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You could spend a lot of time getting information from the audience. This could take a long time. But it has never been easy to get data. Easier. 

How cool would it be to have a single place where you could find and organize all of the information from your team? And clients.A custom form builder makes it easy to create interactive forms and quizzes.

You can see the Formaloo in the picture below.

Create unlimited super-forms, surveys, and quizzes in a few clicks

formaloo review

Formaloo review – What is Formaloo?

This is a no-code platform called Formaloo. It lets you make your forms, quizzes, surveys, databases, and even mobile apps up to 10 times faster than before. We make it easy for people who aren’t professionals to create beautiful and exciting forms without knowing how to write code.

I think theformaloo is great and very easy to use.

Formaloo is a form builder that competes with Typeform and Gravity Forms.

The best people to use this are marketing teams, HR (Human Resources) teams, and course creators who want to keep their customers safe and see how their company uses their data.

Formaloo lets you make branded forms, surveys, quizzes, polls, and live presentations that can be used on any site or app.

You can accept online payments by putting forms on your payment gateways.

Where you can use it and how it works are below.

There are a lot of products from this company, so let’s look at them now.

  • Create custom forms, surveys, quizzes, polls, and live presentations that you can embed in any number of websites and apps.
  • Alternative to: Typeform and Gravity Forms
  • By connecting your forms to your payment gateways, you can accept payments over the web.
  • Marketing teams, HR teams, and course creators who want to keep their audience safe and keep track of data analytics should use this app.

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Everything you need to make and manage as many forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls as you want can be found on the Formaloo dashboard.

To start, click a button. Choose from over 100 built-in templates to make a branded, customized form that looks good on any device. You can share forms with your coworkers and set how much access they have, making it easy to work together.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to make folders for each team and project that have complete access control, and you can even assign forms to team members so they can see or manage responses to them, too.

Find out more about the features of  formaloo by going to the site.

Share the results of your live polls with presentation mode, which makes your responses look beautiful by putting them together in a way that makes them easy to see.Formaloo also has a lot of calculators you can use to make your forms, polls, and quizzes more interesting and fun.

Use the grade calculator to make smart quizzes with custom grades, points, and formulas, or add a pricing calculator to tally and collect custom payments.

Stripe, PayPal, or one of 10 other payment gateway integrations can also be used to make a payment, donate, register, or book online.

Formaloo Features

Formaloo gives you a no-code form and database builder that lets you quickly get data from your team.

For now, let’s look at what Formaloo has to offer.

Forms & Databases Builder

Formaloo lets you make forms, databases, quizzes, surveys, and more without writing any code. For free.

There are powerful logic, a calculator, and a database model that you can add to your forms to make them more powerful.

It helps you get the information you need from your customers because it automates getting it.

Also, you can make interactive live polls and Q&As that are fun and dynamic. Among other things, you could run a fun quiz with your friends or help your students with their work.

  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited responses
  • Free 100+ Pre-built Templates
  • Mobile Ready & SEO Friendly
  • Secure Cloud Storage
  • Access Management
  • Accept Payments
  • Unlimited potential customers
  • Realtime Reports & Analytics

Facebook Retargeting:

When you run ads on Facebook and Instagram, Formaloo will automatically improve, measure, and build an audience from them. You don’t have to think about codes, cookies, or privacy issues. You don’t have to think about that.

Formaloo’s powerful targeting options and behaviour tracking help you reach the right people on Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp so that you can sell more to them.

It makes it easier for you to switch from Facebook pixels to the Facebook Conversion API without changing any code. Formaloo lets you make more money with a lower CAP by making your ads more effective.

The 47 percent conversion rate and 2.73x revenue will go up a lot thanks to this.

Finally, you can use Formaloo on your websites, landing pages, forms, and customers’ data with the Facebook Conversion API without writing any code.

Customer Data Platform:

You can use CDP to make money from your customers’ data. Formaloo can help.

There are ways to connect your apps and data sources to Formaloo AI and Customer Analytics so that you can use them in your business, too.Formaloo allows you to connect with WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, Microsoft Dynamics, Magento, Hubspot, Salesforce, and more, so you can make your site work better.

It will help you to cut Churn and make your customers’ lives more valuable.

After using the Customer Data Platform (CDP), it will see 3.7x growth in loyalty and 2.73x revenue.

