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Are you looking for an easy way to connect your apps, analyse data, create automated processes and memorable KPI dashboards? Easyflow.io is the perfect solution for you! With Easyflow.io drag-and-drop interface, you can create exactly the workflow you need without any programming skills. Plus, Easyflow.io easy-to-use dashboards make it easy to track your key performance indicators (KPIs) and spot any trends. So why wait? Sign up today and see how easyflow.io can help you streamline your business!

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What is Easyflow.io?

Are you looking for a way to connect your apps, analyse data, create automated processes and memorable KPI dashboards? Look no further than Easyflow.io.

Easyflow.io is a drag-and-drop solution that requires no development skills. You can easily connect your apps, analyse data and create automated processes and KPI dashboards that work exactly how you want.

With Easyflow.io, you can:

– Connect your apps in minutes

– Analyse data with ease

– Create automated processes

– Create memorable KPI dashboards

– Get started without any coding skills

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Easyflow.io today!

I think the Easyflow.io is great and very easy to use.

Easyflow Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Data is the lifeblood of any organisation – without it, businesses would be blind to what’s happening both inside and outside of their four walls. But as any data scientist will tell you, data is only as valuable as the insights it provides. And those insights are only as valuable as the actions they enable.

Unfortunately, far too often data is siloed within organisations, making it difficult to turn it into the insights that could transform businesses. Even when data is accessible, it can be challenging to turn it into insights that are actionable.

The real problem, then, is that data is basically worthless unless you turn that data into insights – and those insights into automated action, without pain.

There are a few things businesses can do to overcome these challenges. Firstly, they need to break down the data silos that exist within their organisation. Data should be accessible to everyone who needs it, not just those with the technical skills to wrangle it.

Secondly, businesses need to invest in tools and technologies that make it easy to turn data into insights. This might include data visualization tools, data discovery platforms, or even artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

Finally, businesses need to ensure that the insights they glean from their data are turned into action. This might mean automating processes, sending alerts to key decision-makers, or simply making it easier for employees to access and use data.

The bottom line is that businesses need to do more than just collect data – they need to turn that data into insights, and those insights into automated action, without pain.

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Easyflow Lifetime Deal

Workflow automation: Create routines that perform mundane tasks automatically so you can focus on what really matters.
Data visualisation: Gather your information together. Get a holistic picture of your performance by combining metrics from various sources.
Data Pipeline automation – ETL: Easy data collection, cleaning, and analysis. Help you with everything from data integration to data transformation on your data journey.

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Business Intelligence Platform

🎯 KPI Dashboards: Business Intelligence Platform

Visualise your data & create memorable KPI dashboards

Facilitating the speedy, informed, and data-driven decisions that drive your organization’s strategic actions.

  • Design your dashboard: interface with drag and drop. Choose from a variety of chart kinds, including gauge, line, bar, pie, and area charts.
  • Data preparation:Apply transformation logic using our visual designer to quickly prepare your data for the most popular analyses.
  • Display on TV: Display TV dashboards boldly where everyone can see them by pairing a screen.
  • Scheduled reports: Send out dashboard screenshots by email automatically based on a schedule that you choose.

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Business Intelligence Platform

🎯 Data Pipeline – ETL?

Turn raw data to timely and meaningful information

You can quickly set up a data pipeline for any data source using Easyflow. So that data can be used for analytics and synced back to the business, start converting and loading it.

  • Data collection: Obtain your data from more than a thousand platforms and apps.
  • Data transformation: Combine, query, and transform data into a format that business intelligence and analytical tools can quickly process.
  • Data analytics: To quickly prepare your data for the most popular analyses, use our pre-built graphic designer and logic.
  • Data destinations: You may set up your data to be sent automatically to any database, data warehouse, or reporting tool with a few mouse clicks.

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🎯 Modern security should be built-in, not bolted on

  1. Comprehensive Data Security: Information safety is a top priority for Easyflow. Dynamic data masking and end-to-end encryption for data at rest and in motion are just two of the many security features available on the Easyflow cloud platform.
  2. Infrastructure Security & Resiliency: Constructed with cutting edge methods for securing cloud storage and data.
    Thus, you can feel safe enabling even the most resource-intensive tasks on Easyflow, as the service is both secure and reliable.
  3. Security governance and controls: All legal, physical, and technical controls are integrated into Easyflow’s policy and procedural architecture. Additionally, we offer assistance with PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

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🎯What should a business intelligence platform do?

