ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal [$69] Best crowdsourced automated videos

The ShoutOut makes it easy for businesses to collect and use customer feedback to create engaging video content. With The ShoutOut, businesses can automatically generate branded video content with B-roll, graphics, and subtitles. The ShoutOut is a great way for businesses to connect with their customers and create content that is both useful and visually appealing.

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  • Automatically make branded videos with social proof, B-roll, graphics, and subtitles that you can change.
  • Alternative to: Vocal Video and Vouch
  • Recorded testimonials, NPS scores, audio clips, & photos can be collected through a link, QR code, or widget that can be embedded.
  • Best for: Marketers, social media managers, & event planners on a tight budget who want to make branded videos.

What is ShoutOut ?

The ShoutOut is an AI-powered video creation platform that makes it easy and fast to create engaging, informative videos from customer feedback. Simply record customer feedback using the ShoutOut app, and the platform will automatically generate a video with B-roll, graphics, and subtitles. The video can then be shared on social media, your website, or email to help promote your business and build customer trust.

I think the ShoutOut is great and very easy to use.

ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal

ShoutOut is a scalable and low-cost platform for crowdsourcing user-generated material for branded video production.

It’s easy enough to make a video template that others can use to film their own testimonials or answers to frequently asked topics.

You’ll have the option of using our premade logos, music, graphic overlays, intros, and outros, or uploading your own.

Quickly amass footage for branded video content by simply disseminating your template through link, QR code, or embeddable widget.

.Meet with ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal

ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Design Your Way: To create entirely unique video branding, submit your own video and graphic assets or use one of ShoutOut pre-built design themes. overlays, text, music, and the intro and outro.
Invite Your Way:You can invite people to participate by sending them a link, showing them a QR code, embedding a widget in your website or app, or by using ShoutOut.
Ask your questions:Ask for a single video clip or a series of questions to rapidly combine into a video.
Snip and trim:Anyone can utilize this quick and basic text-based editing interface. Snip off parts and trim clips. To prevent jump cuts, automatically add a resize to each edit.
Sunny and Share:To embed your movies and photographs on your website or app, download them or add them to a playlist. After you approve it, your contributors receive a shareable video in an email right away.
Call da Brand Police:To guarantee that all of your videos are brand-compliant, you may share branding templates across teams, franchisees, affiliates, and channel partners by using a multi-account workflow.
Words And Photos:You can request textual testimonies, the NPS score, pictures, headshots, and create your own data collection in addition to video.
B Roll Algorithm:Make b-roll recordings and submit photographs to have them automatically added to your videos.
Personalise and localise:To personalize contact information and logos for channel partners, add personalized features to your existing videos.
Cloud workflow:Give your global team access to your videos so they may edit and distribute them. ShoutOut is an all-inclusive platform for content creation and teamwork.

.Meet with ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal

ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal

🎯 Crowdsource user-generated content

Put your brand in the hands of the people by using user-generated content like testimonials in your videos.
The platform’s simple interface and sophisticated algorithm will enable automatic B-roll inclusion and user-editable subtitles.

Recordings from services like Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams can be uploaded with custom branding and captioning.

You may share your videos on social media, save them to your device, or compile a playlist of them all on your website or mobile app.

TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn are just a few of the many social networking sites that are compatible with ShoutOut.

.Meet with ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal

ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal

ShoutOut has the ability to automatically create highlight reels using previously recorded material.
Through the use of ShoutOut, users can easily gather recorded comments and have them compiled into branded videos with minimal effort.

Collect data like Net Promoter Scores and testimonial quotations to speed up the creation of tailored emails, videos, and social media posts.

Audio can be compiled and turned into video with waveform visuals and user-friendly subtitle editing.

.Meet with ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal

🎯 Who is ShoutOut aimed at?

ShoutOut is for people or organizations. Numerous goods that ShoutOut offer have highly unique use cases. Both huge corporations and SMEs are among ShoutOut clients. It can be utilized for occasions like weddings and celebrations as well as by people who wish to improve their social media profile.

🎯How much can I customise my videos?

