Best free SEO tools For Marketers – 20 Top SEO tools

There is no substitute for (SEO) Search Engine Optimization when it comes to organic traffic for your blog or any other website. There are several areas of SEO, and marketers emphasize each one.

This is a long-term project. However, you cannot overlook its importance.

I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top free SEO tools available—technologies that serve a broad range of purposes and address various typical requirements. These resources are quick, free, and simple to use. I hope you can utilize one or two or 20 of these ideas today.

Best free SEO tools – 20 Top SEO tools

Maintaining all aspects of SEO becomes challenging when you need to look at many websites. However, by using certain paid tools, you can resolve the problem.

Although several SEO tools are available, you should not spend your time with the worst of them.
As a result, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best 20 free SEO tools.

Let’s discuss the top 20 free SEO tools

Best free SEO tools List

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Google Keyword Planner
  4. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool
  5. Woorank
  6. Mozbar
  7. SimilarWeb
  8. TrueRanker
  9. Animalz Revive
  10. CanIRank
  11. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test
  12. Seed Keywords
  13. Exploding Topics
  14. Seobility
  15. Ubersuggest
  18. Google Search Console
  19. SERPerator
  20. Yoast WordPress Plugin

Best free SEO tools : Google Analytics – Best free SEO tools (1)

When it comes to tracking your traffic, nothing beats Google Analytics. Google analytics can provide you with precise information about your traffic.

For digital marketers, this is the most effective tool.

Start utilizing this tool right now if you haven’t already. It’s simple to set up a Google Analytics account.

Simply go to the official Analytics page, fill in all areas with genuine data, and add your website. You must also include the analytics code on your website.

Best free SEO tools : Google Webmaster Tools (2)

As with Google Analytics, a webmaster tool is required. The webmaster tool will assist you in checking all of the links on your site.

In addition, if your site receives any undesirable links, you may quickly disavow such connections utilizing Google webmaster tools.

You must also establish an account here. Fill up the required information and submit your website to the webmaster tool.

You’re now ready to look at the links.

There are a plethora of lessons available on YouTube to assist you in understanding the procedure of use.

Best free SEO tools : Google Keyword Planner (3)

A keyword planner is the greatest tool among all free SEO tools for keyword research. The predicted search volume for your desired terms may be seen here.

It will also provide relevant keywords for you to target.

The tool has several filters that will assist you in obtaining a personalized result. You don’t need to buy a premium keyword research tool if you properly utilise keyword planning.

Best free SEO tools : SEOWorkers Analysis Tool (4)

The SEOWorkers Analysis Tool is the finest free option if you wish to analyse your competitors. If you are not monitoring your site, you will acquire the associated useful facts.

Type in the website’s URL and hit the submit button.

It will immediately produce a report for that specific website. With this free tool, you can examine all important on-page SEO variables.

Best free SEO tools : Woorank (5)

Another famous website evaluation tool is Woorank. This one is also free. Using the tool is straightforward. Type in your website’s URL or the URL of a competitor’s website and click “website evaluation.”

It will create a full report for the site right away.

It displays all crucial statistics connected to on-page factors. You will also get advice on how to better your situation.

Best free SEO tools : Mozbar (6)

One of the most often used premium tools is Moz. However, you may use the Mozbar in your browser for free. Sign up for a free Moz account and install the extension on your browser.

Now, every time you visit a new site, you will be presented with the site’s DA, PA, and other relevant information.

This tool also displays statistics from Google’s search results page. As a result, you won’t have to go to the Moz official website every time.

Best free SEO tools : SimilarWeb (7)

Another browser plugin that you may use in various browsers is SimilarWeb. This is one of the most widely used free SEO tools for estimating traffic.

Enter the site’s URL into the plugin, and it will display various statistics.

You may see the estimated traffic, top keywords, Alexa rating, referring sites, and more in real-time.

Best free SEO tools : TrueRanker (8)

TrueRanker is a Google Rank Tracker used by thousands of websites, startups, and businesses across the globe.

Our Rank Tracking tool is easy to monitor your Google and other search engine rankings. Start tracking the growth of your SEO strategy by adding a project (you may monitor a single domain, a domain with its subdomains, a particular subdirectory, a unique URL, or a Google Chrome Extension).