The business intelligence platform should allow businesses to collect data from multiple sources, including social media, Web analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and transactional data. It should also provide a way to cleanse and transform the data so that it can be analyzed. The platform should offer a variety of ways to visualize the data, including charts, graphs, and maps. It should also allow businesses to create and share reports. The business intelligence platform should be easy to use and should allow businesses to get started quickly.

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🎯What is an example of a business intelligence system?

Business intelligence (BI) systems provide organizations with a way to make better decisions by analyzing data and identifying trends. BI systems can be used to track business performance, customer behavior, and market trends. They can also be used to help identify new business opportunities and to make better decisions about how to allocate resources.

There are many different types of BI systems, but they all share some common features. BI systems typically include a data warehouse, a reporting tool, and an analytics tool. The data warehouse stores data from multiple sources, including transaction data, customer data, and market data. The reporting tool provides users with a way to access and analyze the data in the data warehouse. The analytics tool helps users to identify trends and patterns in the data.

BI systems can be used to improve a wide range of business processes, including marketing, customer service, and product development. They can also be used to support strategic decision-making. BI systems can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

🎯What is the best business intelligence tool?

The best business intelligence tool is the one that best meets the specific needs of your business. There is a wide range of business intelligence tools available on the market, so it is important to select the one that will work best for you.

Some factors to consider when choosing a business intelligence tool include the type of data you need to analyze, the level of analysis you need to perform, the budget you have available, and the level of technical expertise of your staff.

There are many business intelligence tools on the market that can help you make better decisions, so take the time to find the one that will work best for you.

🎯Do I need to know how to code?

ope! Without becoming a developer, Easyflow makes it simple for you to transfer data between your apps. For some accounts, Easyflow might need you to locate particular details, but we’ll walk you through any further steps necessary, and Easyflow support champions are available to help you by email if you need it.

🎯 What is Update Time??

how frequently your Workflow is started by Easyflow checking for fresh data.

Easyflow Lifetime Deal & Pricing Plans

It Comes With Three Pricing Plans;

  1. Free
  2. Professional
  3. Team
  4. Business

Click here to see other pricing plans

Or, Easyflow Lifetime Deal from Appsumo for $79.

Individual Plan $0.00/Month

  • 300 Credits/mo
  • 2 Flows
  • 1 Dashboard
  • 5 Visual Cards
  • 30 min Update Time
  • Instant Webhook
  • Limited Support

Get Started For Free Now

Creator Plan $38.00 /Month

  • 20,000 Credits/mo
  • Unlimited Flows
  • 2 Dashboards
  • 20 Visual Cards
  • 5 min Update Time
  • Instant Webhook
  • Standard Support

Get Started Now

Professional Plan $129.00/Month

  • 75,000 Credits/mo
  • Unlimited Flows
  • 5 Dashboards
  • 30 Visual Cards
  • 1 min Update Time
  • Instant Webhook
  • Standard Support

Get Started Now

Professional Plan $469.00/Month

  • 300,000 Credits/mo
  • Unlimited Flows
  • 20 Dashboards
  • Unlimited Visual Cards
  • 1 min Update Time
  • Instant Webhook
  • Priority Support

Get Started Now

mailivery lifetime deal

Easyflow Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

The information you’ve provided is widely dispersed. The collection of connectors allows workflows to communicate with various data sources.
In addition to natively supporting today’s most popular apps and services, Easyflow’s HTTP/SOAP and JSON modules make it simple to connect to nearly any web service, opening up the possibility of truly global automation. Everything was accomplished without composing a single line of code

.Meet with Easyflow Lifetime Deal

One-time purchase of $79.00

License Tier 1 – ( $79)

  • Professional 20 Plan (Lifetime Deal)
  • 4,000 Credits/Month
  • Unlimited Flows
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Unlimited Visual Cards
  • Instant Web-hook
  • 2 Minute Refresh Time
  • 2 Team Members
  • Access to All Apps (Including Premium)
  • Generous Reward Program

Stack 2 codes to all of the above features, but with the following upgrades:

  • 8,000 Credits/Month
  • 4 Team Members

Stack 3 codes to all of the above features, but with the following upgrades:

  • 12,000 Credits/Month
  • 6 Team Members

Get Lifetime Access

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Easyflow Lifetime Deal – Final Thought

Dear Easyflow user, The Connect apps are a great solution for those who want to be able to easily connect their data, create automated processes, and create memorable KPI dashboards without having to have any development skills.

Easyflow Lifetime Deal From Appsumo

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