Finally, Formaloo’s CDP is completely automated, and you don’t need any resources to get it to work at all.

WordPress Form Builder:

Finally! Last but not least, Formaloo lets you make beautiful forms for quizzes, surveys, and databases that you can use on an unlimited number of sites.

Formaloo’s drag and drop form and widget builder lets you make as many forms as you want and collect as much customer data for free.

In this case, you won’t just get a form builder. Instead, you’ll get an all-in-one data collection and analysis tool that will help you grow your business!

You can use Formaloo to make and edit quizzes and forms, send them to people, review your results, build with 100+ expert templates, and more.

To learn more about Formaloo, click here now.

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How Formaloo no-code platforms are changing the way we work?

When we use the tools in our workspace, how do they change how we do our jobs and work together? How do you improve collaboration in hybrid teams or teams that are entirely remote? Because many companies that work from home or are spread out have better performance and teamwork.

These are the things we want to talk about in this interview. The co-founder of Formaloo, Mr. Farokh Shahabi, will be with us today to speak about the no-code business. To explain what Formaloo is to people who don’t know much about it, Formaloo is a no-code platform that allows companies to work together, manage their data, and even interact with their customers and get any valuable data they need from them.

First, we have some new news. At the SheLovesTech Baltics & Central Eastern Europe event, Formaloo came out on top and won first place. For women and technology, it’s the world’s biggest competition for start-up ideas. What are your impressions of this Event?

We were happy to hear that we had won first place. Founder Noosh Baratpour could do this because she was so good at what she did. She is the first person to organize data at work. This is how it works: There were a lot of great businesses that we could learn from. When Microsoft was an event partner, we were able to get high-level feedback that was very important to us.

What makes you stand out from everyone else? What are you doing better than other platforms of the same kind?

As a no-code collaboration platform, it’s called Formaloo. We help the teams inside the organizations work together and work with their data: collecting, organizing, and analyzing it.

Because every business is different, it’s a big problem for businesses today. They need other tools to run and be more efficient. Also, they need to work together. When we talk about the rise of hybrid work or remote work, this is true, too. Getting people together is the best way to get things done.

Before now, there hasn’t been a good answer for this. Some businesses and teams inside businesses won’t use a lot of spreadsheets or files because they don’t need them.

When businesses work with us, we help them build a universal team database. This means that teams can collect, identify, and use data in a cloud together inside their groups. We help them make their tools for this quickly. We help them make apps, forms, and databases to connect with their audience and connect with their coworkers. Because they can use this method, they can do more than collect data or manage it. They can also analyze it and make their work more efficient.

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Formaloo Pricing Plans

When you use Formaloo, you don’t have to write a single line of code. You can make forms with just a few clicks.

Formaloo has three different price plans.

  1. Free
  2. Plus
  3. Enterprise

Free Plan $0/mo:

  • Up to 5 databases & apps
  • Unlimited records, responses & blocks
  • 50MB Cloud Storage
  • GDPR Compliance
  • API, Webhook & 3,000+ Integration

Get started for free now

Plus Plan $19/mo:

  • Everything Free plan features +
  • Unlimited databases & app
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Workflow Automation, Logic & Calculator
  • 2GB Cloud Storage/Team member
  • 20+ Advance Fields & Blocks
  • Accept Payments

Get started for free now

Pro Plan $49/mo:

  • Everything Plus plan features +
  • Remove Formaloo Branding
  • Admin Tools, Permission Options & Security Controls
  • 10GB Cloud Storage/Team member
  • Download and publish rebranded mobile apps (cost extra)
  • Daily Backup

Get started for free now

Click here to see other pricing plans

Or, Get Formaloo Lifetime Deal from Appsumo for $59.

mailivery lifetime deal

Formaloo Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Formaloo lets you make as many forms, surveys, quizzes, and polls as you want with a drag and drop builder that you can share with your team.

One-time purchase of $59.00
  • Lifetime access to Formaloo Pro Plan
  • Everything Pro Plan Features +
  • 3 team members
  • 10 GB secure cloud storage per team member

Get Lifetime Access

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Formaloo Lifetime Deal – Final Thought

Is Formaloo worth the money you spend on it?
The best thing about Formaloo is that it lets you have the best experience when you collect customer data with full analytics.
Use it to make any form to get information from your team and your fans.

Get Formaloo Lifetime Deal Now.

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