Your intro, outro, overlay, and soundtrack can all be changed. Enterprise clients have a far wider range of customization choices.
We make the process simpler for customers who use video messages by prompting them to choose a template before adding text. However, if necessary, you can upload or build your intro, outro, and overlay from the ShoutOut dashboard.

🎯 Can I upload my own music?

Yes, however you shouldn’t publicly broadcast videos that use commercial music. It is against our terms and conditions, against the law, and unfair to the authors and performers. Keep in mind that stealing intellectual property is not a victimless crime. The ShoutOut music collection has a license and is open for public use.

🎯 Can I record any length of video clip?

The majority of the time, the answer to your query is no. ShoutOut Video snippets are only allowed to last for a maximum of 25 seconds, and compilation videos are only allowed to last for 20 minutes for the same reason. But if you must, you can create numerous compilation videos. For premium customers, ShoutOut now provide an extended clip feature that allows for longer video submissions.

🎯 What happens if someone records portrait but the template is landscape?

Not to worry ShoutOut transforms it automatically and utilizes a border that moves out of focus. Similar to how they handle portrait videos on television.

🎯 How do I get people to record a video?

The invite URL must be distributed, but you must also describe your needs in a very clear manner. We advise sending a clear email with your request and a timeframe, as well as include some guidelines in the contribution text. If you’re worried that people won’t take part, it’s better to start out by asking them to record one clip and work your way up to asking them to respond to a few questions in a Q&A video.

.Meet with ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal

ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal & Pricing Plans

It Comes With Three Pricing Plans;

  1. Individual
  2. Creator
  3. Professional

Click here to see other pricing plans

Or, ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal from Appsumo for $69.

Individual Plan $25.00/Month

  • 1 account admin
  • No watermark
  • Name captions
  • Editable subtitles
  • Automatic compilation video
  • builder
  • Native social sharing
  • 5 videos per compilation
  • 3 question Q&A limit
  • Branded affiliate page

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Creator Plan $100.00 /Month

  • 2 account admins
  • Manage 10 child accounts
  • NPS score on invite link
  • Customise name caption style
  • Higher Q&A question limit
  • Scheduled sharing
  • Video playlists
  • No compilation video limit
  • 10 question Q&A limit
  • Automated B roll builder

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Professional Plan $500.00/Month

  • 20 account admins
  • 50 child and 5 sub accounts
  • Includes 2 hours training
  • Remote support
  • Customisable data collection
  • Custom fonts
  • Enhanced analytics and reporting
  • Custom terms and conditions
  • Webhooks
  • API access

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ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Appsumo

Gather social evidence in the form of NPS scores, star ratings, testimonials, and audio snippets, and use this data to create videos.
Take advantage of robust capabilities that generate content with your customers in mind by using the onboarding wizard.

After adding your company’s logo and social media accounts, you can immediately begin creating videos with extensive social evidence.

To ensure that all of your videos have a consistent vibe, you may add your own logo as an intro, outro, or overlay.

ShoutOut also incorporates automatic subtitles into every video, making it accessible to a wider audience.

.Meet with ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal

One-time purchase of $69.00

License Tier 1 – ( $69)

  • All features above included
  • 1 user(s)
  • 30 minutes per month
  • 5 projects

License Tier 2 – ( $139)

  • All features above included
  • 2 user(s)
  • 120 minutes per month
  • 10 projects
  • 10 child accounts (shared templates only)

License Tier 3 – ( $119)

  • All features above included
  • 20 user(s)
  • 210 minutes per month
  • 50 projects
  • 50 child accounts (shared templates only)
  • Webhooks
  • Customizable data collection
  • API access
  • Enhanced branding options (lower thirds, custom fonts)
  • Custom fonts
  • Enhanced analytics and reporting
  • Custom terms and conditions

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ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal – Final Thought

Dear ShoutOut user, The ShoutOut collects recorded customer feedback and automatically generates branded video content with B-roll, graphics, and subtitles. This allows you to quickly and easily create engaging video content that highlights your customers’ positive experiences with your brand.

ShoutOut Appsumo Lifetime Deal From Appsumo

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