Choose a location, province, or country to get additional information about how your project’s local, national, or international SEO approach is doing. You may also choose the sort of device on which you wish to see Google’s search results: desktop, mobile, or both at once.

Find out who your rivals are in each industry and for each keyword, and research their SEO strategies. Make use of keyword recommendations to uncover chances you were previously unaware of. Our online visibility index allows you to track the progress of your project.  Create Free Account

Best free SEO tools : Animalz Revive (9)

In seconds, you’ll have access to 150+ keyword suggestions.

The Google Keyword Planner is where most SEO tools receive their data from.
Answer the Public is a unique game.
This fantastic program searches for forums, blogs, and social media queries.
And it transforms such queries into fantastic keywords:

Best free SEO tools : CanIRank (10)

CanIRank is a new kind of SEO software created by Stanford engineers that use artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights and suggestions instead of statistics. It’s the only SEO program that can accurately forecast a website’s potential to rank for a particular term by 60%. Get step-by-step instructions for fulfilling each suggestion yourself, or delegate to an expert with a single click.

Best free SEO tools : Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test (11)

Prepare your website for Google’s new mobile-first indexing.

You may have heard that Google just announced a significant algorithm update.

This shift is referred to as “Mobile-First Indexing.”

In the end, everything comes down to this:

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re in major danger.

To make your site mobile-friendly, you don’t need a full-time developer. All you have to do is use the Mobile-Friendly Test tool to see whether your site is mobile-friendly.
It also shows you if Google thinks your site is mobile-friendly.

This feature demonstrates how to enhance the code of your website. As a result, Google’s mobile crawler will be able to identify and index all of your site’s resources.

Check how easy it is for a visitor to navigate your website on a mobile device. Simply add a web URL to see how it ranks. More advice on how to use it Why are you using a mobile device?

Best free SEO tools : Seed Keywords (12)

With a little assistance from your buddies, find important keywords. Make a search scenario and have your contacts enter in the terms they’d use to solve it.

Find totally new keyword suggestions.

The majority of keyword research tools function in the same way:

In the tool, type a seed term.
Obtain a list of words that are closely related.
The issue with this strategy is that:

The identical seed keywords are typed into these programs by everyone.

Seed Keywords, on the other hand, takes an entirely different strategy.

Rather of inventing seed keywords, you ask your clients how they would look for you online.

Scenario – SeedKeywords
Then, using your preferred keyword research tool, enter those seed keywords.

“Submit Query” is the best feature.

You may utilize SeedKeywords to run a Google search for the keywords that people provided you once the results are in.

That way, you can review the search results fast… and discover how competitive the terms are.

Best free SEO tools: Exploding Topics (13)

Popular keywords should be discovered before they become very competitive.

This free SEO tool only has one function:

It brings up subjects that are only beginning to gain popularity.

Homepage of bursting topics
As a result, you’ll be able to produce content around these new trends (or optimize your old content around a new keyword).

The tool’s database now contains roughly 2k topics. Every week, they’re adding more.

The best feature is the categories.

You may dig down to a certain issue area that’s crucial to your company using categories.

Let’s imagine you’re in charge of marketing for a skincare company. So you’d type in “beauty” and receive a list of hot subjects in that field.

Best free SEO tools: Seobility (14)

Get a comprehensive SEO site audit.

SEObility searches your whole website and alerts you to difficulties with search engine optimization, such as:

  • Slow loading pages
  • Blocked pages
  • Sitemap problems
  • Technical SEO issues
  • Lots more
  • SEOBility

This sort of information is normally only available via professional SEO tools. So it’s fantastic that Seobility provides this information for free.

Content Report is the best feature.

This report provides you with a list of pages that have concerns with content-related SEO.

(Thin content, missing meta titles, keyword stuffing, and duplicate material, for example.)

Best free SEO tools : Ubersuggest (15)

Marketers are enamoured with these free SEO tools. There are no free alternatives to these programs for obtaining comparable data.

Though these tools serve distinct purposes, they are necessary for every beginner or experienced blogger or marketer.

Get keyword ideas and information on the competition.

Ubersuggest has a number of capabilities that are generally reserved for paid SEO solutions.

However, it is completely free.

To utilize it, enter a term for which you wish to rank (or a competing website that you want to rank above).

