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Median lifetime membership, Customers may have problems with your services, and it can be hard for them to figure out and fix them on their own. The tool would be great if it could help your customers even if they were sharing their screens. Medium lifetime membership.

As a customer service rep, you need to know what’s wrong to help them find the right solution. First, you’ll need to show them how to share their screen.

The good news is that a tool makes it easy to join a customer’s session, place your mouse on their screen, and solve the problem.

Meet Median

Medium lifetime membership – It’s easy to solve customer problems with a one-click screen share.

  • Screen sharing can be integrated into any website, app, or portal, as well as popular chat apps.
  • Alternative to: Upscope
  • Reduce the time it takes to process tickets and deliver better customer service.
  • Best for: Consumer service and sales teams seeking for a quick and easy approach to settle customer difficulties.

Median lifetime membership – What is Median?

You can use Median to help you solve problems with customers by letting them see your screen.

If your customers aren’t very tech-savvy, you don’t have to worry about giving them high-quality customer service.

I think the Median is great and very easy to use.

You can use Median instead of Upscope.

It would be best for sales and customer service teams who want to solve their customers’ problems quickly and efficiently.

Using Median, you can add screen share to your website and apps. You can also use it with your favourite chat apps.

You can help your customers as quickly as possible and cut down on ticket time with one click.

Median lifetime membership

Median lets you see what your customers see without downloading, inviting, or installing any apps.

Your site’s users and visitors can be seen in real-time by going to Median’s dashboard, built into the app.

Once you’ve joined a session, you’ll be able to see what your customers see and how they interact with your website in real-time.

Median also hides credit card numbers, passwords, and other vital information to keep your customers’ data safe.

☛ Median lifetime membership – Features of the Median

Use Median to cut support time by up to 82% in minutes, which will help you improve customer satisfaction.

Let’s look at some of the features of the Median in the table below.

Medium lifetime membership

☛ Ultimate Support Tool

You can view real-time user displays in Median and figure out what’s wrong with them.

You can resolve client complaints like this to avoid raising future problems.

You may access clients’ displays and address their problems just from your mouse button. It will save you a lot of time on support tickets, and you won’t have to ask any more questions.

Importantly, Median enables you to integrate 12 chat tools you are already familiar with.

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With three Cobrowsing screen sharing options, Median enables you to take command. Let’s have a look at it;

Excited? Here is Median lifetime membership

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Silent Screen Share:  With Median’s Silent Screen Share feature, you can tell CoBrowsing, marketing, sales, and support people that they can join a customer’s session. They can do this even if they don’t want to.

Educational Screen Share: Agents from sales and customer service can join a user’s browsing session with its educational tools.

You can move your mouse over customers’ screen highlights or draw on their pages to try and help them the best you can.

Full Control Screen Share: Median lets you use their “full control” feature, and your sales and support agents can take full control of your customer’s screens so that they can sell and help them.

Don’t worry, Permission is required.

Median lifetime membership

☛ Median Fastest Support

This is how it works: An image is 60,000 times faster than text to explain something.

This kind of support system will help you figure out your customers faster and better. It will also give you and your customers a smooth support experience. This is what you need to do.

Median allows you to save time and give great customer service in real-time.

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The Pinnacle of Customer Issue Resolution

Enhancing User Experience

In the cutthroat world of customer service, user experience is everything. Median understands this and goes one step further by allowing screen sharing with only one click. Through the smooth integration of this feature into your application, website, or portal, companies may achieve unprecedented levels of client satisfaction.

Real-Time Problem Solving

Long email conversations and annoying phone conversations are things of the past. Users may rapidly share their screens with support personnel with Median’s one-click screen sharing feature. Through quick and precise issue identification made possible by this real-time connection, problems may be resolved more quickly, which in turn increases customer happiness.

