoos of your high school sweetheart’s name and the last season of Game of Thrones).

You need a tool you can rely on whether your WordPress is being slowed down by too many plugins or you just want to fix your website.

WP Reset makes it simple to rebuild your site from the ground up and saves backups in the cloud in case anything goes wrong.

Get instant access to WP Reset for the rest of your life!

Pricing Plans for WP Reset

Remote site operations, such as remote Snapshot metrics and access to the WP Reset dashboard, are available in WP Reset.

Script for emergency recovery, including license synchronization.
WP Reset has two price options:
Personal and Agency.

Features and Plans

Personal Plan $39/year:

  • 1 site license
  • 1 WPR Cloud Site License
  • Over 25 tools
  • Snapshots & Auto Snapshots
  • Themes collections & Plugin
  • WP Reset Dashboard
  • Emergency Recovery Script

Agency Plan $149/year:

  • Everything Personal Plan Features +
  • 20 WPR Cloud Site Licenses
  • 100 sites license
  • All features included
  • License Manager
  • White-Label Option
  • Continue with regular pricing ;
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