Best free SEO tools : BROWSEO (16)

Browseo’s Operation
The output is mostly HTML, which is comparable to what search engines view when they visit a webpage. Toggling options like: can rapidly evaluate a page’s structure as well as its relevancy for certain search phrases.

  • Code returned by the server
  • Is it possible that the URL has been redirected? If that’s the case, what type of redirect is being used?
  • The number of words on a single page
  • Table of Contents (H1-H6)
  • Internal link count on the page (links to pages on the same domain)
  • The page’s total number of external links

Title tag, meta description, meta robots tag, and any other tags that are contained in META information
Internal and external links, as well as links with the rel=”nofollow” tag, may be marked individually on the page.

Consider your website from the perspective of a search engine.

Search engines, it turns out, perceive your site quite differently than you do.

And BROWSEO provides you with the same x-ray vision as search engines.

Best free SEO tools : (17)

Find out what your competitors are up to.

You’ll get a tailored selection of the most popular sites in your business from Detailed.

You’ll be able to assess your main rivals in this manner.
(And take notes on what they’re doing.)


“Mentions” is the best feature.

Best free SEO tools : Google Search Console (18)

Google can assist you with SEO.

The Google Search Console is a must-have for any list of free SEO tools.


The GSC is an SEO tool with a LOT of features. And, unlike almost every other product on the market, you can be certain that the data is accurate.

(It is, after all, from Google.)

To examine your site’s ranks in the SERPs, for example, you may use the Google Search Console as a rank tracker.

Best free SEO tools : SERPerator (19)

This fantastic application allows you to examine the SERPs from many places and devices.
As you may be aware, search results vary significantly based on your location and the device you’re using.

(This is particularly true for local queries such as “pizza restaurant” or “landscaper.”)

And this tool allows you to view how the results will appear for someone searching on a certain phone from almost any major city on the planet.

You may see mobile search results in whatever location you like, down to an address, or by city, state, or postcode/zip code. The majority of SEO tools only provide desktop results, and the most they can do is provide a postcode. We offer greater geo-specificity to mobile search results, so you may view them as if you were there at a specific place.

Paid users may also observe two ten-mile radiuses surrounding that core place to examine how the Google SERP changes as people travel about. Paid customers may also input a CSV of addresses, along with codes or latitude and longitude coordinates, and test SERPs at those locations on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as well as archive the results for further use.

If you ever need to explain traffic abnormalities, the SERPerator allows you to travel back in time. Perhaps a Knowledge Graph, Featured Snippet, or other SERP feature was introduced above you; this would drastically alter your traffic, even if your ranking position remained the same. This is the only SEO tool that allows you to examine what genuine SERPs looked like in the past, allowing you to answer queries concerning previous mobile search ranks.

Do you want to know how your brand is seen in a different nation on the other side of the globe? We’ve got your back! Our free Mobile SERP checker allows you to test search results from anywhere in the globe, and paying members may even archive test results to obtain monthly, weekly, or daily mobile screenshots of genuine SERPs from anywhere. This is ideal for tracking top keywords across all of your worldwide business’s locations or just for tracking local SEO success for brick-and-mortar locations around the country!

Best free SEO tools : Yoast WordPress Plugin (20)

Just 0.78 per cent of Google users click on a second-page result. That implies you must put every effort to be on the top page of search results.

You’ll need to make your website search engine friendly to accomplish so. Yoast SEO may assist you in this regard.

So, what is the purpose of Yoast SEO? How can you make the most of Yoast SEO?

What Is Yoast SEO Plugin?

Yoast SEO is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin. It improves the ranking of your WordPress website and websites in search engine result pages (SERPs). It has several features that may help you harness meta descriptions, title tags, and keywords to get your content to the top of the search results.

Yoast SEO’s Advantages for Website Owners

It would help if you did several things right when optimizing your content for search engines – search engine optimization (SEO).

It would help if you took care of both on-page and technical SEO. Keyword optimization, readability, WordPress file optimization, sitemaps, and more are all included.

While it isn’t impossible to accomplish things yourself, it is time-consuming and complex. That’s why SEO specialists like Yoast use SEO tools like these.

Downloading and Installing Yoast SEO

Final Thought:

Marketers are enamoured with these free SEO tools. There are no free alternatives to these programs for obtaining comparable data.

Though these tools serve distinct purposes, they are necessary for every beginner or experienced blogger or marketer.

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