How Median’s One-Click Screen Share Works

User-Friendly Interface

Median prides itself on simplicity. The one-click screen share feature boasts an intuitive interface designed with users in mind. A single click initiates the screen-sharing session, eliminating any potential friction in the support process.

Versatility Across Platforms

Whether your customers are using your app on a mobile device, browsing your website on a desktop, or interacting with your portal, Median’s one-click screen share is platform-agnostic. This versatility ensures a consistent and reliable support experience, regardless of the user’s device.

Secure and Confidential

Understanding the sensitivity of shared information, Median prioritizes security. The one-click screen share is encrypted, providing a secure environment for users to share their screens without compromising sensitive data. This commitment to privacy instills trust in your customers, fostering a positive relationship between your brand and its audience.

Median Pricing Plans

Use Median to help your customers and make them more satisfied with your service.

edian comes with three pricing plans;

Basic, Business, and Pro.

Basic Plan $50/mo:

  • 2 Concurrent Agents
  • 1-Click Start
  • Remote Control
  • Phone Mode
  • Privacy Controls
  • Granular Permission
  • Online Visitor List
  • Google Single Sign-On

Get started for free now

Business Plan $75/mo:

  • 5 Concurrent Agents
  • Everything Basic Plan Features
  • Reporting API (White Label Customers)

Get started for free now

Pro Plan $150/mo:

  • 10 Concurrent Agents
  • Everything Business Plan Features

Get started for free now

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Median Lifetime Deal Appsumo

With Median, you can give professional customer service by sharing your screen with them.
You can take full control of your customer’s screen, or you can just share the screen with them.

One-time purchase of $69.00
  • Lifetime access to Median Pro Plan
  • Everything Pro Plan Features
  • Five concurrent agents
  • Unlimited websites

Get Lifetime Access

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Median Final Thought

We hope you found our blog about Median interesting. With screen sharing, you can give your customer the best support possible.

Use Median to make your customers into long-term fans.

Get Median lifetime membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by no user install required?

Median is installed on your website using a JavaScript cut and paste, unlike most popular screen sharing tools that require a user’s PC to be downloaded, installed, or activated.

Because Median is installed on your website rather than on a user’s machine, it is ready to use as soon as a visitor’s page loads. As a result, your website visitors will not be required to download or install any software. An active screen share (cobrowse) session can be started in the Median Viewer by just accessing your website.

What is Cobrowsing?

When two or more individuals surf and interact with the same webpage at the same time, this is known as cobrowsing.

A host and one or more participants are usually present when a Cobrowsing session begins. When a participant joins a host’s session, they can see what the host sees and even interact with the website the host is using. In most cases, a host can view everything that a participant does on their page in real time. Cobrowsing allows two or more people to engage and cooperate in real time through a browser session.

Cobrowsing vs Screen Share

Cobrowsing and Screen Share have similar functions. However, they are two distinct technologies.
The majority of screen sharing software requires installation and uses video to broadcast a live feed of a user’s session to meeting room participants. Cobrowsing software, on the other hand, does not employ video and instead sends HTML code from the host to the participant (s).

The most significant distinction is in the manner in which the information is delivered and displayed.

Video is large, necessitates a lot of software and resources, and is reliant on a stable internet connection.

How does Median work?

Median is a JavaScript application that, once put on a website, collects static and dynamic data based on a website visitor’s session and sends it to a secure server environment where it is interpreted and interacted with by an agent.

In a nutshell, Median enables agents to view what visitors see by re-creating a pixel-perfect depiction of a visitor’s screen using code.

Do I have to use a chat tool to use Median?

Certainly not! Median can be used in conjunction with or in place of your chat provider. A built-in dashboard in Median allows you to monitor your site’s users and visitors in real time. We have sophisticated API interfaces that allow you to obtain Cobrowsing data regardless of the technology you’re using.

Does Median work on mobile devices?

Absolutely! Median works on all devices and browsers, and it can easily show you the browser windows of your site visitors who are using phones and tablets to browse.

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